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- The Sometimes Series -

My attempt at an adult reaction to the letter in PRZ - "There's No Business Like Snow Business"

SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH  – Tommy decides that he’s not letting Kim leave him without fighting for her. R; Tommy/Kim

PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS – Sequel to Sometimes When We Touch. Tommy and Kim work to make their future work. NC-17; Tommy/Kim

AFTER ALL THAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH – Sequel to Paved With Good Intentions. Graduation comes with new challenges and new decisions. R; Tommy/Kim

- Other Stories -

FIGHTING SPIRIT REVISED – PRDT: Fighting Spirit (AU). Tommy’s coma worries the team, and puts Kim in a position she never wanted to face. PG Tommy/Kim, T/Kat, T/H.

A HIGHER CALLING – PRZ: No Business Like Snow Business(AU). Kim had a higher purpose than just going to train for the Pan Globals? (Written for ScarlettDiva's challenge for a different "The Letter" reason - see end of fic for requirements). PG; Tommy/Kim

IN YOUR DREAMS REVISED – PRDT: In Your Dreams (AU); PRZ: No Business Like Snow Business (AU). Elsa's plan takes a different turn. PG-13; T/K.

THUNDER STRUCK REVISED – PRDT: Thunder Struck parts 1 & 2 (AU). What if Elsa's return to humanity revealed more than anyone bargained for? PG-13; T/K, C/K.

A whole new spin on Dino Thunder - see what would have happened if some ranger legends came to help...

- Always a Ranger Series -

The Tommy/Kim DinoThunder Series - Always a Ranger

The Sequel to Always a Ranger - Duty & Honor

Where does the Always a Ranger series go now? Find out in the Always a Ranger universe Anthology project

- SPD/DT Stories (AAR universe) -

REVISIONIST HISTORY – SPD: History (AU for AAR universe). Bringing rangers out of retirement to fight on the side of bad guys never works out well... PG-13; T/K, C/K.

FOOTSTEPS – Spoilers from "Revisionist History". A WEBSITE/LJ EXCLUSIVE! History has a way of repeating itself. PG; T/Kim, C/Kira, B/H.


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