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Hi all. Yes, Always a Ranger is finished, but for those of you wanting a little more, here’s a small Kim POV that hopefully should round things off. And now, let’s go to the story…



Always a Ranger - Interlude

Finding Forever

By Jeannine Trevizo




I think that I have heard the word congratulations more times in the last two months than the rest of my life combined.


First was every person who came by the Women’s Olympic gymnastics’ team in the dining area at the Olympic Village, or in the gym or anywhere within Greece for that matter. The stewardess on the flight coming back to the U.S. even said it.


But the more important times I’ve heard it all revolve around the little gold ring I’ve been playing with that’s sitting around my left ring finger.


We’re finally married.


I turn my head slightly to watch Tommy’s face as he sleeps beside me. He’s had it a lot tougher than me the last few days, what with having to mount the rescue mission to Mesogog’s island, worrying about what he was going to find when he got there, having to face our families and then thinking he’d lost Trent…


But now we’re off to paradise.


“We’ll be landing soon,” says the stewardess as she stops to pick up the plastic glasses that she gave us complementary champagne in.


I nod and turn to Tommy… my *husband* I remind myself with a delicious shudder, where his slumbering form is huddled against my side and I lean over to kiss him softly.


“Huh?” he mumbles, and then his eyes flutter open and I’m greeted with those soulful, chocolate orbs that will always find me.


“Hey,” I murmur, smiling at him.


“Hey yourself. What’s up?”


“We’re going to be landing soon. I thought you might want to be awake, you know…”


He gives me a look that makes the blood in my veins go cold and boil at the same time. We have had to be good for the last ten hours or so. All during the wedding, and then the reception, we kissed and touched, but nothing more… intimate than that. Finally we had made a quick drive to the house, changing to some more appropriate clothes for getting on a plane, loaded our luggage into the waiting taxi and drove to the airport. Again, we needed to behave, not wanting to give the driver a show, and then it was all about getting through security at the airport and getting seated on the plane.


I will admit there was a moment or two… okay, about half the flight that I wanted to drag my new husband to the bathroom and join the avionic mile-high club, but after he fell asleep, contented on my shoulder, I had allowed myself to let it go.


There was always the return trip.


Of course, if this had been the old days, we could always have joined that ‘club’ by making love in his zord or mine. But the days of free-wheeling, high flying zords are gone for us. We’re more adult, and more grounded, to be both funny and honest.


Before I realize it, his hand is cupped against my cheek, and I realize I’ve wandered off.




“Where were you?”


“Thinking impure thoughts about you, me and the plane’s restroom facilities,” I say with a smirk, and I see his eyes blaze for a minute before the Captain announces over the intercom that we’re making our final decent towards Honolulu, and everyone should take their seats.


“On the way back?” he suggests with a wicked grin, and I smile back.


Oh yeah…  this is gonna be a *great* honeymoon.




The taxi drove us from the airport and dropped us off at the hotel that my love picked out. It’s a stunning place, even in the fading light. Instead of the bland twenty story high modern hotel, he’s chosen something more down to Earth. It all bungalows, spread across the space of the hotel grounds, and I have to wonder if he did this to make sure we don’t disturb the neighbors.


He gets the key, and they direct us to a small series of golf carts. The bell boy puts our luggage in the back, and we climb in. He gets into the driver’s seat and we are speeding down the small cement paths. It takes us maybe a few minutes before we’re at our destination. Tommy climbs out, and offers me a hand. I take it and he lifts me from the seat, catching me in his embrace for an obscenely short period of time in my opinion before releasing me and guiding us into the open door of our accommodations.


The moment I walk inside, I’m just overwhelmed. Everything is done in warm colors, dark woods and overstuffed, comfortable furniture. Then I get sidetracked by the huge sliding glass door showing the expanse of blue water and white sand illuminated by the full moon and head for it while Tommy says something to the bell boy. I feel his arms wrap around me moments later and I lean back into his embrace.


“Like it?”


“It’ll do,” I say with a smirk.


“So, you tired? I know we’ve had a long day,” he jokes, and I turn in his arms, my cuff scraping lightly against his. We may be newlyweds and on our honeymoon, but we’re rangers too… and although Mesogog is history, being unprepared is just asking for trouble.


“How about you show me to the bed, and then after we try it out, we can think about sleeping,” I whisper breathlessly and feel his cock stir in his khakis.


He leans down and brushes his lips against mine softly. We’re not in a rush. We have five days to indulge, and we plan to make every minute count.


Turning, he heads towards wherever the bedroom is, my hand in his. When we get there, he pushes open the door and I see the darkened room outlined by the light poking through the curtains. He reaches for the light switch and flips it on, engulfing the room in a warm, rich yellow glow and revealing the bigger than king size bed draped in black satin and red, white and pink rose petals. I glance at him quickly, the question in my eyes and he gives me that self-conscious smile I have loved since I was sixteen.


“I thought we’d decided against black satin sheets?” I asked with a smile, remembering that damn commercial.


“I figured that we could live dangerously, considering,” he replied in a husky tone that had my head spinning. “Besides, I had them leave another couple regular sets, along with some… other stuff.”


My eyebrows raise as I wonder what else he’s come up with before his mouth descends on mine again, and my thoughts all focus on the sensation of being devoured by him in every way possible.


Before I consciously realize it, he’s backed me up to the bed and we tumble onto it. I feel the silk of both the rose petals and the sheets against my arms, and as Tommy keeps kissing me, I realize that they’re no comparison to his lips.


We twine our tongues together for minutes that seem like hours, and I finally pull back, breaking our connection as I open my eyes to watch him. Ever since we found this other connection, thanks to Sam’s urging, I have felt like he’s more a part of me than ever before, which is damn scary since he was my everything before; my air, my water, my food, my life…


His eyes catch mine again and the depth of emotion between us flares, along with the passion that we’ve only discovered in the last eight months. I wet my lips, my mouth going dry as he stares at me before he claims my lips again. I taste him as he tastes me, our saliva combining as we breathe each other in. Slowly he slides his lips away to kiss at my jaw, and I shudder. For a moment he moves up to nip at my earlobe, but quickly redirects his attention to my throat, licking and kissing along it until he reaches the spot, right between my shoulder and my jaw and closes his mouth on it firmly, sucking and kissing for all he’s worth.


It’s enough to make my knees buckle, and I’m so glad he threw us on the bed before he did it. But it also happens to be an erogenous zone on me, and I writhe under his ministrations. Of course, just suckling on my neck isn’t enough for him, and I can feel his left hand leave where it was holding me close to him to circle to my breast. Through the thin fabric of my blouse he caresses me, and I can’t fight the moan that breaks from my lips, that is my favorite word… his name.


“Tommy… oh God, Tommy please…” I moan, pleading for him to toss away the confining clothes that are keeping me from him.


I feel him smile against my throat, and I have this feeling…


Abruptly he pulls back, looking down on me and I fight to keep my eyes open. With deliberate slowness, he reaches down and pops the buttons on my blouse open one by one, that wolf smile that I saw only briefly after he’d rescued me and was escorting me upstairs to rebuild our wedding now covering his face. It’s focused on me now, and his eyes are darker than I’ve ever seen them before, nearly black as he takes in each new inch of flesh he uncovers.


“You are so Goddamned beautiful Mrs. Oliver,” he tells me passionately, and I feel a rush of wet heat suffuse me.


“I’m glad you think so Mr. Oliver,” I reply huskily, and his mouth twitches slightly.


The next moment the blouse gapes across my chest, and his fingers are at the clasp. He pops it open, shoving the fabric to either side, exposing me to him. But he’s not ready to return to his task of driving me insane. With delicate care, he slides my arms out of the bra and blouse, tossing them to the floor. Then he moves towards my waist and unzips my slacks and slides them and my underwear to my feet. Kneeling, he slides them off, along with my shoes. I’ve been watching him the whole time, and the whole scene making me hotter. I love how he can treat me like a princess at one moment, and like a wanton the next.


Once my clothes are gone, it’s simply a matter of him taking off his…


Except he isn’t.


My husband, my lover, soul and team mate stares at my nude form, laid out across the black satin, the rose petals under and surrounding me and I see something cross his face. I can’t put a name to it, but it looks like a mix of lust, adoration and awe. It makes me shudder and I know he can see my reaction.


Before I start to open my mouth to ask him what he’s doing, he falls to his knees beside the bed. With deliberate slowness he runs his fingers up my calves, to my knees, easing them apart while every single nerve ending in my body becomes attuned to his touch, the sensation is like shivers through my body. When his hands reach my inner thighs, I arch my back at the power of it, of him doing this to me. So when his mouth comes down on my clit, it’s all I can do not to scream.


But I’m far from quiet.


“Shit! Oh God…” I yell, and I can literally feel Tommy’s mouth smile against my lower lips.


His tongue flicks out, circling and stroking the nub there, fueling my need for him more. As his mouth and tongue work their magic on me, I shift on the sheets, the sensations and the pressure building as he makes love to me with his mouth. I’m nearly panting when his index finger slides along my lower lips, and then slowly fills me.


“Ohh,” I call out, nearly coming up off the bed at the feeling of being impaled by the digit.


Even though my eyes fall shut again as I fist my hands in the sheets, I feel him move slightly away from me, and I know he’s watching. That and the fact that his finger starts a quick, almost haphazard rhythm in and out of my passage. One that he knows will drive me over the edge in no time.


A second finger joins the first, and he moves them faster, his tongue lapping at me and I know by the tightening in my womb that it won’t be long. He crooks those fingers inside me with a twist, and I’m seeing spots.


“Christ, Tommy!” I scream, my head flying back and forth on the bed, my hair whipping around me as my whole body spasms with my climax.


Right after my body stops convulsing, I open my eyes to see my lover watching me, and I can’t imagine how he has held off this long. When he breathes one last, hot breath onto my over sensitized skin, I realize that he is just hanging on.


I know now that neither one of us can take any more, and he finally pushes up off my, throwing his shirt off as he removes his shoes with his feet. Once the shirt is gone, he makes quick work of the zipper of his pants, sliding them and his shorts off. I want him inside me so badly, yet my ass is sitting on the edge of the bed… I need to move.


With an unfair display of my powers, I reach forward, grabbing my husband around the waist, dropping him onto me. Then, with ever ounce of concentration that isn’t focused on his rock hard cock pressing up against me, I levitate me, and him upwards, off the bed, and then drop us down slightly farther onto the surface of the bed. When my back hits the mattress, I look up into Tommy’s eyes and see the amusement mixed with rebuke for me showing off like this. I grin at him however and lean up to capture his lips with mine, flicking my tongue at his closed mouth until he gets taken over by the sensations again, diving into me with abandon.


Letting my legs drop as wide as they can go, I slide a hand between us, searching for the solid feel of flesh coated steel. When my fingers grasp it, Tommy shudders slightly, and I am awed for a moment at the power I hold over him.


Then I edged him closer to where we both want to be, and as the tip of his cock slides into me, I slip my hand loose so he can ease into my body in one fluid stroke. As his shaft is fully seated in my body, he nearly cradles me to him, and I can’t help shuddering again. The ragged gasp that flies from my love’s lips tells me that he feels the connection too. Of course, this is the first time we have actually made love without the thin sheet of latex between us. We talked right before the wedding, the real wedding after Mesogog was destroyed that things were safe and it was then that we decided that we could put away the condoms, and if we got lucky enough to get pregnant… well, Aisha and Jason had already laid claim to being godparents to any ‘honeymoon’ babies.


So we were actually, finally totally connected, nothing between us. And if the way I felt was half what Tommy was feeling, I couldn’t imagine ever being without him like this.


He raised his eyes, and in their depths I see so much. I lay a hand to the side of his face and smile. He graces me with a grin that goes from tender to wolfish as he slides out of me, and then back in, making us both tremble.


The sensation of skin on skin everywhere is intoxicating, and we let ourselves get taken by it. I thrown my arms around him, nipping at his lips, his neck and collarbone as he delves harder and deeper into my body. His thrusts turn faster, and the satin of the sheets slips beneath us as we race towards completion.


There’s suddenly an overload of sensation, and as Tommy slams into me one more time, my inner muscles clench violently, and I’m coming, screaming his name in a litany of worship.


“Kimmmm!” calls out my love, and he jerks inside me a few more times and then comes to a stop, slumping on me.


Cradling his body to me, we bask in the aftermath of our lovemaking. Slowly his eyes drift open and meet mine, and we smile. We waited so Goddamed long for this moment… neither of us can really believe it’s finally here. Even with ranger powers, Tommy’s weight is a bit much, and he notices me shift minutely to relive the pressure. Carefully he eases back and out of me, and we both wince at the feeling of loss.


He falls over to one side, and I turn to lay against him. He brushes a feather light kiss on my brown, and I sigh before I let lose a small yawn. Before Tommy can get indignant or laugh, he yawns too, and we both realize the last few days have finally caught up to us.


I slip off the bed and watch while Tommy pulls back the covers. Getting back on, we burrow under them. Collapsing together, I curl myself along Tommy’s side, feeling him snuggle into me as our breathing slows, and we fall asleep.




I woke up on the slightly disheveled black sheets, the feeling of relaxed bliss and my love’s arms around me making me grin.


This is still unnerving to me… waking up with Tommy. For so long I woke up alone, and now I never have to do it again as long as we live. I watch as he breathes in and out, and have to thank whatever higher powers are out there that he was able to find his way to me two days ago and we and all our friends had made it out in one piece from Mesogog’s island.


Somehow he feels my stare, and his eyes slowly open, and I smile at him, his answering one filling my heart.


“Good morning Mrs. Oliver.”


I smile wider at that. While we both know that I’m more than likely going to need to keep my maiden name for professional reasons, hearing him call me that is just a thrill I never thought I’d have.


“Good morning to you too.”


“Sleep well?” he asks, and I fight the blush that wants to appear on my body and face, as I don’t remember the sleeping more than the other activities we engaged in, and he notes it anyway and grins at me like a lunatic. “What did you want to do today?”


“How about going out?” I ask, thinking of getting up to go use the facilities. Quickly I get up, moving towards the bathroom, which I have yet to see, feeling the uncontrollable desire to get cleaned up and explore this new place with this man that I love.


“You think you can handle going for a few hours without ravishing me?” Tommy asks, and I turn and snatch up a pillow and throw it at him. It hits him in the chest, and he grabs it to him, looking at me slightly amused, slightly surprised.


“I’m an adult, I can behave,” I toss back, indignant but laughing inwardly.


He smirks at me as he holds my pillow to his chest, showing just how childish I can be. Still, he is staring at me like a lion watching a prime piece of meat, and I realize that just as much as my husband’s lower anatomy is showing signs of his disinterest to go anywhere that isn’t private enough to make love to me, my own signs of arousal at his presence are more than obvious.


Damn this man gets to me.


How the hell did I ever survive all those years alone…


That split second heartrending thought must have reflected in my eyes, because I see his mouth drop from the smile it had been sporting to a slight frown.


“Kim? Beautiful?” he starts, tossing the pillow back on the bed and moving quickly to me.


Once his arms are around me, I let myself fall, holding him to me tightly. I will never be complete without him in my life. I have spent years on my own, held important jobs and kept my friends close, but no one but him has ever made me feel as if I am more by simply being in their presence.


He holds me, not asking questions of me, mostly because I think he knows what I’m thinking and feeling. He has to have had similar thoughts… So we stay there, welded to one another for what seems an eternity that neither of us wants to disturb.


However, the force of nature ends our time together, and Tommy gets up, padding out buck naked and showing me one of his better attributes as he wanders off to the bathroom. I heard the door somewhere close, and then the toilet flushed. When he came back, he climbed back on the bed, running his hands along the sensitive flesh of my arm. I fought down a giggle and pushed myself closer to him.


I love how his hands make me feel… it’s like sensory overload just by him touching me. Slowly his hand stops, and I turn to face him, our eyes locking.


“I love you Tommy,” I tell him, meaning the words just like I have every time I’ve ever said them to him, but somehow they carry more weight now.


“I love you too Beautiful.”


He leans in and our lips connect, caressing and playing. I don’t think I will ever tire of just being kissed by this man. And making love to him… The simple thought of him and I entwined together makes me pull back and stare into his dark eyes so I can impart my new-found honeymoon goal on him.


“Just so you know, I plan on making love to you on every available surface in this hotel room,” I remark with a coy smile, and see the heat flare in his eyes again.


“But that’s later, right? I thought you wanted to go out,” he remarks seriously, and I sigh slightly. We are here for four more days… we should get out.


“I do.”


“So, what did you want to do? Did you want to try out the ocean, or the pool maybe? We can take one of the dozens of sightseeing tours that the hotel offers. Or if you just want to stay close and take it easy, we can always find a couple of lounge chairs on the beach, and we can relax?”


“Why don’t we just get dressed and see what’s out there?” I replied, with a smirk, and snagged the pillow I had thrown at him earlier, and smacked him with it playfully in the face as I scrambled off the bed and hurried to find the bathroom.


I heard him laugh behind me and then a crash of the lamp at the side of the bed, most likely because of a tossed pillow, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he caught me.


Which was exactly what I wanted.




We actually went outside.


I know, Aisha almost demanded that we do so, but part of me wondered if we actually would.


We swam in the ocean, which was as blue as everyone made it out to be. We settled under one of the umbrellas on the hotel’s beach and laid out. After relaxing under the blue sky beside the blue waters we changed into the clothes we’d brought with us and wandered along the beach. Before long we found a restaurant for dinner, ending up sitting and eating while trying not to think about ravishing the other, even as we did evil things with the finger food served us.


When dinner started to wind down, I realized that we’d been outside the room for nearly eight hours. In my opinion, and judging from the way my love just licked his lips as the spaghetti strap on my top slightly slipped off my shoulder, it’s been way too long.


Taking my hand, he leads us back up the path to our bungalow. Opening the door, he ushers me into the darkened main room and closes the door behind me.


“That was entirely too long to not be able to touch you,” he says and I turn to feel his hands fall quickly on my ass.


He moves us to the door and shoves me against it.


Tommy reaches for the hem of my skirt and pushes it up, reaching for my panties, and hauls them down my legs and over my sandals. Quickly he unbuttons his pants, sliding his zipper down and shoves the pants and boxers down until his cock springs free. Just watching him like this is starting to make me wet, and I lick my lips in anticipation.


From the look in his eyes, I know what’s coming, but the shock of him sheathing himself quickly into my depths in under a second makes me gasp.


“Kim?” he asks in a roughened tone that is part desire, part fear.


“No, it’s good… don’t stop,” I murmur, totally mesmerized by the feeling of him buried deep in me.


And he doesn’t.


A moment later he’s thrusting in and out of me, my back pressed hard against the wood as my inner muscles clench around him. God, I never thought that we’d be fucking against the door of our room. But damn is it good. He moves me, pulling my hips forward, putting all my weight against the door across my back. The change in angle allows him to slide in harder, and I feel my climax coming fast.


My hands brace above my head, to either side of the wood, and I hope it can survive the frantic pace that my love is setting, because my body has decided it has hit its’ limits, and I feel my insides clench, my back wrenching as my orgasm hits hard.


“Oh fuck, Tommy!” I scream and writhe in his grasp, my fingers clawing at the wood.


“Kimmmm,” he yells, and I feel the last few violent thrusts inside me, and he comes as well, flooding my insides with his seed.


We sag to the floor, his slowly receding penis still inside me. He reaches up and tenderly brushes my hair from where it’s fallen across my face, and I fall in love with this man all over again, even deeper than before.


“So, wanna go again?” I tease, and he leans forward to kiss me deeply.


God, this is heaven…




The following day is a near repeat of the previous – sun, sand, water and being with each other. We took the more conventional tour this time, and got to see the sights. That evening, we had dinner in and then planned to see what else we could christen in the room before Tommy got up from his place on the couch.


“How about we check the rest of the facilities?” he asks, and I wonder what he’s thinking.


Taking my hand, he guides us again, like before but this time to the bathroom, and I suddenly see what he has in mind…


The huge double sized tub that takes up half the room is surrounded by vases of roses, all in our colors as well as white pillar candles bathing the room in a golden glow. This is what I get when I let him go to the bathroom while I clean up the take out boxes I guess. As I turn to see his reaction, I find the most loving yet nervous expression on his face, and it makes me want to weep.


“Have I told you how much I love you since we woke up this morning?” I ask, and the light in his eyes changes, turning darker, yet blazing with fire.


“No… how about you show me?” he answers huskily, and I decide to do just that.


Moving to the tub, I start the water, checking it for the right temperature and then let it run. Quickly I stop the drain, and pour in some of the bubble bath that the management left for us. Gotta remember to ask if that’s standard, or if this man before me set it up.


While the water pours in, I turn back to my husband. I love thinking of him like that, and reach my hands up to pull his head down enough so I can easily kiss him. We stand there, hands tangled in one another’s hair and our mouths roaming before I pull away. I want to lavish this man with some extra special attention, and I need to be a lot lower to do that.


But there’s still a small matter of clothes.


I ease off his shirt, followed by mine. My bra gets tossed next as I focus on kissing his neck some more. My pants, and then his come next, our underwear coming along with them. As I slide down his stomach, running my tongue along his six-pack abs while I push the khakis to the floor, I end up exactly where I want to be.


When my knees hit the tile, I find myself face to face with my goal – the more than slightly impressive erection that seems to have appeared from just kissing me. I smile slightly at the thought and then I run a tongue up his shaft, eliciting a groan from Tommy. I let my hand fondle his balls as I slide my lips over his rigid length, fighting the urge to just quickly deep throat him. I want to take my time at this.


Increasing the suction around his cock, I glide up and down, letting my tongue lap at him, all the while keeping a slow up and down movement. I know that he wants me to go faster, from the way he’s murmuring it, as well as how his fingers are digging into my shoulders, as if I’m all that’s keeping him standing up straight.


Can’t have that…


I redouble my efforts, going down on him faster, and I feel his legs buckle slightly. I let off playing with his balls to pump the base of his shaft in time with my mouth. It doesn’t take my love long before his hips are pumping, and I hold them tightly. I suck strongly at his tip, still pumping at his shaft when he tenses and my mouth fills slightly as his hips jerk wildly.


“Oh shit, Kim,” he shouts, and I fight not to smile.


I ride it out with him, and when he finally starts to sag, I hold him tight before I slip my mouth from his deflating shaft.


I look up, taking in the stunned, satisfied look on my husband’s face and then snake my way up to kiss him deeply. The love I feel in my soul forces its way out verbally.


“I love you,” I blurt, and he smiles at me softly, his hand caressing my face.


“Love you too Kim.”


We kiss briefly before we lazily walk to the huge tub, and Tommy steps in. I follow, leaning back against his chest. The hot water caresses me everywhere and I let loose a deep sigh. How the hell will we ever be able to take baths alone again?


As my mind drifts, I feel a wet cloth drag across my shoulder, moving around to my throat. I glance back slightly to see Tommy’s face watching me. The cloth dips into the water again, and he pulls it up from the wet depths by dragging it up my torso, between my breasts before caressing my throat and the other shoulder.


I can sense the fringe of my hair soaking up the water as I move from side to side, allowing Tommy greater access to whichever side he’s paying attention to. But as time goes on, his hand stays farther under the water, first rubbing the terrycloth over the hardening buds of my nipples, and then dipping to the juncture of my legs. I had already been moaning softly at his attentions, but as he leaned in to kiss at my throat, I thought I would combust then and there anyway.


After the second pass, I noticed the cloth gone, and it was the velvet texture of his fingers stroking me. The change was enough to bring my breathing faster. His fingers dipped between my lower lips, rubbing and playing with the bundle of nerves already heightened by my giving him the blow job and his attention to my breasts.


I feel the tension start to coil in my stomach, and I realize I want to have him inside me when I come. Carefully I try to maneuver in the tub, turning around and spreading my knees to kneel on my love’s lap. In the time since we got in the tub, he seems to have made an outstanding recovery, and I ease forward to sheath myself on his hard cock.


I lean forward, my head resting against his as we come together again. Then Tommy’s hands wrap around my waist, and he eases me up, and then lets gravity bring me back down. I let him do this a few times before I need more friction.


Bracing my hands on the sides of the tub, I roll my hips once before raising and then slamming my pelvis into his. The reaction is immediate.


“Oh God Kim, that…”


“Yeah,” I moan in reply, knowing that neither of us can put it to words.


I push up again and again, the rush of water around us threatening to spill over the sides of the tub as we move closer and closer to the brink. My love leans over and latches onto my left nipple, sucking it, and my hips go into overtime as my head falls backwards. My insides start to ripple, and I feel Tommy’s arms start to clench… we’re so very close.


Then he leaves my breast and seals his mouth on my neck, right at the pulse point and sucks hard.


“Oh my fucking God,” I yell and I’m coming, my hips barely able to keep moving as my sole focus tunnels down to his cock inside me and his mouth sucking at me.


Luckily he picks up the slack, his hands around my waist slamming me up and down a few more times before he groans loudly.


“Ohhh God, yes,” he calls out, and I feel him jerk inside me as he comes.


Spent but happy, I sag against his chest, feeling his arms wrap around me. Within me, I feel his erection recede, and it slips from me as I push up from my love’s chest. We grimace slightly, but we’re too high on love to care at the moment as we cuddle in the cooling bath water.


This is just… more than I ever wanted.


And we have two more whole days…




Before we realize it, we’re packing to get our plane ride back home. I have to say that as much as we have enjoyed our alone time, were’ wanting to get back. There’s a lot of work still to do. It takes us no time to get a cab, and before long, we’re through security and to the gate.


As we get on the plane, I hear Tommy ask if the flight is full, and the woman flight attendant says no. And then he asks if we could move seats to the rear of the plane. As the attendant nods, he leads me down the aisle to the last set of seats… which I quickly realize are located right next to the restroom.


He escorts me into my seat and sits next to me, giving me a look that says he knows exactly what I’m thinking.


God, this man is going to be the death of me yet… but what a way to go.




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