Always a Ranger - Part 33

Pink Is In Again

NC-17 version

By Jeannine Trevizo




Kimberly Hart walked off the International flight from Athens and hefted her carry on over her shoulder. With a slight sigh, she shivered and smiled.


She was in Reefside. For good this time.


Everything had gone well. The team had placed second in the overall, after the Romanians, receiving silver medals, and Carly had gotten a gold in the overall. They had even medalled in several of the individual apparatus events as well. Her coaching of the team had been highly praised by the head coach in private and in several interviews. She realized now that if she hadn’t been there, things might have been different. But she’d stayed the course, followed through with her commitment, and been rewarded for it, personally and professionally.


And then there was the engagement…




Once she heard her name, she picked up speed and headed for the waiting area where the man who was her soul stood, his heart in his eyes and arms open and waiting for her. Without thought, she let her carry on slide off her shoulder as she threw herself into them, finding herself tightly pulled into his embrace.


“Tommy! Oh God I missed you.”


“Me too Beautiful. These have been the longest two weeks of my life.”


Easing away from him, Kim looked up into the face she knew by heart, and saw the apprehension there. As usual, he was nervous about something, and she could guess what. While she’d said yes to him earlier, she knew he wouldn’t fully relax until he had the ring on her finger and the marriage license signed.


As she thought of the subject of the ring, her mind wondered if that was the source of his concern. He hadn’t forgotten it, had he?


“So, where is it?” she said jokingly, and then gasped as he pulled her left hand up in both of his and smiled softly.


“Hey, a promise is a promise,” he remarked simply, and then pulled his right hand away to fish in his pocket for the item in question.


With a careful maneuver, he brought up his hand, allowing her to see the item clutched tightly in his hand. A simple round shaped diamond solitaire with a golden band.


“Oh Tommy!” she said in a soft exclamation, her eyes misting.


“Do you like it?” he asked nervously as he carefully slid it onto her finger, finally sealing the deal.


“Like isn’t even the word. It’s beautiful. I love it.”


“I’m glad. I was a little worried…”


“Why? It’s so elegant,” she replied.


“It’s not new, not the current style…”


“What do you mean it’s not new?” she asked, confused.


Tommy stared at her and willed the words to come.


“David sent it to me. It was my mom’s engagement ring.”


Kim’s mouth made a shocked petite ‘o’ as she was hit with the significance of what she now had on her hand. Tommy’s mother’s ring. A woman that he’d never know, but who would now be a part of his life in a new way. He had his future wife wearing this heirloom.


“Are you sure… I mean maybe David should have kept it, or you should lock it away…” she stumbled, overwhelmed.


“No. I want you to wear it. I always knew I was going to ask you to marry me, and that I’d have to find you a ring. I had even called Jason right before David sent me this, asking him to help me. But it feels right for you to wear this. I know and so does David that she would have wanted it this way.”


“Alright,” she demurred, marveling at the ring and how it fit so well, and then blurted, “how did you get the size?”


“Jason,” he admitted sheepishly.


“You asked Jason?” she replied in shock.


“Hey! He’s been around you longer than anyone. I figured that if he didn’t know I’d break down and call Aisha, but…”


“But what?”


“David had sent me the ring before I came to Athens. I hadn’t asked you yet, and I couldn’t be sure that Aisha wouldn’t spill the beans to you about it…”


“Wait, you had it before you came to Athens? Then why didn’t…” she asked.


“I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I got there,” Tommy stated seriously, and Kim knew what he was talking about. He had thought he might have lost her to Chris already.


“So that’s why you said it was in Reefside when you asked me,” said Kim, looking up at him from where her eyes had been locked on their hands.


“I thought about bringing it with me, but I didn’t want to give it to you, to ask you to marry me and have you think I was only doing it to try to win you away from someone else… that my reason for asking was because I wanted to keep you.”


“But you did ask.”


“Because we had settled everything, and I didn’t want to leave you in Athens knowing that I could have said something, that I could have asked you… in case something happened.”


Kim nodded in understanding as she remembered the bombing and her fear as she had pulled the shard of glass from Tommy’s shoulder and watched the red of his blood soak his shirt.


“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”


“Yes you are,” Tommy finally said, pulling Kim in for a kiss. “You’re going home.”




“Now that you’re here, I think we need to start planning,” Tommy said as he steered the jeep towards his house from the airport.


“Planning what?”


“The wedding. You know, a date, a location…”


“Okay… since you brought it up, I assume you have some ideas on this?” Kim asked, intrigued.


“I have the date and I think I have the location,” Tommy stated, and noticed out of the corner of his eye her slightly surprised look.


“You’ve been busy while I was in Athens. Alright, give… what did you have in mind?” she asked humorously.


“Well, I figure that we’ll need at least three weeks to put everything together, so what about September 25th?”


“So soon?”


“Is that a problem?” Tommy asked, worried now at Kim’s hesitation.


“No! It’s just that we’ll have to start making phone calls. Is there any other reason why you chose that date?”


“If I told you that was the day we first met, would you believe me?”


Kim froze in the passenger seat of Tommy’s jeep and tried to grasp what he’d just said. It was during the school year, early, after the karate tournament that they’d actually first met face to face. And he could have been right…


“Was it really?”


“I think so. But you know my memory. Anyway, it’s just a few weeks into the school year, and I didn’t want to wait any longer. Plus, I got a firm confirmation from a few people that they can make that date.”


“Like who?” Kim asked, curious.


“I called Jase with my idea for the date and he said he’s good. The next thing I knew he’d e-mailed everyone the ‘date’. Since then, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Zack, and Kat have let me know that they’re all able to be here that week. We’re just waiting to hear from the rest. And of course Hayley overheard me telling Jason and contacted Billy, who said he’d be out here in plenty of time before the wedding from Aquitar. And lastly, my parents and my brother can make it.”


“So, I’ll finally meet the mysterious brother you never knew you had, huh?”


“Sam plans to come too, but I’m worried because he’s been ill, and if something happens, David might have to cancel too, but…”


“I’m sure he’ll be taking extra careful care of himself. How could he and David miss this? And the team here will be okay with the timing, right?”


“I don’t see why not. Why do you ask?”


“Well, you know I asked Aisha to be my maid of honor since Trini isn’t here, so I was going to ask Kira to be a bridesmaid.”


“Really?” Tommy asked, surprised.


“Yeah. I mean, she reminds me a lot of Trini, and she and I have so much in common… it just feels right to ask her.”


“Well, knowing the kids, they’ll make a point of coming by to see if you’ve arrived. You can ask her then.”


“So, is there anyone else to invite?”


“Besides our friends, our parents and our brothers?” Tommy questioned.


“Besides them…” she replied with a grin.


“Well, I had a thought…”


“Uh oh.”


“I was thinking of inviting the space ranger team, and a couple of…”


“Rangers, right?” Kim answered for him, smiling.


“Yeah,” he replied sheepishly. “A couple of the red rangers that I met when we went to destroy Serpentera. They really were good guys, and well…”


“We should invite them. Look, I’ll put contacting everyone on my list of things to do…”


Before Kim could say anything else, Tommy turned the corner and she realized that they were at his house.


As Tommy pulled into the driveway he turned to see Kim smiling back at him. Hefting her luggage from the back of the jeep, Tommy walked with Kim at his side to the front door. Boxes were all around the living room.


“So, if these had arrived before you flew to Greece, would you have worried less?” Kim asked with a smirk.


“Of course,” he replied, and when Kim gave him a look, he shrugged and gave her a self-conscious half grin. “Okay, maybe not.”


Kim wandered around the living room as Tommy took her bags into the bedroom. She was home. After a little while, she noticed that Tommy had yet to come out of the bedroom, and wondered if he was putting away her things. As it was, most of them needed to be washed. Heading in to see what he was up to, she turned to find him standing beside the door, staring at her with a heated look that she recognized now only too well.


“How about a proper welcome?” he asked, closing the door behind her, and pulling her tightly to him with a heated kiss.


She wasn’t about to object.


Tommy could barely believe that Kim was there, and this time he wasn’t putting her back on a plane or letting her go in a few days. And with that, he now had the opportunity to take his time and truly worship her as she deserved. He kissed her deeply, their tongues meeting and dancing as he clutched her to him.


As they kissed, Kim threw her arms around his neck, pulling herself up higher to decrease their height difference. Her maneuver set them off balance, and Tommy stumbled backwards into the closed door with a thud. Breaking the kiss, Kim frowned and started to pull her hands away, her mouth beginning to open again to ask if he was okay when he swooped back in to kiss her fiercely.


Deciding that if he wanted to stop, he would, Kim put everything she had into kissing him, letting herself rub her right knee against his leg. Once Tommy felt that friction, he wanted more. He moved his hands from her back top her ass, lifting her up and then turned swiftly, pinning Kim to the door at a level that had their pelvises at the same height, allowing him to grind against her. With her new position, she let her legs rise up and lock over his hips, tilting her forward towards his increasing pressure.


Reluctantly he moved from her lips, knowing there were more pleasurable things he wanted to experience. He nibbled at her ear and then kissed his way down the left side of her neck as he left one hand slide from her rear to come up and cup her breast, sending Kim’s head backwards against the wooden door.


“Kim?” he said, stopping his motions, panicked she’d hurt herself, just as she’d been worried about him earlier.


“Don’t stop,” she whispered in a silken tone that had Tommy harder than he’d already been.


“I love you so damn much,” he told her, smiling as he looked at her flushed cheeks.


Easing his chest away from where he had her pinned, he reached down to find the hem of her blouse, fingering it as he gave her a seductive grin. Slowly he peeled off the simple white blouse she had on, tossing it beside them to the floor . They’d want to get dressed later, so he figured he’s be good and leave her things and his all in the same place.


He kissed his way down her throat, working his way to the encased glory of her breasts… that bra needed to go, and now. With a swift move, he popped the catch and pushed the fabric aside. As the swell of her creamy breasts came into view, topped with the hard pink peaks of her nipples, Tommy recognized the logistical problem with their position… he couldn’t bend down easily enough to wrap his lips around them.


“Hang on,” he said, wrapping his hands around her again.


She quickly complied, throwing her arms around his neck as he pulled them backwards, turning them around until he could set Kim down on the bed. Dropping to his knees, Tommy pulled Kim to the edge of the bed, and proceeded to strip Kim of the rest of her clothes, leaving her clothed in her thong underwear and her open bra.


“Tommy…” Kim breathed, her fingers pulling at the buttons of his shirt.


Acquiescing, he stripped off his shirt, leaving his pants and shoes for later. He tossed the shirt towards the pile at the door and focused again on Kim.


His lips and tongue immediately went to work, laving and teasing the stiff bud of one breast while his fingers played with the other. Kim arched her back in to his ministrations, her hands clenching in the bed sheets as she moaned her approval.


After long minutes, he moved to the other peak and laved the same attention on it. Kim’s hips wiggled on the bed, inching closer to Tommy’s stomach as he pushed her body to feel more. When her soaking center hit his bare flesh, his control snapped, and he left her breast with an audible smack as he headed south to the delights between her thighs. With a  grin, he hooked two fingers into the waistband of her thong and slid it down, and tossed it aside before lowering his head to her center.


Slowly he let his tongue glide across her heat, running up and down and slightly into her before gliding back up to lap at her clit. Kim let loose a near howl as he found the right rhythm, and her head fell back onto the bed. Wanting to make sure he didn’t lose contact with her delectable body, Tommy grabbed her hips and tugged her closer, working her like a fine instrument that he might not be the master of yet, but he knew he had the rest of his life to learn.


Writhing on the bed at his ministrations, Kim softly chanted Tommy’s name, and the man patiently worshiping her with his tongue smiled against her lower lips. Still, he wanted her to come for him, and she wasn’t there yet. Redoubling his efforts, he sucked at the hard bud of her clit, and moved his right hand from where it had been holding her in place to between her legs, sliding two fingers into her core in a sharp, quick move.


It was enough…


“Tommy!” she screamed, her inner muscles clenching around his fingers as her climax hit, and her back arched up from the bed.


For another few heartbeats he slowly eased his digits within her, never leaving until the waves of the climax slowed enough that her back finally hit the bed again. With a final lick , he pulled his fingers from her and eased himself up to look at her flushed, blissful face.


He pushed up fro the floor and made short work of the rest of his clothes, laying out on his side on the bed beside her, running his fingers along her stomach as she floated back down. Her head finally rolled to the side, and her soft brown eyes flickered open to catch his chocolate brown ones. As they locked, they both smiled happily.


“Wow, that was… wow,” Kim murmured, rolling her whole body over now to press up against his front.


“Interested in more?” asked Tommy with a smug, satisfied smile, and Kim arched her brow as she felt rejuvenated at the thought of taking him inside of her.


Without waiting for him to say anything more, she pushed him over onto his back, and crawled over him to the nightstand where she knew he kept the condoms. She turned around, sitting up slightly at the head of the bed, and found her lover staring darkly at her, his eyes ablaze with passion for her.


Quickly she moved to his side, ripping the foil of the condom wrapper and tossed the packaging aside. With careful strokes, she ran her hand up and down his shaft before rolling the latex sheath down his straining erection. Then with flexibility borne of decades as a gymnast, she threw her leg over his hips, settling her center just below his pelvis.


Tommy saw her intent, and reached his hands forward to latch onto her hips as she raised herself on her knees, tilted forward to press her chest onto his and kiss his Adam’s apple before letting gravity and Tommy’s hands ease her backwards to impale herself on his shaft.


“Oh Christ Kim,” Tommy moaned out as she enveloped him.


“Ah… yes,” she whispered as she let her head fall back.


They sat there, locked together for a moment, then two before Kim pushed her hips up, easing herself off his cock, and then sank slowly back down, eliciting a hiss of pleasure from the man beneath her. With a wanton smile, Kim repeated the move, but sped up the down stroke slightly, with a greater effect.


The pace that Kim set for Tommy was torturous, quick yet not fast enough. With a growl, he used his superior strength and lifted her from his lap, and nearly slammed her back down, generating a gasp from her and a louder moan from himself. He did it a second time before Kim began to meet his movements, quickening her pace and riding his cock for all she was worth, pushing them both to the edge of their passion, and then with a nearly joint shout of pleasure, pushing them both beyond it.


Kim collapsed across Tommy’s chest, her caramel hair falling forward and covering his face. With a satisfied grin, her pushed the strands aside to find her cheek, and ran a tired but happy caress across it until her head raised to allow her to smile back at him.


“It’s nice to be home,” Kim said in a husky voice, and Tommy wrapped his arms around her, pulling her up and off his softening erection to hold her close.


Yeah, he though, it was nice to finally have his Hart home.




After their ‘welcome home’ party, Kim sat looking over her address book as Tommy checked his e-mail again for any more confirmations. They’d briefly discussed the wedding planning, but Kim had told him they had to start today if they were going to be able to pull off the 25th.


“It’s about thirty people, right? That shouldn’t kill our pocketbook too much,” Tommy sighed, thinking of the scaled down wedding they’d probably put together for a few thousand dollars that he really didn’t have to spare, and he wasn’t sure if Kim had in her bank account either.


“I could ask my parents. It is tradition,” Kim reminded him, and he shook his head.


“I want us to do this on our own. I don’t want us asking your dad or your mom for any money to do this, only to have them take over what we want to do or who we invite. We’ll get by.”


As he said it, Kim immediately had a light bulb go of in her head. She’d forgotten…


“Tommy, we can pay for a very nice wedding,” Kim said to him with a knowing grin, realizing that she hadn’t told him about her ‘reward’.


“Of course. I mean I figured that it would be tight depending on how much you’d saved while you were in Boston, but that once you had a new job we could pay it off faster…”


“No, I mean right now. We can plan the wedding we want and not worry about how much it costs,” Kim said simply.


“What, did you win the lottery and not mention it?” Tommy questioned humorously.


“No, I got a performance bonus before I left the US Olympic team’s payroll. USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi gave all the assistants and the apparatus coaches one.”


“How much of a bonus?” Tommy asked shocked, thinking perhaps they had an extra grand or two to play with.


“Forty thousand dollars.”


Tommy turned around with a speed born of ranger powers. He stared at the woman before him and tried not to gape. Forty thousand…


“You’re joking!” he exclaimed, dropping the checkbook he had in his hand.


“Nope. I have the check right here,” she replied, moving to find her purse and dig through the contents until she pulled out the bank draft.


“Oh my God… Jesus Kim, this could pay off what’s left of my student loans…”


“Then I guess it’s a good thing that what’s mine is going to be yours in a month.”


“So it seems. I guess that means I have to wear a tux now, huh?” he asked, smiling at her.


“You bet,” Kim stated, walking across the room, check in hand and sat on his lap before kissing him soundly.




“So, how about a walk?” Kim asked later in the day, feeling a bit antsy. “I’m sure you have a nice park, or maybe a lake around here. I’m sure with all the trees outside your door there has to be a trail or something…”


“God Kim, you know I’d love to, but I have the first tests of the year to prepare. I sort of put it off…”


Kim rolled her eyes. Seemed that even with the PhD some things never changed. Of course, between his flying to Athens and starting the wedding planning, he really had been sidetracked.


“No problem. I’ll just get back to unpacking…”


Before she could make it halfway across the room to the stack of boxes that she hadn’t gotten to yet, there was a knock at the door.


“Kira, Ethan, Conner! Hey, what’s up? And who’s this with you?” Kim asked as she answered the door, noting the familiar team and the young Hispanic man with them.


“Hey Kim! We heard from Dr. O that you were coming in today, so we thought we’d come by, sort of be the welcoming committee,” Conner announced.


“And this is Trent,” Kira said, reaching back and pulling the Hispanic man forward, who smiled shyly at her. “Trent, this is Kimberly, Dr. O’s… girlfriend. And in her day, one hell of a ranger, from what we’ve heard.”


“Nice to meet you,” Trent said and then eased back to his former place.


“Good to meet you Trent. I’ve heard a lot about you. Sorry about not recognizing you. I should have paid closer attention,” Kim stated, pulling lightly at her shirt in reference to his ‘color’ status being right in front of her face.


“No problem.”


“So, what’s up? You get the grand tour yet?” Ethan questioned, his face lighting up with a huge grin.


Tommy suddenly appeared behind Kim, placing his hand on her shoulder. He watched the team in front of him, all so young and eager. Had he and Kim ever been that young?


“I was going to try to get to what she hasn’t seen this weekend; I’m sort of up to my ears with work right now. Hey, if you guys want, Kim was feeling like getting out. Would you want to show her around?”


“Would we?” Kira asked glowingly, latching onto the former ranger’s arm. “Come on Kim, let’s hit the sights.”




Kim walked along the dilapidated path, trying to keep herself occupied while the rangers took on some nasty monster downtown. Kira and the guys had been out showing her the area where they’d found the first three dino gems when they’d had to run off to help stop the latest bad guy. They promised to come back and help direct her back towards Tommy’s… well, her house. She still wasn’t sure where everything was yet.


As she shuffled her feet along the dirt, she found herself missing the days of the old team; when she and Tommy went together when Zedd or Rita was on the warpath.


Not paying attention, she wandered a bit off the path, heading more towards the wooded area, and didn’t see the root from a nearby tree. Her toe caught the edge of it and she found herself pitching forward. Fighting with all the gymnastic abilities still at her disposal, she tucked to roll through the impact, but instead the move gave her too much momentum, and she ended up tumbling down a slight embankment. She nearly tensed as she saw the leaf covered ground rushing up to meet her.


Except the impact she had feared was delayed as the leaves crushed beneath her weight and she crashed through a thin layer of dirt and sticks before going into free fall for a few seconds. Finally, the trip came to an end as she crashed heavily to the dirt and moss. Kim felt the skin of her hands and arms rip as the rocks and other debris cut her as she landed. Beneath her, she felt stones and sticks poking and ripping through her shirt and jeans.


“Damn it!” she swore quietly when she got her breath back, frustrated at being tripped up by a stupid root.


Kim tentatively moved her head, making sure she hadn’t done any significant damage, and then gingerly stood. She looked up and saw that she had to have fallen through a small opening to an underground cave or something. The light coming in from the opening was enough for her to look around her sparse surroundings, looking for an exit. As she stared at the dark colored dirt of the cave walls, she could see flecks of silver and white, and wondered if maybe there was some kind of metal embedded in the sediment. Continuing her slow surveying of the walls, she felt like something was pulling at her, drawing her to another point within the cave. The feeling was like something within her, a place that she’d forgotten existed was being called to.


Her eyes swept the area carefully when she finally settled on some light colored protrusions embedded in the far wall. The moment she laid eyes on the objects, she felt the feeling increase in her chest. She carefully maneuvered her way across the cave, ignoring the aches and stings from her bleeding scrapes and bruised muscles to move forward. As she got closer, she realized the thing she’d seen was part of a skeleton.


Stopping in front of a half-visible skeletal claw, she started scraping away the dirt surrounding the talons, digging like a dog searching for a bone. After what seemed like forever, Kim felt her hand hit something slightly warm with sharp edges. Without hesitation, she pried the object from the stone and dirt with her fingers and drew it up to the light so she could see it clearly.


“Oh my…”


In her hands glowed a gem... a *pink* gem.


And after seeing the kids and Tommy’s she knew exactly what kind of gemstone it was.


A dino gem.


It rested in her hand for a moment, and then she felt the infusion of energy. That place where the power had resided all those years ago seemed to expand and bloom with this new power taking up residence. She felt better than she could remember since the day she’d given up the Ninjetti powers to Kat all those years ago. It was almost as if the energy that was flowing into her was healing some unknown cracks within herself.


Once the power seemed to finally settle, Kim smiled at the skeleton pieces in the wall. She couldn’t wait to show Tommy and the team her discovery. But she still had to get out of the cave. Staring at the opening, she wished she had her old powers back, when she could literally jump ten stories. That would be much more than she’d need to get out of the cave.


No sooner than she’d thought of it, she felt her feet start to move away from the floor. Startled, she felt herself start to drop just as suddenly, and she braced for the landing. As her feet came back to the ground, she started to wonder what had just happened.


Then, with an almost literal leap of faith, she pushed up from the dirt and found herself hovering above the ground.


“Wow…” she murmured under her breath.


Concentrating, Kim felt her body respond to the power, and she rose towards the opening. The gem had given her the ability to levitate… she could literally walk on air.


Once she made her way through the opening, she guided herself to solid ground and couldn’t help but laugh as her feet touched the grassy area. No longer caring that she wasn’t sure of where the hell she was and how to get back, she turned and ran the way she thought that she’d come from.




“What do you mean you don’t know where she is? You said you were going right back to where you’d left Kim before the monster showed up,” Tommy nearly roared, his anger tempered only by his fear.


“We went right back. She wasn’t there. Maybe…” Conner started to say.


“Never mind. We’ll use the scanners to look for…” he stopped in mid-phrase as his students and team mates faces changed to a mixture of shocked, horrified and worried expressions as they looked up and then past him towards the door.


Noting the lack of attention, he turned and saw that the object of his concern, his missing former gymnast and fiancé had flung open the door and was standing in the doorway looking like she’d been attacked by a patrol of Tyrano-drones.




The team collectively breathed a sigh of relief as their mentor and teacher forgot about them and rushed forward, throwing his arms around her, uncaring that he and Kim had an audience.


“Did you get attacked? Are you okay?” he asked, his fear now ratcheting down to worry as he stepped back to look at Kim more closely. He paused as he took in the dirty and ripped appearance of her clothes, her face and hands scraped up and he could see the dried brown smudges in places that had been blood.


“No… yes… something, I can’t really explain…” she started, unsure now of how to tell them what she’d discovered.


“I’ve been out of my mind worrying. What happened?” he asked.


Kim stepped back and everyone stared at her strangely. She’d obviously been banged up somehow. Maybe she wasn’t in her right mind. As it was, Tommy was barely willing to let her hands go, even as she forced the issue by moving out of his reach. He frowned, not liking her pulling away from him, and started to take a step forward when she dropped her eyes to her right side.


“I’m fine,” she stated as she reached into the pocket of her jeans, and carefully pulled her hand out in a fluid move that was nearly invisible under everyone’s scrutiny. “Better than fine actually.”


“Kim?” Tommy queried, his fear returning again.


She smiled at him with a half smirk as she lifted her hand parallel with her chest and then twisted her wrist to show the object sitting in her hand. The pink gemstone glittered with an inner light, catching everyone’s attention.


“Pink,” Kim said simply.


Tommy stood there, his jaw going slack. He wasn’t sure if his feet could actually move, what with the shock that seemed to be paralyzing him. If that was what he thought it was…


“A dino gem?” asked Ethan, shocked as everyone else.


“Oh my God! Kim’s a ranger again!” Kira yelled and then hurled herself towards the woman she considered a friend and surrogate big sister.


Kim carefully clutched the glowing crystal tightly in her hand as she clasped the younger ranger to her.


“What can I say… pink is in again.”


“Wow!” Conner exclaimed, moving to follow Kira, with Ethan and Trent following. The four rangers circled around the former and once again pink ranger, shaking hands, giving congratulations and all around being supportive and happy.


“Tommy?” Kim said, worriedly. What if he wasn’t happy about her being a ranger again?


The rest of the team broke away and stepped back as Dr. O moved forward. He stood before Kim for a long moment, and then reached forward and pulled her to him, clutching her tightly as he finally said the words he’d neglected to say before, which were now more appropriate than ever.


“Welcome *home* Beautiful.”






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