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Author’s note: There was a discussion on the CPatSofF Yahoo group about why CPatSotF seems to be immune from the fandom concept of alternate universe during the first season, and many people said that it was because the show was great as it was. But really – was the final episode not worth re-writing itself? And in doing that, how would the show have changed? I’ll take a few liberties with the ‘assumed’ activities in the episode and rewrite what needs to be changed. So here’s my idea…




Die Another Day

Chapter 2

A Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future fanfic

By Jeannine Trevizo






The moment the jumpship exited the gate in the southwest quadrant, Jon pushed the throttle as hard as he could, stretching the ship to its limits once again as he sped the ship towards the Passages. As the miles flew past, his mind and heart wandered towards the unconscious young woman strapped down to the med-bay bed at the back of the ship.


He’d been so afraid that they’d gotten to the base too late, but they’d arrived just in time to rescue Jennifer from Blastarr. At that first sight of her in the Bio-Dread’s grip he’d done his damnedest to submerge his feelings for her until the danger had past.


Yet she was still in danger; he knew that her condition was still touch and go and none of them had any idea of the extent of her injuries. If the medical personnel in the Passages couldn’t repair everything, if it was too late…


Power angrily pushed those thoughts aside. He would not think that way. She was going to be fine, and the guys at the base were going to find a way to confirm that they were still hidden and disable Blastarr permanently. He couldn’t think otherwise right now.


Before long the coordinates for the one known safe haven across the former United States came into range. At the signal alerting him to his closeness to his goal, he felt the tension in his chest ease ever so slightly. They and the jumpship had gotten there in one piece, more or less, and he had to believe that the doctors there could save Jennifer. Pressing a button on the panel before him, he opened the communications channel to the Passages central relay center.


“Passages, come in,” Power stated urgently.


“This is the Passages, identify yourself,” came the young sounding male voice on the other end.


“This is Captain Power. I have a medical emergency. One of my team is gravely wounded and I need assistance.”


“Understood sir,” replied the young man, his tone immediately becoming more respectful and urgent at Power’s name and mission. “We’ll have a medical team ready for you when you land.”


“I’m five minutes out. Power out.”


Shutting down the comm. channel, Power pushed the ship into a decent, heading for the landing area. The partially covered rock outcroppings covered ships from being scanned; some kind of metal in the rock scrambling Dread’s sensors. He eased the jumpship into an empty section under the rock, feeling it buck and pitch as he flew it less elegantly than the woman in the back hold could.


The moment he was down, he was shutting off the thrusters and powering down the systems as quickly as he could. The urgency that had been present in his gut since the moment he’d heard Jennifer’s voice on the comm. pushed him to move faster… for all he knew seconds at this point could still make the difference in Pilot living or dying.


Rushing to the back of the ship, he moved to Jennifer’s side and unstrapped her from the med-bunk. At his deft touch, she gave a quiet moan, and Jon let himself feel for just an instant the relief and joy that he’d felt the moment he’d seen Jennifer alive after entering the base.


“It’s okay Jennifer,” he said softly as he moved to gather her in his arms and lift her from the bed. “We’re gonna get you patched up, okay? And then we can finish our talk, alright?”


Power’s heart pounded heavily in his chest as his words went unheard; her eyes stayed closed as she stayed limp and unresponsive in his arms. The fact that she was still unconscious worried him immensely. If the beating she’d taken had included a concussion, she could have bleeding in her skull… Fear spiked along his nerve endings at the thought and he violently pushed the idea away. He refused to think like that; he had to believe that she would be fine. He couldn’t bear to think otherwise.


A banging on the hatch startled him from his thoughts and alerted him to the arrival of the resistance members from the Passages. Clutching Pilot to his chest, he moved swiftly the door. Pushing the button with his elbow, it opened with a snap and a hiss, lowering the ramp for him to see who was there.


Five resistance fighters in full battle gear and weapons drawn surrounded three medical personnel. Obviously they were in a high alert mode; to be expected if one of Power’s vaunted team was calling in an emergency landing with a gravely wounded member.


The first of the three medical personnel was an older woman doctor that Power remembered from the team’s trip to the Passages to bring them a vital vaccine, Dr. Alison Frost. With her was an assistant he peripherally recalled seeing before but the third person he didn’t recognize. Dr. Frost moved towards him in a rush, eyes fixed on the limp form of Pilot in his arms.


“Captain!” she exclaimed, her hands running over the obvious injuries Jennifer had. “What happened?”


“Can you help her?” he asked gravely, ignoring her question; the doctor’s reaction to Jennifer’s wounds ratcheting up his fear for her once more.


“We can try. Luckily we’ve had a recent addition – a skilled surgeon, Dr. Jason Storm,” she noted, directing Jon’s attention to the man that he hadn’t recognized. “Bring her this way and we’ll do everything we can.”


Without further prompting, Power followed them to the area that he knew they used for a hospital from previous visits to the Passages. They approached a door with a plaque reading “Surgery” on it. The younger ‘assistant’ opened it, revealing to Power a cobbled together operating theatre, reminiscent of what might have been seen during the Metal Wars.


“Over here,” Dr. Frost stated, directing Power to the gurney in the center of the room.


Laying Jennifer down carefully, he painfully realized that this might be the last time he saw her alive if they couldn’t save her… and it jolted him to his core.


“Captain… we need to get started…” Dr. Frost spoke, cutting into his thoughts.


Reluctantly he pulled away from her side, his hand surreptitiously caressing her still cheek one last time as the assistant ushered him out the door and the doctors started doing what they could to save Jennifer… and in every way that mattered, Jon’s lives.




At the power base, Scout had literally spent hours struggling with two dilemmas. One was relatively easy… changing the codes for the gates and disabling the one nearest the base. It wouldn’t take long and he’d put that on the back burner as he dealt with the more urgent issue – finding out if Dread knew where the base was.


He’d been reviewing the last transmissions from all the clickers that had come with Blastarr to the base. Not a single one of them showed any signs of having relayed back the location coordinates of the base once they had followed the signal from the fake disk Pilot had brought back to the base and breeched the security.


Still, Dread knew that Blastarr and the clickers had gone through the gate to the base. After that, everything that had happened, the fight with Pilot, the self destruct failure… Dread…


Suddenly Scout’s jaw dropped open as a realization hit him. If he could pull this off, it meant that they were free and clear…


Quickly he rushed in to the room housing the power core where Hawk and Tank had hooked up Blastarr to the repeating disrupting circuit he’d rigged. As long as the power kept flowing along the lines, Blastarr wasn’t able to communicate or regenerate.


“Hey, what’s up Scout?” questioned Hawk as he watched the younger man race in, a look of triumph on his face.


“I had an idea,” said Robert with a cocky grin that Matt and Michael were more than familiar with; it was one that usually meant he’d thought up something crazy and dangerous but bailed them out of a jam.


“It better be a good one,” Matt replied with some weariness, the toll of not knowing how Jon and Jennifer were doing on top of the base issues weighing heavily on him.


“It is. Dread sent Blastarr to capture the base, and Jennifer was going to use the self destruct to blow it up, right?”


“Yes. So?” Michael asked, confused on how that had led to Robert being so happy.


“What if she’d succeeded?”


“I’m not following you,” Matt replied, blinking rapidly to try and clear his head to comprehend what Robert was trying to get at.


“What if the base had blown up?” Robert said excitedly, his mind already thinking how he could accomplish this, “Blastarr would have taken forever to regenerate, and if and when he did, he’d be either buried in rubble and have to blast his way out or thrown out of the mountain base by the blast.”


“But Jennifer didn’t destroy the base,” Michael reminded him, ever so gruffly.


“We know that, and right now so does Blastarr, but… what if I could reprogram him to believe the base was destroyed; a total loss with nothing to be salvaged. We move him to another location, a mountain with battle damage and drop him off there. He comes to thinking he’s regenerated after being damaged by the blast…”


There was a long pause as Michael and Matt looked at one another and then back to a grinning Robert. If their resident computer hacker could pull that off…


“Dread wouldn’t come looking for our secrets…” murmured Matt, stunned at the idea and its simplicity.


“Because he would think that there wasn’t anything left,” Robert added, still jazzed by his improvised solution to their problem.


“That could work…” Matt admitted warily. The idea was so simple, yet he was afraid to believe that it was feasible. But if Robert could pull it off, they’d have their base, still hidden and presumed destroyed by Dread and hopefully, Jennifer too.


“And it would hide the base from him,” stated Michael, his mouth turning up into a grin at the idea of hiding in plain sight.


“You really think you can pull this off?” asked Matt, still overwhelmed at the possibility.


“Hey, I’ve pulled off much more elaborate stuff!” Robert replied, standing straighter as he pulled on the straps on his uniform coveralls.


“But we’ve had a lot more resources then,” Michael reminded him as he leaned down to pick up a chunk of concrete ceiling from the floor at his feet. “We still don’t even know what survived here…”


“Well, I’m starting an inventory of what’s reparable in the base. I could use a hand…” Robert said, pinning his gaze on Matt.


“Fine. Anything to help get this monstrosity reprogrammed and out of here. It’s an energy hog anyhow,” Matt complained as he looked at the electrified form of Blastarr. “I’ll start in the command center.”


With that Robert and Matt headed out, leaving Michael to his sentry duty over the disabled bio-dread.






At the sound of Dr. Frost’s voice Jon stood up quickly, almost toppling over the bare frame chair across from the surgery that he’d been sitting in for hours. The doctor stood before him looking haggard, her medical jacket bloodied. At her appearance and demeanor, his heart dropped to his feet, taking his stomach with it.


“Is she…?”


“Holding her own,” she said quickly, realizing his anxiety. “We’re still working on some of the less urgent things… the fractured arm for instance.”


Power felt himself fall back into the chair he’d just vacated in relief, his eyes closing and an absent hand running through his hair at the news. She was alive…


“It looks good though,” Dr. Frost continued. “She did well under the anesthesia we had on hand. We were worried it wasn’t going to keep her under, but she did well.”


“When will she be done… awake I mean?” Power asked plaintively, the need to see her not only alive but awake starting to overtake him.


“We’re probably an hour from being done, so maybe three or four. Once she’s out of surgery we’ll move her to her room. It’s not much – just a cordoned off section of the medical bay, but it should afford some privacy while she heals.”


“What about her uniform… her suit?”


“Her clothes and the power suit have already been transferred to her room. I can have Jeremy take you there to wait if you want…”


“Yes please…” he began, and then paused as a concerned though formed in his mind. “How long do you think she’ll be out of commission?”


“She’s a fighter, that’s for sure. The next 24 hours are critical, and if we don’t have to go back in… I’d say we’d be looking at least several weeks before the internal injuries start to heal, and her arm will most likely be in a sling for probably a month or so…”


The idea that she’d be laid up that long didn’t surprise him, but would probably drive Jennifer mad. Still, it gave him ample time to spend with her and to talk about everything he had to say to her; everything that they still needed to discuss.


“Thank you,” Power said finally, pinning Dr. Frost with his grateful gaze. “I…”


“Captain,” she interjected, cutting him off, “after everything that you and your team have done for everyone, here at the Passages and everywhere else… it’s us that are grateful to have the chance to help you and your team. So many people are alive because of what she, you and your team have done… it’s the least we could do.”


With that she smiled and patted his arm before turning back to the surgical room. A few moments later, the young assistant that had led him out of the room earlier came out and escorted him to the space that would be Jennifer’s recovery area until she could return to the base… if of course the base was still there to go to.


He shook his head to drive the thoughts away and focused on where he was being led. Jeremy pointed to the space set up for Jennifer and Jon nodded his thanks before the young man turned and left. Slipping past the curtains making the makeshift room, he saw the bed along with a chair where Jennifer’s things were neatly folded. He moved towards them, his hand picking up her uniform coveralls first, the tan fabric feeling rough beneath his fingertips. He set it aside on the bed as he sat down and directed his attention to her power suit.


Jon picked it up and inspected the suit as he sat on the bed, his mind fragmented in a thousand directions. There was a hole in the left side, near her stomach that had to be four to six inches across. With that kind of damage, it was no surprise that her armor had powered down. Considering how she’d stated that she’d been broken up inside, he had been expecting it to be in worse shape. Staring at the circuitry woven fabric, he thought that he might be able to repair it, and if he needed to, he could cannibalize some circuitry from some of the spare suits. Of course he had to hope the spare suits had survived the attack…


Suddenly he remembered Jennifer’s words from when the base had just been invaded:


“You give me three minutes to get the spare suits and back up Mentor’s systems… that’s standard evac procedure.”


Knowing how stubborn she was, there was no doubt that she’d done just that. So that meant their spare suits and a full system restore for Mentor were safe somewhere outside of the base. They had to locate them now…


Putting aside Pilot’s power suit, Jon stood up and reached for the communicator on his wrist. He didn’t know how the damage at the base would affect their comm. channel, if they’d even pick him up, but he had to give it a shot.


“Hawk, do you read me?”


There was a long moment, punctuated with static near the end, but finally Matt’s voice crackled along the line.


“I read you Captain. Any good news?”


“She’s holding on and the docs are optimistic. You need to have Scout run a scan for Pilot’s transmission code… I think she followed evac procedure.”


Hawk sat at the power base, looking at the mostly destroyed control room and Mentor’s shattered systems. If Jennifer had followed procedure when Jon had told her directly to skip it, then Mentor’s systems were backed up on a portable drive and the spare suits were somewhere safe and not fried to a crisp in here, which meant they had a real good shot at quickly rebuilding once Scout finished with his plan.


“Got it. We’ll start on that immediately. Scout is working on addressing the other issues and will get you the key you need for the house soon. We expect that when he and Tank are done, the uninvited house guest will be gone and we’ll be off the map once again.”


Jon listened to Hawk’s report, understanding the coded phrases for what they were. They must have confirmed that Dread didn’t have their location, and that they were working on changing the codes for the gates and somehow dismantling or deactivating Blastarr. If that was the case, they’d be in good shape: they’d have Jennifer alive, their spare suits, Mentor and their base. He couldn’t believe how in less than twelve hours they’d gone from everything falling around their heads to coming out of all of this somewhat intact.


All that was in doubt now was if the jumpship could get them back once the gates were re-coded.


“I’ll be waiting for the key. Since I’ll be here a bit longer, I’ll see if I can get some help with the ship…”


A bark of a laugh cut across the comm. channel. “Better be careful of who you let touch the jumpship. If they screw something up, Pilot will skin them alive.”


“Understood. Power out.”

Standing there, Jon couldn’t help but smile at Matt’s joke. Of course, the reality was that after everything he’d been afraid of finding after hearing Jennifer’s goodbye, the idea that Jennifer was going to be alive to kill him or anyone for what they’d done to the jumpship made his heart and soul jump with joy.


With a sigh, he sat back down on the bed and picked up her power suit, using the time he had before they brought her in to recover to see what he needed to do to fix her suit… because she was going to need it again once she was well.


-End Ch 2-


So again, my apologies for the delay. For any of my PR readers, rest assured that I am working on the next chapter to Answering the Call as well. And for Die Another Day… well a new chapter will be the next thing to start. Thanks for reading (and your patience) – Ms. J.