Based on the Dino Thunder series, Tommy deals with Reefside, new rangers, danger and making his long distance relationship with Kim work.

Parts are listed below in order.




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WHEN I WAS SIXTEEN– Post Day of the Dino (PRDT ep 1 & 2) Tommy deals with the aftermath of creating new rangers by contacting the one person he knows will understand his dilemma. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

THE PRICE FOR DREAMING – Post Day of the Dino (PRDT ep 1 & 2) Kim reminisces about the choices she’s made and answers Tommy’s e-mail. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

YOU GET A CHOICE? – Post Wave Goodbye (PRDT ep 3) Tommy addresses his feelings regarding Conner and being forced into being a ranger. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

Once a Ranger– Post Legacy of Power & beginning of Back In Black (PRDT ep 4 & 5) Kira, Conner and Ethan learn about Tommy’s ranger past and before they head off to rescue him, get a strange phone call. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

A Ranger of Another Color– Post Legacy of Power & Back In Black (PRDT ep 4 & 5) After his rescue, Tommy and Kim finally connect. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

Music of the Soul– Post Diva In Distress (PRDT ep 6) The new Black Ranger is surprised with a few new twists in his life, and goes to Kim to talk them out. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

CHANGING THE RULES– Post Game On (PRDT ep 7) After Ethan’s near disastrous video game incident, Tommy and Conner get a surprise visitor that helps them deal with their roles as rangers. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

HOME IS WHERE THE HART IS– Between Game on and Golden Boy (PRDT ep 7 & 8) The time has come. A certain ex-ranger is getting a three-day weekend to spend however they like. Their question - How’s Reefside this time of year? PG-13; Tommy/Kim HOME IS WHERE THE HART IS-NC17 version

SINS OF THE FATHER– Post Golden Boy (PRDT ep 8) As Trent tries to figure out his father’s strange behavior; Tommy deals with Anton’s actions as well as his own conflicting emotions. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

UNDERNEATH IT ALL– Post Beneath the Surface (PRDT ep 9) With the dino prize won and the rangers winning their latest battle, Tommy finds his future in crisis as word of Principal Randall’s behavior reaches someone’s attention. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

BEYOND THE SEA– Post Ocean Alert (PRDT ep 10) While Kira and Trent dance around one another, Tommy and Kim reminisce about their own days of not knowing how to act on what they felt. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

DEJA EVIL PART 1: ONCE THERE WAS A GREEN RANGER... – Post White Thunder pt. 1 (PRDT ep 11) With the appearance of the evil white ranger, bad memories come flooding back for Tommy. Will the truth break Tommy’s dedication to the good fight, and can Kim make sure that he takes the right path? PG-13; Tommy/Kim

DEJA EVIL PART 2: YELLOW IS LIKE PINK – Post White Thunder pt. 2 (PRDT ep 12) The past always seems to come back to haunt you, and as Tommy works to help Trent, Kira finds herself leaning more heavily on a former ranger with her own history with evil rangers. PG-13; Tommy/Kim; hints of Trent/Kira

DEJA EVIL PART 3: BLACK AS DESPAIR – Post White Thunder pt. 2 - some of pt. 3 (PRDT ep 12 & 13) As the pause in battle is forced on them, the rangers find themselves trying to cope with everything they never wanted to learn – including Tommy. PG-13; Tommy/Kim; hints of Trent/Kira

DEJA EVIL PART 4: WHITE REVELATIONS – Post Truth and Consequences (PRDT ep 14) Tommy’s stuck fossilized (grr), Trent’s supposedly leaving town, the team is dealing with the white ranger’s identity, Tommy’s imprisonment and we still don’t know what’s up with Kim. PG-13; Tommy/Kim; hints of Trent/Kira

EVERYTHING OR NOTHING– Post Leader of the Whack(PRDT ep 15) Kim waits for Tommy's rescue while the meteor causes havoc. PG-13; Tommy/Kim Note, the NC-17 sequel part 16.5 is linked here: ONE MOMENT IN TIME

THE FLAME – Post Buring at Both Ends (PRDT ep 15) As Kim returns to the Olympic team, Tommy has to work to try and bring Trent the help he needs. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

ABSENT FRIENDS – Post The Missing Bone (PRDT ep 16) The ramifications of Kira’s being mentally controlled are explored, along with some other ranger-like themes. PG-13

THREE OF A KIND – Post The Missing Bone (PRDT ep 16) What do you get when three black rangers are in the same place at the same time? A whole lotta reminiscing and some drinking! PG-13

HOW BLUE IS MY VALLEY? – Post Bully for Ethan (PRDT ep 17) After Ethan shows his brain power in resolving this bully problem, and the identity of Zeltrax is revealed, some additional problems appear, that only an old friend can help resolve. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

REALITY TV – Post Lost and Found in Translation (PRDT ep 18) The ranger team learns about the TV show in Japan based upon them, leading to a lot of laughing and some feelings of concern. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

SECOND CHANCES – Post It's a Mad, Mad Mackerel (PRDT ep 19) After rescuing both the Funky Fisherman and Marty the Mackerel, Kira reflects on what she's learned with the team. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

A FRIEND IN NEED – Post It's a Mad, Mad Mackerel (PRDT ep 19) After a chat with Kim, Tommy starts making some long term plans. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

CARBON COPY MEMORIES – Post Copy That (PRDT ep 20) With Trent now back from the side of evil, there's a few things he needs to know to get caught up and understand his place in the history of the ranger legacy, bringing Tommy's own memories back to him again. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

THE I IN TEAM – Post Triassic Triumph (PRDT ep 21) Trent and Tommy work together to get a special shield giving Conner more power. Yet as teamwork unites them, secrets and the past continue to undermine their trust in one another. PG-13 Tommy/Kim; hint at Conner/Kira

THE HIGH PRICE OF FAME – Post A Star Is Torn (PRDT ep 22) Kira's brush with a dream makeover puts her back on path, while Tommy wonders if there was something else he could have done to save Smitty. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

NEWS AT ELEVEN – Post Ranger Exclusive (PRDT ep 23) As Cassidy gets her big break, thanks to Kira and Ethan, the rest of the team are left pondering just when Kira decided to be so helpful to someone who has constantly caused them problems. PG-13 Tommy/Kim

GRABBING THE BRONZE RING – Post Ranger Exclusive (PRDT ep 23) Kim's getting ready for the Olympics... PG-13 Tommy/Kim

LUCK OF THE RANGERS – Post Tutenhawken's Curse(PRDT ep 24) The curse that had followed Ethan brings the team together to share their bad and good luck experiences. And you might never guess what some of them are... PG-13 Tommy/Kim

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY– Post Tutenhawken's Curse (PRDT ep 24) Kim gets settled at the Olympics, but before the Games actually start, she and Tommy both get a surprise that could cost them everything. PG-13; Tommy/Kim GAMES PEOPLE PLAY-NC17 version

FEAR FACTOR – Post Tutenhawken's Curse(PRDT ep 24) With their romance somewhat settled, Kim and Tommy take a short break before he has to leave for the U.S. But since when have our lovers been able to really relax?PG-13 (with some slight extra violence) Tommy/Kim

AGAINST ALL ODDS – PRDT: AU (no longer following episode showings) Engaged finally, Tommy and Kim now work on getting the word out. PG-13 (with some slight extra violence) Tommy/Kim

PINK IS IN AGAIN– PRDT: AU (no longer following episode showings) Tommy came to Reefside for a reason. Now that reason hits a little closer to home. PG-13; Tommy/Kim PINK IS IN AGAIN-NC17 version

THE RANGER BRIDE – PRDT: AU Kim adjusts to being a ranger again, and works on planning a wedding. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

TWO IS COMPANY, SIX IS A TEAM – PRDT: AU It's a new team, and there's still things to learn. And meantime, Kim and Tommy work on that wedding... PG-13; Tommy/Kim

PARTY LIKE RANGERS– PRDT: AU (no longer following episode showings) Old friends return... almost all of them to be exact! As the rangers arrive in Reefside, the parties to celebrate Tommy and Kim's wedding begin. PG-13; Tommy/Kim PARTY LIKE RANGERS-NC17 version

FAMILY REUNION – PRDT: AU The guests have converged on Reefside, and the days are starting to tick down. Which means... rehearsals, dinners, meeting the relatives and chaos, and not all of it because of family members. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

WITH THIS RING PART 1: GOING TO THE CHAPEL– PRDT: AU Tommy and Kim get ready for the wildest thing either of them has ever done... get married. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

WITH THIS RING PART 2: MY STRONGEST WEAKNESS– PRDT: AU Kim's gone missing as Tommy waited at the altar. Once the truth of Kim's disappearance becomes known, what will Tommy be willing to do to find his love? PG-13; Tommy/Kim

WITH THIS RING PART 3: ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR– PRDT: AU Now, to battle... PG-13; Tommy/Kim

WITH THIS RING PART 4: THE END IS ANOTHER BEGINNING– PRDT: AU The rescue of Kimberly and the destruction of Mesogog, his henchmen and his island is complete, but there's still a wedding to put on... PG-13; Tommy/Kim



Second Best - an Interlude– Post Back In Black (PRDT ep 5) Hayley complains about being ‘the friend’. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

Requiem for a Ranger - an Interlude– Pre PRDT. Death makes you have to look closer at your life and find where your priorities lie. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

From the Ruins - an Interlude– Pre Day of the Dino pt. 1. Like the phoenix, some things can rise from the ashes. PG-13; Tommy/Kim

Finding Forever - an Interlude– Post Always a Ranger part 41. Kim reflects on everything that has happened in the last few years as she and Tommy embark on their honeymoon. NC-17; Tommy/Kim

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