Forced Perspective

A Haven fanfic

By Jeannine Trevizo



Chapter 1 – A Cunning Plan





They were being childish and stupid and several more adjectives that he couldn’t come up with at the moment. If he had to watch Audrey keep coming in on Friday nights and sit at his bar and drink dirty martinis and not say why she was hanging out there instead of spending time with the one person he knew she considered her friend he was going to shoot someone.


Or get shot by Nathan who continued to glare at him every time he even barely flirted with Audrey to the point that he’d pretty much backed off the whole thing, especially after the disaster on the boat a few weeks back.


It had been nearly two months since Audrey’s little disappearing act on Carpenter’s Knot and Nathan’s meltdown at her ‘death’ and ‘rescue’. And it was obvious to anyone with eyes that the two of them had yet to speak of the event, let alone the following one that really put things further into perspective for Duke.


When he’d waited on Audrey and Vanessa to get back from their ‘talk’ Nathan had said something to him that he was certain the man hadn’t intended to let slip; he’d asked about if it seemed like fate to be able to feel one person. At the time he’d assumed he meant Jess, since he knew the two had been… close. But when Nathan hadn’t exactly admitted to it, Duke started to question who else he could have been talking about and started to piece together whom else he could have meant. He then recalled the way Nathan had been holding on to Audrey when they’d pulled her from the trunk at the Carpenter Hotel and it was like a light bulb had gone off above his head.


It all made sense. If he only felt Audrey it was a no-brainer he could have identified the chameleon in the hotel. And touching her, kissing her hand while he’d waited for her to come around was for his benefit as much as it was for Audrey’s.


He couldn’t believe it had taken him this long to figure it out. And it made him question why Audrey hadn’t. But on that front he figured it might have been the fact that he was absolutely certain she was suppressing her own feelings for her partner that she didn’t feel she could act on.


Besides, if she wasn’t hung up on Nathan he was certain he could have gotten her into bed by now….


No, they were a pair that was for sure.


But that wasn’t his problem right now... What was his problem was that someone had dared to take what was his.


When Duke had gone to get some ‘personal items’ from his family’s lock box at Haven’s First Savings and Loan and come out empty handed he was understandably upset. He’d pressed the bank manager for why his box was empty the man had no answer. So when another customer came in while he was still there and found their box empty as well, Duke knew something was wrong and that a call to the police - Audrey and Nathan specifically was in order.


Listening distractedly to the bank manager and the other upset patron, Duke pulled out his cell phone and dialed Audrey’s number.


“Parker,” she replied when she answered her phone.


“Officer Parker… Audrey,” said Duke with a slight smile and he heard the little sigh of her voice as she got ready to read him the riot act for calling for no good reason.


“What is it Duke? Some of us work for a living.”


“I’m wounded Office Parker. I do own a legitimate business and pay taxes here you realize.”


“Okay, fine… what do you want?”


“I have box at the bank and it’s been broken in to…There’s another person here with the same problem. I thought that Haven’s finest should come check it out?”


Audrey looked over at where Nathan was sitting behind his desk absorbed in paperwork. It was already late in the day on a Friday and the way he seemed… preoccupied made her consider having the Chief send someone else so Nathan could go home and get away from work for a while… For a second she almost let herself think of Nathan going home, relaxing… going to bed for the night and wondering what he slept in before she violently ripped herself from those dangerous thoughts as she heard her name being called by Duke across the phone line.


“Fine, we’ll be right there,” she replied.


As she hung up Nathan popped his head up from the file he was looking at and considered her seriously, his lip almost tugging up into the half smirk she had grown so fond of.


“What did Duke want?”


“He says his safety deposit box at the bank was broken into and other person’s as well. We probably should go over and check it out.”


“Okay, let’s go.”


With that Audrey nodded and Nathan got up and got his jacket before they headed out. The bank wasn’t far and they were there in ten minutes. The bank manager met them at the door, Duke right behind him.


“Mr. Davis,” stated Nathan as he entered, Audrey at his side.


“Officer Wuornos,” began the bank manager, his face flushed and radiating worry, “Mr. Crocker came in and I helped him get to his box but he said it wasn’t empty the last time he was here. And now Mr. Harrison had the same problem.”


“No one else has access to the boxes?” questioned Audrey, curious about bank protocol in Haven.


“No. You have to have 2 keys… I don’t understand…” continued the bank manager, visibly flustered and embarrassed.


“Duke, what happened?” asked Audrey, turning to the con man and their occasional ally.


“I don’t know. All I do know is that someone helped themselves to my things,” Duke said with a slight growl, gaining him a glare from Nathan and a look of skepticism from Audrey.


“Mr. Harrison?” asked Nathan, turning to the other man with the missing items.


“I had all my mother’s jewelry in the box, and now it’s empty.”


“Can we see the vault Mr. Davis?” Nathan finally asked the bank manager.


“Of course.”


He turned and led them to the back of the building and to the vault. The door was open; revealing the interior of what were probably one hundred different kinds of security boxes, from small candy box sized boxes to large storage box sized ones. They covered one wall while the other two were simply plain steel. In the center of the vault were a table and a single chair and in one corner a potted plant for ‘ambiance’. Nathan and Audrey walked into the space, surveying the room and the two empty slots where Duke and Mr. Harrison’s safety deposit boxes had once been.


“Maybe someone walked in, invisible to the camera?” Audrey suggested as she surveyed the whole room, not seeing much there to work with if you were a thief.


“They’d still need the keys,” Nathan countered, pointing to one box where the two key holes appeared.


She shrugged, not really having an answer. Lock picking came to mind and she was just about to suggest it when they were interrupted.


“Excuse me officers, I need to attend to Mr. Harrison and Mr. Crocker,” Mr. Davis said as he left the two detectives in the vault to continue to look for evidence of a crime.


Duke noted the bank manager exit the vault and start speaking to Mr. Harrison again, who was still agitated about the missing contents of his box. Of course so was Duke, but he was focused on watching Audrey and Nathan walk around the vault, poking at the drawers and looking at key holes but visibly not touching or showing any signs of the emotional connection that he knew was there.


He thought again about the stubbornness of these two people who were so visibly meant for each other that he was tempted to just lock them in a room until they dealt with their feelings. God knew maybe getting laid would get the stick out of Nathan’s ass and Audrey to feel more secure in being in Haven...


Suddenly he turned his head and noted the door to the vault. The system at the bank was a standard security set up; the vault door would close and lock if the bank was robbed…


A cunning plan formed in his head and took hold and he couldn’t suppress the smirk that graced his features.


Carefully moving to the teller windows he found one at the end that was empty, the last teller having started their count of their drawer for the night since it was after five PM and the bank was now closed. He turned and saw Nathan and Audrey still deep in conversation at the back of the vault and Mr. Davis and Mr. Harrison heatedly discussing the theft in the bank’s lobby.


He reached over the slight partition and gave a light push to the teller emergency button under the counter, triggering the silent alarm. Then he quickly moved away, watching as the door to the vault began to swing closed. No one would know what he’d done since the cameras were already off for the night and no one had seen him by the teller’s row.


It probably took less than a minute but with Nathan and Audrey so absorbed in the case they didn’t see it coming until the moment the door slammed shut behind them, the lock engaging immediately; they both turned to stare at the closed vault door, stunned and confused.


“Hey!” called out Audrey as the realization that they’d been closed in seeped in and she and Nathan hurried over to pound on the door to get someone’s attention.


“What in the world?” questioned the bank manager as he turned and realized that the vault door was shut and he could hear the officers still inside.


“Oops… my bad?” said Duke beneath his breath to no one as he watched Mr. Davis looked at the vault door in dismay.


“Mr. Davis, what’s going on?” asked Nathan from the other side of the door.


“Officers, it looks like something triggered the safety protocol on the vault. I can’t open it from the outside… it’s on a timer.”


“There has to be something you can do,” cried Audrey, her hands pressed flat against the cool metal.


“We can call in a bank technician from New Hampshire… but I don’t know how soon he can get here. It will open automatically when we open again.”


“Great… just great,” complained Nathan before he ran a hand through his hair.


“Until we can get the vault open, you’ll be able to breathe – the vault has an air filtration system. Just… relax and we’ll have you out as soon as we can,” offered Mr. Davis apologetically. “We’ll make sure the Chief knows you’re safe and get started on finding out how soon we can get the technician here.”


“You know, you should take advantage of the alone time… get to know each other better, share some secrets…” Duke called through the door with a knowing grin, even though they couldn’t see him.


“What are you talking about?” asked Audrey, confused.


“Well, maybe you should start with what happened at Carpenter’s Knot,” suggested Duke wryly.


“Duke,” Nathan nearly growled, not liking at all the direction Duke was going.


“Mr. Crocker is right officers… you should probably settle in… it may be a while. We’ll be back with news as soon as we have it.”


With that the manager escorted Duke and Mr. Harrison out of the bank, telling them he’d do what he could to address the thefts, called Haven PD to report the false alarm and that the two officers were locked in the vault and then called the bank’s parent company to see about a technician from New Hampshire to unlock the vault. When he called the service line for the vault technology department all he got was a voice mail and had to leave an urgent message. Hopefully someone would call back by morning.


At least, he pondered absently as he escorted Mr. Crocker and Mr. Harrison and his employee out of the building and locked the bank up, the officers had one another for company in there.


-end 1-


So, right now, FYI this is at least 5 chapters, more than likely more, depending on where the story decides it wants to go. Feedback and reviews are always appreciated. Thanks, Ms. J. Oh, and P.S. if you read Helping Hand, I’m working on a new chapter…


Author’s note: Much appreciation is given to scifi_gk for her take on how to get Nathan and Audrey on the same page, romantically speaking. She said she thought Duke was the weak link in that situation and that if he knew that Nathan could only feel Audrey that he might even lock 'em in a room until they dealt with it. To which I thought – Brilliant. So this story was born…