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I know you won't believe it, but there was a point in time where I didn't even watch X-Files. (horrified gasp here.) I'd started watching, then in the spring of 1996 I stumbled upon the Gossamer Fan Fiction Archives and the rest is history.

At this point in time, I've posted 90+ stories based on the adventures of Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Not bad for two years (with some gaps here and there recently) worth of work. The frequency and variety of the work in the past has earned me the dubious nickname (which I at first resisted, but now have taken happily and am continually trying to live up to) of "Writing Machine". My life though has gotten a lot more complicated as of late, and so my writing has been less frequent, but I'm still here!.

Also, I'd like to take a second and explain why I've turned the infamous song story into a cottage industry for myself. (Another nickname I've heard is "The Queen of the Song Story") I know a lot of people don't like them, but being a singer, the words and music always seem to connect with me. I try to pick songs with very clear lyrics and show through the story what I "see" when I hear them and use the words as almost dialogue in the story, giving it a "voice", so to speak. Hopefully that clears it up for all of the people out there that wanted to know why I've done so many of them. So here they are.


1ST YEAR TRILOGY - Amazes Me, Faithfully & It's Your Love. Musical stories: M&S's first wedding anniversary. MSR

ANOTHER YOU, ANOTHER ME - Musical story: Mulder makes his feelings known in no uncertain terms. MSR

AT HELLO - Jerry Maguire challenge answer: Scully figures out exactly how much she cares for Mulder. MSR

BASES LOADED - M&S at the FBI softball game. MSR

BETRAYAL IN THE GARDEN - Scully wakes up believing she's murdered Mulder. ("Gethsemane")

BETRAYAL IN THE GARDEN II - Scully learns of the lies while an alive Mulder searches for the truth. (Post "Gethsemane")

BETRAYAL IN THE GARDEN III - Mulder and Scully open up after returning to one another. (Post "Gethsemane") MSR

BEYOND - Mulder deals with the realization that he never knew what love and sacrifice were until death touched him. (character death) MSR

CAN I TRUST YOU WITH MY HEART - Mulder ponders how much he trusts Scully. MSR NC-17

CARRY ON - Musical story: Mulder listens to a song that he feels describes him, and his search. UST

CHOCOLATE BROWNIES - Brownie Points Challenge answer: Scully has a weird dream. (backhanded MSR)

CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE - Scully thinks Mulder's dating her mom. MSR

CIGARETTES, STORIES AND AUDIO TAPE - Cancerman works on a new story. (Posted under J.M.A. Written with Rene' Rodrigues)

CLOSING THE DOOR - Scully thinks Mulder's gone for good, and then gets into a dangerous situation. MSR. Alternate Universe

COME HITHER - Scully's thoughts as Mulder hits her with "the look". (mid "Shadows") UST/MSR

COMING FULL CIRCLE - (My 1st Year anniversary for writing fanfic!) Mulder and Scully return to the X-Files and decide to start all over again, from their first meeting. (Post "Gethsemane") MSR

CONVERGENCE AT BAKER STREET - Mulder and Scully go through time and end up in 19th century England with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. (7/20/21 - basic formatting as the old link no longer works.)

COVENANT WITH THE DEVIL - X-File revealing Cancerman's identity.

DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN - A novel length adventure, wherein Sculy learns more about herself than she ever imagined. Angst, violence and *MSR* Click here for a full-text version of the novel and here for an image of the dust cover.

A DOZEN RED ROSES - On Scully's wedding day, she receives a bouquet of roses from an unknown sender. MSR

DON'T YOU KNOW? - As one partner lies in a hospital bed, the other questions their actions. MSR

E'X'QUISITE - Scully tries on a dress and thinks about why she should or shouldn't buy it. MSR

FAITH IN BELIEVING - Mulder has an encounter with a higher power. (pre "One Breath") UST

FAITH IN BELIEVING TOO - Scully has an encounter with a higher power. (post "One Breath") UST

A FINE LINE - Scully lambastes Mulder as to his motives for saying he loves her. MSR

FIRECRACKER SCULLY - Scully sets up a fourth of July surprise for Mulder. (Sequel to Deb Prewitt's "Little Bunny Mulder".) MSR

GETTING A LIFE - Mulder contemplates his life and Scully wonders if she's destroyed their partnership. (post "Small Potatoes") MSR

GIVE MY HEART - Musical story: Scully sings for a benefit. MSR

HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT - Morgue picture challenge: Threats against M&S lead them to take drastic measures. UST/MSR

HOW DO YOU SAY THE WORDS? - "Leonard Betts" aftermath story.

HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? - A commonality thread story that touches on the thoughts of many people in the X-Files universe.

I CAN LOVE YOU LIKE THAT - Musical story: Mulder gets caught singing, and fesses up about his feelings for Scully. MSR

I DIDN'T ASK - After a revealing conversation, Mulder just comes out and asks Scully what she wants. MSR

I'D BE SURPRISINGLY GOOD - Musical story: Scully tries to make some things clear to Mulder after the pilot episode. UST/unrealized MSR

IN SYNCHRONY - Episode title challenge: M&S find themselves at the same place at the same time. MSR

I SAID I LOVED YOU... - Musical Story: Mulder says he loves her, then takes it back. MSR

JUSTICE FOR ALL - Scully ditches Mulder, then confesses the reasons why. MSR

KAROKE NIGHT AT THE STARLIGHT LOUNGE - Some music and other things send M&S into each other's arms. MSR NC-17

KISS I & II (A KISS IS . . . & A SIGH IS . . .) - M&S attend an FBI awards event, Scully kisses Mulder and they go on a date to the Jefferson Memorial. MSR (Based on the '97 Golden Globes)

LONG AS I LIVE - Musical story: Mulder considers asking Scully some pointed questions. MSR

MASKED MOMENTS - Halloween Challenge: M&S end up finding themselves in a mask display.

THE MEDUSA STONE - M&S investigate murders where the victims are turned to stone.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS - M&S discuss their resolutions, and find that they're very similar. MSR

ONE MORE CHANCE - Scully is abducted again, Mulder agonizes as he tries to find her, and then they unexpectedly find one another. MSR

ON THE INSIDE - Mulder and Scully make some waves at an FBI function. MSR

THE ONE LOSS I & II - Scully is confronted with Mulder's betrayal of her trust, and decides to take drastic measures. (Post "Travelers" - pre "X-Files Movie") UST

PAST PAIN I & II - Mulder has a bout of disbelief about his relationship with Scully. MSR

QUESTIONABLE LOGIC I, II & III - M&S have conversations with their consciences, which leads them to romance. MSR

READ BETWEEN THE LINES - An argument sends M&S to each other, and makes them admit their true feelings. MSR

RED CARNATIONS - Scully reveals a dark experience from her past. UST/MSR

REFUSE AND RESIST - Musical story: Mulder is rocked by the revealing of the lie that is the truth. (mid "Gethsemane") MSR

A ROSE FOR MULDER - Valentine's Day challenge: Scully sets Mulder up for a romantic night. MSR

"SAM" ANSWERS - Scully gets a call leading her to Samantha.

S.F. HOLIDAY - Mulder takes Scully on vacation with some surprises in store. MSR

SOLVING THE MYSTERY - Musical story: Mulder hears a song that seems to speak to him on a level he didn't even realize was there. MSR

STORM FRONT - Scully thinks about the recent happenings in her life while standing in a Florida thunderstorm. UST - borderline MSR

TALK TO ME - Scully pushes Mulder to open up to her. (Post "Wetwired") MSR

TEARS OF STONE - The price paid for the truth ends up being M&S's lives. MSR

TELLING THE STORY - Mulder tells his daughter a bedtime story. MSR

THAT'S WHAT I GET - Musical story: Mulder muses about loving Scully. MSR

TILL I LOVED YOU - Musical story: While drinking in a bar, Mulder hears a song that describes his relationship/feelings for Scully. MSR

THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH - Mulder and Scully make decisions that lead to re-evaluating their priorities and fixing problems in their lives. (Post "Gethsemene"). MSR

UNTIL THE END OF TIME - Musical story: An old tape brings to light Mulder's feelings. MSR

WHAT CHILD IS THIS? - Mulder's arrival after Scully learns of her daughter's existence provokes an emotional scene with Scully and her family. (Post "Christmas Carol"). UST

WHAT TIME? I - DAWN OF A NEW DAY - Dawn makes Mulder contemplate his insomnia and his relationship with Scully. MSR

WHAT TIME? II - AFTERNOON DELIGHTS - Scully gets bitten by spring fever, and convinces Mulder to take the afternoon off. MSR

WHAT TIME? III - EVENING FALLS - Scully does some introspective thinking at sunset. UST

WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL - Musical story: Scully's caught singing. MSR

"X"TREME FEARS - A gas makes M&S fearful of the X-Files and each other.

YOU ASKED FOR IT - Mulder realizes Scully needs to let her frustrations out, and she lets something slip. Post Tunguska /Terma. MSR

ZEPHYRS & ZENITHS - Scully ponders her life and the sea as she waits for Mulder's answer to her declaration. MSR


ALL BY MYSELF - Musical story: Mulder makes some hard decisions when Scully breaks off their engagement. MSR

BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME - Musical story: The resolution of all the X-File plot lines and a wedding. MSR

CALL THE MAN - Musical story: Missing scene at the beginning of "Memento Mori" UST

FALLING INTO YOU - Musical story: Mulder pushed Scully over the edge of desire MSR

FLY - Musical story: Mulder's reaction to Mrs. Scully's funeral plans for Dana (set before "One Breath") UST

IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES - Musical story: M&S find some meaning in a song that sends them together. MSR

IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW - Musical story: M&S find each other after being apart for 8 months. MSR

MY HEART WILL GO ON - Musical story: Scully remembers a dream she had when Mulder was presumed dead, leading her to admit it to him, among other things. ("Blessing Way") MSR

RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH - Musical story: S&M take in a Celine Dion concert. MSR

SEDUCES ME - Musical story: Aftermath of Mulder's doubts on his relationship with Scully. MSR

TO LOVE YOU MORE - Musical story: Scully questions Mulder's commitment to their relationship following Diana's arrival. ("The End") MSR

YOUR LIGHT - Musical story: A power outage sends Mulder and Scully into the dark and their emotions into the light. MSR


This is a recurring MSR dealing with M&S and a relationship they're building.

INTRODUCTION An introduction to the Visions series, with the dustjacket, chapter descriptions, and a link to the first story.

This series is available for viewing/download in text format HERE


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Total stories to date: 98 (just a few more to 100!)

NOTE: These stories are now all HTML *ON SITE*. However the formatting is still in progress, so please check back periodically to see what's new!

Key: MSR - Mulder/Scully Romance; UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension, RST - Resolved Sexual tension.

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