Always a Ranger - Part 16.5

One Moment in Time

By Jeannine Trevizo



Tommy slammed the bedroom door shut with his foot, as his arms were conveniently full of Kimberly, even though there was no one else in the house. Part of him was thinking it was one more door someone would have to open to interrupt them and one more door shutting him and Kim into their private world.


Carefully he walked to the bed, the petite body of his love tucked into his chest, her arms wrapped around his neck in possession more than for balance. Once his knees hit the edge of the mattress he leaned over to lay Kimberly on the bed. She let him settle her on the covers and stared up at him, mesmerized for the thousandth time since she’d seen him by the love radiating from him for her.


Still, no matter how much her body is screaming for her to pull him to her, he was just released from a slab of amber. He should be resting, she thought guiltily.


“Aren’t you exhausted?” Kim asked in a whisper, her eyes showing nothing but smoldering thoughts however hesitant her statement.


“I’m not *that* exhausted,” Tommy replied, as he let himself settle next to her on the soft mattress. “Especially with the most beautiful woman in my bed. I have to appreciate you when I have you.”


“I’ll be here in the morning, and the afternoon and all night tomorrow,” she remarked as he leaned in to lay feather-weight kisses along her throat.


“That’s good. It’s still a long time till September,” he murmured, the vibration of his words sending shock waves along her skin.


“Well, if you’re going to be that way about it…”


Tommy grinned against her flesh and proceeded to continue to lavish her throat with kisses and nips, progressing to a gentle sucking of her throat just below her jaw that had her writhing beneath his embrace.


“Oh God…”


Kim’s fingers dug into his back, and Tommy took the chance to release his grip and slide his hand under her t-shirt. Once he encountered the barrier of her bra, he focused his attention to the center clasp and with a few tries got it undone. He silently thanked her for wearing the easy access garment as he pushed the fabric aside and caressed her bare breast, sending another shudder through Kim’s body.


His fingers teased her nipple, feeling it stiffen under his ministrations, and her hips shifted beneath his weight. After a few moments, he pulled back from her entirely, needing to feel her flesh against his. Once he was clear of her, Tommy slid his other hand beneath her shirt and shoved it up and over her head, her bra trailing behind.


As her shirt came free, Kim reached for his, tugging at the hem and prompting Tommy to reach down and rip the fabric up and over, throwing it to the floor. In a flash, he had his pants, shoes and socks off, his boxers following them. Turning back to Kim, he found she’d discarded her own things and now lay naked on the bedspread.


“God I love you,” Tommy whispered forcefully as he reached for her.


She came willingly, and the two tangled again in a twining of limbs, mouths and tongues. When the need to be one finally overcame all reason, Tommy pulled away briefly to grab a condom from the nightstand and tear the package open. Once the latex was in place, he eased back into Kim’s embrace.


Just to make sure she was ready, he started to reach a hand between her open legs, and Kim halted his motion. He looked at her questioningly, and she smiled and then placed a kiss on his lips.


“I need you now Tommy.”


Understanding the need to connect after fearing him dead, he pulled her closer to him and eased inside her. They gasped at the feeling – him at the fiery wet heat surrounding him, her for the invading thickness that penetrated her body, heart and soul.


Slowly he moved against her, and they rocked together, finding a rhythm that was paced and slow. Their emotions were clearly written in their eyes; the love and passion they had for one another visible for the other to see. It was that passion that pushed them forward, needing to feel the ultimate completion, the true joining of bodies.


Tommy thrusted harder, prompting Kim to arch her hips up to allow him in deeper as she moaned her appreciation of his enthusiasm. With the new position, he slammed into her harder, making them both shudder and he could feel his own orgasm nearing. Redoubling his efforts, he moved more forcefully, angling his cock to hit just the right…


“Tommy!” Kim cried out, her body bowing in the bed as her climax hit her.


He thrusted harder, making the penetrations shallower but faster and found himself falling over the cliff right behind her.


“Kimmmm!” he groaned as he emptied himself into the condom.


Once the spasms stopped, he collapsed onto her, and rolled them over to face one another. In doing so, he unlodged himself from her body and they both groaned at the loss. Still, he slid a hand between them and carefully pulled the latex from his member, tossing it haphazardly towards where he knew the trash can was.


Returning to her embrace, he sank into her, their flesh meeting in every place that could touch. He nearly could curl around her petite form, but found himself pillowing against her instead. As he rested there, he felt his eyes getting heavy and he let out a yawn. The great sex on top of his being freed from his imprisonment was starting to catch up with him, and she couldn’t say that she wasn’t starting to feel the effects of the stress making her tired too. Kim finally pushed him away gently, and he looked up startled and concerned.


“You need to go to sleep,” she said softly and moved off the bed to pull down the covers.


After several attempts to tug the material from under Tommy’s body, he ended up getting up long enough for Kim to pull the sheets down and climb back in the bed. She held the blankets open for him to crawl under, and he nearly jumped in, allowing her to drop the cloth around him.


Fully under the covers, Kim moved to burrow into Tommy’s chest, and he wrapped his arms around her, leaning his face into her hair. He savored the feeling of her there, the smell of her skin and her shampoo before he felt himself drift off to sleep, with Kim falling right behind him.




When the alarm went off the next morning, Tommy realized that all he wanted to do was skip going to work. And the reason for his wanting to play hooky was lying beside him, softly snoring with an arm thrown over his stomach. Carefully he turned towards her and leaned into place a light kiss against her cheek, and then another higher up, near her ear.


Kim shifted slightly, her body automatically moving in the direction of the sensation. As the next kiss, placed on her forehead registered, her eyes slowly fluttering open to register the soft brown eyes of her ranger. She smiled and then yawned.


“Morning,” he said, laying a soft kiss on her lips.


“Good morning in my opinion,” she replied as he released her lips. “What time is it?”


“Seven. My alarm just went off.”


“You getting ready to get to the high school?”


“Actually, I was thinking… How about I call and ask for the day off?”


“You shouldn’t,” Kim scolded, looking at Tommy with a stern look.


“Why not, it’s not a big thing. I’ve been good, and I haven’t had a personal day yet this year,” he tried to reason, nipping lightly at her lips, “Besides, it isn’t like the kids aren’t going to be happier with a substitute for a day.”


“Hayley had to call in for you yesterday, so you’ve used a sick day this school year. And how are you’re going to be able to look Conner, Kira, Ethan and Trent in the eye tomorrow knowing that they knew you were here with me… and assuming what we did the whole day?”


He leaned back with that thought. Damn, he really didn’t want to leave Kim for any period of time, but she was right. He really didn’t want to have to deal with the team giving him shit for ditching class to make love to Kim all day.


“How about I come to the school for lunch? Will that make up for it?” Kim asked, smirking at him.


“Okay, let’s compromise… I’ll call them and say I’m going to be late. We can still spend a little time this morning before I have to leave and still make my first class at nine without any problem. Then you can come bring me lunch – you and something that I can feed my stomach.”


“And you’ll be home this evening around four?”


He grinned at the idea – that this was home for both of them now.


“Yup. And after that, I’m all yours. When’s your flight back again?”


“Six in the morning. So you won’t have an excuse for being late tomorrow.”


Tommy frowned at the thought that they only had one day together, and Kim saw his face fall. She leaned over and caught his face with her hands and kissed him deeply, his mouth opening to allow her to plunder his mouth mith her tongue.


After long moments, she broke the kiss and stared at him seriously.


“Let’s make the moments count then.”


Nodding, Tommy threw on his boxers and pants he’d discarded from the night before and then headed out to the phone. Kim listened to him through the open door and heard him say that he was having car trouble and that he’d be running a bit late, but in his first class by nine. As he continued to reassure the school he’d be there, she got out of bed. Figuring they both could use some breakfast, she stared at her current state of undress and decided she needed to wear *something* to eat breakfast in, and opened his closet. After quickly passing on the black clothing assortment that he’s added to his collection in deference to his status, she pulled out one of his dress shirts, noting that even laundered that smelled like him. With a smile she slid the garment over her head, the shirt making an adequate dress, covering her to mid thigh.


“All done,” Tommy called from the living room, turning towards the bedroom to see what his love was up to.


“So, how about I make you something to eat before you head out?” Kim asked, walking out of the bedroom dressed in one of his button-down shirts and not much else.


At the sight of his Kimberly dressed in one of his shirts, Tommy felt his jaw go slack and his cock come awake. All he could think of was throwing her on the bed and ravishing her until they couldn’t breathe anymore.


Kim grinned at her awe-struck love, wondering how easy this man is even after all this time. How many times had she reduced him to stuttering back during their teenaged years when she’d wear a mini-skort and midriff baring top? Obviously, nearly ten years later she seemed to still be able to have that effect on him.


“Toast, eggs and bacon okay?” she asked as she moved slowly past him into his kitchen.


As she made her way to the refrigerator, Tommy had a wicked thought and moved to place his hands around her slim waist and pulled her back to him.


“Tommy?” she questioned, confused.


“What Beautiful?” he whispered in her ear as he walked her backwards to the kitchen table.


“What about breakfast?” she said as he turned her around and boosted her onto the table’s flat surface.


“That’s what I’m planning on doing right now,” he said smirking, leaning forward to ravish her mouth, his hands making quick work of the buttons of his shirt to lay her bare before him.


His hands teased the flesh he exposed, and Kim groaned lightly in the back of her throat, finally realizing what he had on his breakfast menu…


Tommy kissed her deeply, their breath and tongues meeting and mixing. His hands slid into her hair to angle her head so he could kiss her deeper as her own kneaded his lower back, her heels hooking around his legs. They continued to commune with one another’s mouths until Tommy pulled forcefully back. He could spend all day kissing her. But he didn’t have all day, and he had other places that he desperately wanted to indulge in.


With a light kiss to her jaw, Tommy moved from Kim’s mouth and headed south, pausing to lap at the diamond-hard points jutting from her breasts. As he pulled at her nipples, Kim moved her hands to his head, burying her fingers in his short locks.


“I love how you taste,” Tommy murmured in a smoky voice against her breast and felt Kim shudder.


Abandoning her breasts, he ran a wet tongue along her stomach, making her writhe and moan at the sensation. Dipping the tip of his tongue into her belly button, she jumped and he smirked. But his main goal was still a little farther down…


“So, you planning on eating any time soon?” she inquired in a velvet tone that had Tommy’s cock throbbing. If it already hadn’t been at full staff since seeing her in his shirt, it would have been after that.


“Oh yeah. Buffet style too…”


Pulling Kim’s lower body to the edge of the table, Tommy dropped to his knees by the table, leaning forward and getting his first taste of the best meal a man could ever ask for.


Flattening his tongue, he took a long, slow lick of her outer lips and Kim strangled off a near-scream at the intensity of his hot, wet tongue on her body. At that first electric contact, Kim fell backwards, her back coming into contact with the table’s surface. Licking his lips, he found slow and steady had flown out the window at the first smoky-tangy taste, and he latched onto her slit with his lips, nearly open mouth kissing her lower half, probing her folds to open her up to his tongue.


“Oh shit!” Kim yelled, her hands reaching up to grab the other side of the table as her hips jerked up and off the table’s surface.


He twisted his tongue inside her opening, his lips providing a counter suction to his ministrations that had Kim nearly twisting in his grasp. Easing up, he lapped at her, and then moved in to suck at her clit. As his lips pulled at the nub, he pulled a hand from her side and slid a finger into her depths, feeling her inner walls clench tightly around it. Waiting just a moment, he eased it almost all the way out, and then slid it back in, starting the slow rhythm in time with his lips on her clit.


“God Tommy please…” Kim cried, her voice strained and pitched higher than he’d remembered hearing it.


“As you wish,” he mouthed against her clit as he sped up his finger and stabbed at her clit with his tongue.


It took less than a minute before she let loose a scream as her walls rippled around his invading finger and her back arched from the table. Tommy grinned like a madman as he licked along her lower lips as she rode out her climax. When the quaking started to ease up, he removed his head from its place between her thighs and pulled his finger from her. As he stood up, he looked down at her face, her eyes slowly opening and regarding him with curiosity and lassitude.


“Mmmm… best breakfast ever,” he remarked before popping his finger into his mouth to lick off the last of her juices.


“You up for seconds?” she asked in a husky tone that had his hard-on harder.


“Hold on,” he smirked as he quickly dug through his pants for his wallet and the condom currently residing within.


Tossing the leather billfold aside, he held the condom package in hand as he unzipped his pants and shoved them and his boxers down, freeing his straining organ. Quickly he ripped the plastic wrapper open and rolled the latex across his aching shaft.


Moving into the cradle of her open thighs, Tommy lined himself up, and then sunk in to the balls. They both moaned at the unification of their bodies, and their eyes drifted shut with the sensations.


“I love you,” he said as he got himself under control before he started the sweet onslaught.


“I love you,” she returned, grasping for his corded arms as they latched onto the side of the table to anchor his first stroke.


Like a piston, Tommy pulled back and then sunk into her again, the sensation more powerful than the last. After a second and third stroke and Kim’s low moaning, he couldn’t hold back. Taking a grip on her hips, he held Kim to the edge and pounded in and out of her, quickly building both of their orgasms until her cry and tightening inner muscles signaled her release. The ripples of her body threw Tommy over the edge, and with a shudder and a yell, he came furiously.


In the aftermath, he slumped slightly over Kim’s prone form, her hands coming to wrap around his back as she held him to her. Slowly their breath returned and Tommy raised his eyes to Kim’s, seeing the blissful expression within them and on her smiling lips.


“I… wow,” Kim commented, leaning up from her prone position as Tommy wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned up himself, giving her the opportunity to get up too.


“Wow is right. Damn… now I really need to clean up,” he remarked, easing out of her and stripping the condom off his deflating cock before tossing it in the nearby trash.


“Shower?” she asked, her eyes twinkling with suggested pleasures.


“If you join me, I’ll never leave,” he replied depressed, leaning down to kiss her.


“Go then. The sooner you leave, the sooner I can clean up.”


With that, he turned towards the clock and saw the time.


“Shit!” he nearly yelled as he saw how late it was.


Without pause, he hurried to the shower.




Kim had come to the school and they had eaten lunch in his classroom, avoiding the students and Principal Randall. Tommy really had no desire to have Kim size the woman up to see if she could kick her ass. The fact of the matter was he knew Kim could do it.


He had the memories of years as rangers to prove she could.


So he had contented himself with lunch of sandwiches from the local deli and a few stolen kisses on his lab bench. It was only superhuman strength and the fear of getting caught that had kept him from stripping them both bare and testing out the sturdiness of the table.


Plus there was the entire wall of windows… he had *no* desire of being captured on film by Cassidy and her camera.


So he’d let Kim leave, reluctantly, with the knowledge that he’d be home in a while and they could pick up where they’d left off before he’d gone to work. The subsequent classes had passed with painful slowness, and he found himself not really paying attention to his presentations. Finally he simply gave up and had the class read a section of their textbooks in class that they normally would have ended up reading as homework.


Great, he thought, they get a little less homework and I get to go home to Kim. We’re all winners today.


Finally the last bell rung, and he’d packed up his things, watching his students file out, happy, smiling faces that the day was over and their lives could start again until school the next day.


He knew exactly how they felt.


Tommy resolutely ignored the stack of project papers they’d all left on their way out, promising that he’d do them tomorrow morning after he came in early from dropping off Kim. He packed up his satchel and headed to the staff parking lot. Once he climbed in, he fired up the engine and headed hurriedly for home.


As soon as he pulled up to the house, he quickly killed the engine and headed inside. Throwing the door open, he found Kim talking on the phone, her attire from earlier – her clean blue jeans and a dark long sleeved shirt had been replaced with a pair of his boxers and her Olympic team t-shirt. He couldn’t help the surge of passion and closed and bolted the door behind him as he moved towards her.


“Yeah, I’ll tell him. He just walked in the door,” Kim said and gave Tommy a stunning smile.


“Who’s that?” he whispered as he threaded his hands around her waist and nuzzled her hair with his nose.


“Okay. Take care.”


With that, Kim hit the off button on the phone and turned in Tommy’s embrace.


“That was Aisha. She tried calling my place, but kept getting the machine, so she called here.”


“Everything okay?”


“Yeah. She just was worried about me. She said to say hi.”


“So, what do we do with ourselves for the rest of the evening?” he asked with a leer, running his hands under the waistband of his boxers.


“Well, we could always go out…” Kim said, and then the look of contempt she saw in his face made her amend her statement, “or not.”


“I’ll call in Chinese. Almond chicken and steamed rice?”


She nodded and turned towards the couch marveling at how well this man knew her. Tommy walked to the kitchen to dig out the take out menu for the local Chinese restaurant and called them up, ordering enough for him and Kim tonight and leftovers for him for tomorrow.


He returned to find her on the couch, surfing through the TV channels. She looked up to see him and scooted over, leaving him a place to sit at the end of the couch. Once he sat down, she handed him the remote and then slid into his side. As he wrapped his arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer to him, she laid her arm across his stomach, turning her face into his chest. Tommy settled on the early news and set the remote down so he could lay his other arm over hers, bringing them closer.


They curled up in each other’s embrace on the couch, waiting for dinner to come, content with this one moment to be together. Because before they knew it, it was going to be time to part again.


But they still had tonight.




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