Scully's apartment
3170 W. 53 Rd.
Annapolis, VA

Scully shrugged her shoulders as she felt Mulder's hands come down to rest on them. Even through the warm cloth of her flannel shirt she could feel the heat of his hands as if they burned. It was like that nowadays, since San Francisco and the abduction. His touch was like fire as she truly understood what losing Mulder would have done to her. And what she would have lost if that had happened.

He'd been over most nights since they'd returned, but tonight was different. A couple of hours ago, after their talk in the office, he'd shown up at her apartment with Chinese take out and beer. They'd sat and eaten and talked. In the past, that had always a good sign. It was something that lent itself to the pattern of their partnership and friendship. It was business as usual.

Except tonight it had just made her feel anxious and uncomfortable. She had found herself distracted and giving him one word answers to his questions as they talked. Finally she'd moved from the couch and sat down in the wing back upholstered chair she'd always considered her father's as Mulder had taken the leftovers into the kitchen.

That's where he'd found her now, as he waited to see if his touch would roust her from her thoughts. Little did he know he was doing more than just that.

She turned under his grasp and looked up at him. He released her shoulders and walked around the chair to sit on the coffee table before her. She could see the beginnings of something dangerous brewing behind his eyes, and sucked in a deep breath. It wasn't bad enough that her nerves had been fried after she'd admitted just how deep her feelings for Mulder ran during her quest to get him back. But since he'd been liberated, he always seemed to be near her. In her space and on her mind. It was driving her crazy.

"I understand that Kwan left for Chicago this morning," Mulder began, trying to ease into the discussion that he had avoided in the office. It required a lot more privacy than their basement afforded. And the final results, well, he was thinking that they might be less than 'friendly'.

"The job he'd been brought here to do seems to have been called off," she replied dryly. The man had been hired to kill her, what more could she say about that. Except that he'd turned against his orders and ended up helping her. She'd come to depend on him while she'd been searching for Mulder. And once she'd accomplished that goal, Kwan had decided to take his leave, since his employer had 'vanished'. "Some of his family is there. They immigrated some years back and there was nothing keeping him D.C. any longer. He didn't know anyone here, didn't have anyone. . . "

"He had you," he said softly.

Scully looked up into Mulder's usually hazel eyes and found them darker than she could remember them ever being. She found herself swimming in them, drowning in the complex emotions that she found there. And when she found the one emotion that she'd longed to see, she found her courage to leap into the fire.

There was a long pause as they looked at each other, and Mulder was starting to worry that he'd misjudged her reactions. That Skinner, Kwan and he were all wrong in what they'd been sure they'd seen. Except he was *sure* he saw it now. . .

"No. *You* have me," she explained quietly, the true weight of what she meant evident in each syllable that had passed her lips. "That is, if you want me. . . "

Mulder was sure his heart had stopped as he finally comprehended what she'd just said, just admitted to him. He looked at her as if she was insane. Did he want her? Hell yes! He'd wanted to hear her say that for five years, and he couldn't believe she would even doubt that he could need her, want her, love her like he did. He'd spent the days locked in those different prisons realizing just how much he cared for her. And now that he knew that she felt the same as he did, he wasn't backing away.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much I want you Scully," he replied breathlessly.

Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and wetted her lips, which seemed to have gone dry in the seconds that had passed between being friends with the man she loved and being told he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She watched his eyes follow her tongue, and then he gravitated towards the chair.

Without thinking, her hands flew forward and stopped him, the palms resting against his chest. He looked at her, confused at her blocking him from touching her, when it had been just seconds before that she'd said she wanted him.

"I just want you to be sure Mulder," she asked softly, her fingers almost burrowing into his soft gray t-shirt. "I spent all that time looking for you, and while I was doing that, I came to the realization that I needed you more than I knew. That I was in love with you."

Mulder was sure he had stopped breathing, and his heart was thudding in his chest. She'd finally said the words he'd needed to hear, told him that she *loved* him, and now he knew that nothing could keep them apart any longer.

Kneeling at her feet, his hands came up and closed over where hers still pressed against his chest. The results were electric, as he felt a jolt like an electrical shock starting from where their hands met. It coursed along his nerve endings and sent his heart rate climbing and his blood pooling south. On top of that, he saw her eyes widen a bit and knew that she'd felt it too. He couldn't help but grin like an idiot.

"I'm sure Scully. I'm sure that I've never needed or trusted anyone more than I do you," he started, pulling her hands away from his chest so he could lean in closer. "And I'm sure that I've never loved anyone like I love you."

His face was inches from hers by the time he stopped speaking, and he gazed in her eyes one last time for permission. The spark of lust he saw there was invitation enough, and he leaned in the final few inches to press his lips warmly to hers. Her lips were soft and hot, and he found himself intoxicated by just this simple kiss.

Then her mouth opened under his and Scully's tongue ran across his lips and he was gone.

Mulder's hands flew to her hair, weaving themselves in her silken tresses as he pulled her closer to him, ravishing her mouth with his. In turn, Scully tightened her grip on his shirt, her fingers kneading both the cloth and his chest as she struggled with the onslaught of his lips on hers, feeding back to him the same passion he was showing her.

Prying his lips from hers, Mulder leaned back and smiled at her. At the same time, he let his hands ease from their grip in her hair to brush over her ears, down her neck and to her shoulders. Scully shivered at his touch and he grinned wider. Moving back in, he drank of her lips only for a second before he let his mouth start wandering. He kissed at her forehead, her cheeks and her nose, then gravitated to her left ear. All the while, his hands stroked up and down her flannel covered arms.

"Tell me Scully," he whispered in her ear, making her shudder. " I need you to tell me too."

"Tell you what? I've said a lot of things tonight," she countered huskily, her head lolling back as his mouth moved down her neck slightly before moving back up to her ear.

"Tell me that you want me. That you trust me."

Once the words were out, he headed back to his task, his lips kissing and sucking at her neck, moving towards the neckline of her shirt.

"Of course I want you Mulder. I think I've always wanted you. And I trust you. . . you're the only one I trust," she said in a simple yet serious manner as she felt his lips curl against her skin.

"Oooh Scully, I just got really turned on."

He looked up at her and saw her arch her eyebrow. She was smiling though. One of the rare Scully smiles that turned his insides to butter. How the hell had he resisted doing this with her all this time? Fought the feelings that they had when this was the benefit of them? The thoughts running through his head seemed to short circuit what he'd been doing, and he was just sitting there, watching her.

Mulder suddenly felt Scully's hands at his waist. Then they slipped lower and she stroked him through his jeans. His eyes slipped shut and he couldn't breathe. Dear God, he was sure that he was dead. He must have died in the firefight in San Francisco because there was no way in hell that this could be real. Except that it felt too good for him to be dead.

"Do you want to take this somewhere more comfortable?" Scully said in a smoky whisper that Mulder was sure he'd only heard in his fantasies.

Looking at her, seeing her disheveled hair, the passionate look to her eyes and her full, well kissed lips, he knew he'd have to take it to the bedroom sooner or later, or they'd end up on the floor. But for the moment, he still liked where they were.

"Not quite yet," he replied, his lips finding hers and locking to them as his hands started at the buttons on her shirt.

Even with shaking hands, he got the small discs undone in record time. Never let it be said that being focused and obsessive didn't have its benefits, he thought wickedly to himself as he peeled the shirt off her shoulders and pooled it around her waist. Scully had to let up on rubbing his erection through his jeans when he'd shoved her shirt down her arms, effectively pinning her hands nearly to her sides. Now she fought not to squirm under his touch and gaze as he reached for her bra.

It wasn't more than a heartbeat before Mulder had the clasp of her bra in hand, and looked up to her eyes for any signs of dissent. When he saw none, he had it apart and her breasts in plain and very appreciative view. She watched as his tongue swiped along his lips slowly, and she wondered if it was a conscious act or not.

Then that tongue found its way to the ivory skin between her breasts and licked from below the swell of her breasts to her throat, and then kissed his way back down, swerving to her left breast before he returned to where he's started. She'd closed her eyes, the strength of the emotions rolling through her startling her and making it near impossible to watch without moaning. That was until his lips wrapped around her pink nipple and he pulled ever so slightly, his tongue just barely brushing it before she felt a groan of pleasure slip from her mouth.

Encouraged even more than before, he lapped at her like a cat, his lips occasionally closing tightly on the bud and sucking. Each variation produced a different pitch in her moans or groans as he felt her arch herself further into him. His right hand grasped her right breast and played with the nipple there, alternating pinching and rolling it to flicking and rubbing the hard point of flesh. His left hand had wrapped around her waist and held her to him as he continued to explore her.

"Oh God that's good Mulder," she hissed as his teeth barely grated against her skin. He glanced up at her and found himself respond with another twinge to his groin as he saw her lolled back, her cheeks flushed and her eyelids half closed. She was the sexiest thing he'd seen in his life.

He'd wanted to take this slow, draw out the experience, but he didn't know if he had it in him. Stubbornly, he shoved aside his discomfort and urgency and instead refocused on Scully. The hand at her waist found the waistband of her leggings and he curled his fingers inside. With a tug, he got them and her panties started down her hip, but realized he needed both hands and her help to get them off. His mouth and his other hand left her breast as he started to concentrate on the problem at hand.

Once she'd felt his hands pull at her waist, Scully had shuddered and forced her eyes open to watch Mulder struggle with her clothes. With a little grin, she slid her hands beside his and helped him get the garments off her hips. As soon as he had them to her thighs, he shoved them down with ease. Then before she knew what had hit her, he'd put his hands around the backs of her knees and pulled her forward on the chair, spreading her legs open and her ass halfway off the cushion.

If she hadn't been wet before now, she was certainly getting hotter and damper by the second as Scully watched him stare at her lower body, now exposed to his view. The smile that graced his face was feral, lustful in every way. She felt her excitement ratchet up another notch, her insides humming in anticipation of his next move.

When it came, it was like lines of fire.

Mulder leaned in and let his long fingers glide past her auburn down and over her wet folds, lightly but with enough pressure to make sure they both felt every stroke. He went from her clit to the bottom of her slick opening and back up again in a leisurely fashion as he breathed in her scent, made stronger by his touch. There was no reason to rush, he reminded himself over and over again. They had eternity, didn't they?

With each stroke, Scully felt the fire coiling low in her belly, turning her mind to mush and her inner walls to quivering jelly. She was quietly calling out to God, Mulder and all variety of deities as he continued his assault. The small part of her brain that was still trying to function rationally realized that she was almost over the edge, and he had yet to put his lips or tongue to her.

Or, as she felt the tips of his fingers push minutely past her outer lips, used his finger where she most wanted them - inside her. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as he did it over and over again, increasing her need with each stroke. Her hands clutched at the arms of the chair until she couldn't stand it any more.

"Mulder, please," she pleaded beseechingly, her voice raspy in its need.

Confused, Mulder stopped and looked at her face. His eyes were transfixed by the vision of lust before him. She was biting on her lip and had her eyes closed tightly. Her nails were pressed deeply into the well upholstered arms of the chair.

Shit, he thought, was he doing something wrong?

"What Scully? Please what?" he asked, concern starting to creep into his expression as well as his voice.

The tone of his question popped her eyes open, and she saw the fear in his gaze. Inwardly she laughed, he thought he was doing something wrong when the truth was he was simply torturing her to death with the pleasure of it. But she needed more, and she had to tell him so.

"Please *more*," she said throatily, the words dripping from her mouth like honey. "Please don't stop. God, it feels so good, please don't stop there. . . "

The anxiety was gone from his face in a heartbeat and he grinned at her. His fingers stroked along her again, faster this time and rubbing slightly at her clit before they started back down. He felt her tense and her hips slide forwards a fraction as his fingers brushed below the surface of her lower lips. Without needing any further instructions, he let his fingers slide to the end of her opening, and on the stroke back up, he slid his first two fingers deeply inside of her.

Scully cried out. If it had been louder, it would have been a scream, but instead it sounded high pitched and more like a wail. As he slid his fingers in and out of her hot passage, he felt her insides shake around him. It wouldn't take long, and he knew that if he was going to take full advantage of his kneeling position before her, he had to do it now.

He lowered his head and dropped his mouth to her clit as he furiously thrust his fingers in and out of her body. It took only a few moments before he felt her tighten around him and quake as her orgasm hit.

"Ohhh God!" she yelled, her head thrown back as the waves of release washed through her body, shaking her with the force of her climax.

Mulder rode it out with her, his tongue lapping at her juices as his fingers moved slowly inside her until she finally came down. before long she could open her eyes and look at him. It took a little longer for her voice to return.

"Wow," she murmured, her hand unclenching from the chair arm and burrowing into Mulder's hair.

"Double wow," he replied, a look of satisfaction plastered on his face. "That was amazing."

Scully tried not to blush, but found it impossible. Her emotions were too far out of her control for that. Gazing lovingly at the man kneeling before her, she noted both the painful looking bulge under his jeans, and the fact that he was still wearing clothes.

That would not do at all, she jokingly thought to herself.

Using her grip on his head, Scully pulled Mulder up until his face was in front of hers. She paused only for a second before she savaged his lips with hers, tasting him and herself on his lips and tongue. While her mouth toyed with his, her hands moved to pull at his clothes, tugging at the hem of his shirt and struggling with the button of his jeans.

Forcing himself not to chuckle, Mulder pulled himself back to watch a very aroused Dana Scully frantically try to get him undressed with little success.

"You know Scully, you could just ask," he teased as he gently moved her hands from him, taking over for her.

His shirt was gone in a second, and he popped the button and unzipped his pants in no time flat. It wasn't until he got to his tennis shoes that he realized he had a problem. Scully watched with a mixture of lust and humor as she shrugged her shirt and bra completely off. When he nearly fell on his ass, trying to pull off his shoes, she couldn't help giggling. Quickly she threw her hand over her mouth, but it was too late.

"This is *not* funny," he growled lightly as he finally pulled the shoe and sock off, their momentum throwing them across the living room.

"If you were sitting where I am, you would think it was funny too Mulder," she retorted, leaning forward in the chair to lick at his now bare chest.

He started at the touch and fell backward to land ass first on the coffee table.

"Ow!" he yelled, his hand flying to his abused backside.

"Anything injured?" she asked quickly, jumping up from the chair to his side.

"My pride is about it," he replied, and with that she reached over and pulled his other shoe and sock off. His jeans followed.

She crouched there, looking at his erection straining towards her, held back only by the white cotton boxers. Her eyes came back to his, and all the humor and hurting were gone. Replaced with the love and lust she was becoming used to seeing there.

Standing quickly, she held out her hands to help him up. He took them readily and stood in front of her. Gravitating closer, they pressed against one another, almost totally flesh against flesh.

"You ready to go someplace more comfortable?" she asked softly, her mouth curling into a soft grin.

"Oh yeah," he replied with a lustful grin and looped his arms around her waist. She yelped, and he lifted her from the floor, hauling her with him as he moved quickly to her bedroom.

Inside, he laid her on the bed, reluctantly letting her go, his hands dragging along her soft skin as he released her. Scully looked up at him inquisitively from her reclining position on the bed as she tried to gauge his next move. Before he did anything else, he reached down and pulled at the bedcovers and Scully moved to accommodate him. Now, with nothing but the sheet below her, she expected him to come to her.

Instead he just stood there, his cock straining against his boxers and a look of utter astonishment on his face. It was as if he was finally coming to realize that this was really happening. That they were doing this for real.

Scully decided that the only thing that was going to haul Mulder out of his analysis was for her to make the next more. Sitting up, she reached forward and insinuated her fingers between the elastic of Mulder's waistband and his skin. She felt his breath catch as her fingers slid down inside the cloth, then he growled when she tugged at them forcefully, pulling him to her as his knees butted against the side of the bed.

Her other hand came up to join the first, and she drew down his boxers in one attempt. Using his feet, he pushed them past his calves and onto her bedroom floor. All the while, they watched one another, seeing the desires and emotions playing across their features. Deliberately she moved her hands back to his waist, pulling his pelvis closer to her, and Mulder stared as she licked her lips as she came closer to his engorged cock.

As soon as he saw her tongue dart forward, he stepped back, nearly unseating her from the bed. Confused, she looked up at him, trying to figure out what she'd done wrong. Mulder's hands were in her hair in a second and he leaned down to kiss her passionately, pushing them both onto the bed, his body sprawling on top of hers.

"Not this time love," he said affectionately as he pulled himself from her lips. "I want to come with you. If you'd even touched me, I don't think I could have held out long enough for this. . . "

At his words, he positioned himself at her vaginal opening and slid inside in one long, slow thrust.

"Oohh God!" Scully moaned as he filled her up beyond her wildest imaginings. It was the most incredible sensation.

"Mmm, oh Scully, that feels *so* good. *You* feel so good," he panted, feeling his length pulse within the heated sheath of her body.

Beneath him, Scully arched up into him, her hands moving along his back and to his shoulders. Her body was getting restless as he held himself still, embedded deep inside her core. She was on the edge already, the sensation of him just being inside her was almost enough to make her come. But she needed him to *move*.

"So do you Mulder," Scully murmured, her voice passion-filled but with a raw edge that surprised him. "But if you don't move *soon*, I'm going to have to hurt you."

A lopsided grin spread across his face while his emotions warred between humor and lust. His hands slid from her head, one going to brace himself over her as the other wrapped around her waist as he shifted them further onto the bed, the movement rocking him slightly back, then farther insider of her. Scully moaned at the shift in their position, and helped him, letting the heels of her feet dig into the mattress and her legs push while he moved forward. When he settled, she wrapped them around his thighs, holding him tightly to her.

"Well?" she started, then gasped as he withdrew suddenly and thrust back into her.

His reply was non-verbal as he released her waist and his hand flew back to her hair as he gradually started to drive himself in and out of her, his mouth closing onto hers as he set up a tempo which she quickly countered.

Picking up the pace, Mulder had her writhing under him, words of love and cries of pleasure reaching his ears as he strove to bring them both to completion. He pounded into her while his mouth kissed and sucked at her neck and collarbone, her nails running up and down his back.

Mulder knew the pressure within them both was almost ready to explode, his balls were on fire and his cock seemed to throb almost constantly. He was just about to reach between them when he felt her inner walls pulse, and then strongly contract as Scully's orgasm hit her suddenly, accompanied by a shrill cry that he was sure was his name.

Holding nothing back, Mulder slammed forcefully once, then again as he felt his balls clench and his semen shoot out his body and into hers as he let loose with a hoarse yell. Wracked with the indescribable pleasure of his release, his eyes fell shut as he slumped forward, his lower arms holding him above Scully as he laid there, gasping for breath.

He felt her hands touch his face, and he opened his eyes to see the shinning blue he'd become so dependent on. Even if he hadn't seen the smile on her face and the glow that radiated from her body, he could have told how much she loved him from just the look in her eyes. And now that he'd seen it, he never wanted to live without it.

Scully grunted in discomfort as Mulder unconsciously let his weight fall on her, and he quickly lifted himself up, dislodging his deflating cock from her body as he did so. They both winced at the loss, but he quickly rolled to his side, pulling her beside him. He watched her as her eyes blinked slowly, tiredly. The toll of their lovemaking, he smirked. He'd tired her out.

Sitting up, he searched blindly at the bottom of the bed for the covers and finally caught hold of them. Pulling them up over them, he settled himself on his side, gazing lovingly at the woman tucked against him.

Scully reached over and ran her hand down his bare chest, then up to his neck and behind his head. With the lightest pressure, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him tenderly on the lips and then let him ease from her grasp as her hand found a resting place over his heart.

"I love you Mulder," she said with quiet conviction, her eyes heavy and glassy with unshed tears of joy.

He smiled at her, and she reflected it back at him.

"I love you too Scully," he whispered in her ear, brushing at the wisps of auburn that spread across her face as she attempted to stifle a yawn. "Get some rest Scully. I'll be here when you wake up. I'm not going anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future. Except where you are."

Scully smiled and nodded, then curled up against him, exhausted and happy. She had everything she wanted. After everything she'd been through to get it, she had it. As she felt him stoke her hair, she let her eyes slip shut and sleep claim her.

He watched her intently, his heart full and his emotions overflowing. She just kept amazing him. Every time he was sure he knew all there was to Dana Scully, she surprised him again. When he'd been held prisoner, he'd fantasized about this moment, but the reality blew the fantasy away. His warrior-like defender had come to his rescue, and not only had given him his freedom, but her heart as well. And with that, she'd given him a future - *their* future.

Mulder smiled warmly, then looked away from the fiery red-head pillowed against him in the bed and out the window. It was dark outside, pitch black almost. Yet he remembered a quote by someone that said that it was always darkest before the dawn. But as he turned his gaze back to where Scully lay, he knew that no matter what happened to them now, the darkness was over.

Dawn had finally arrived.


Thank you for reading. I have been obsessed with this project on and off for the last 4 years now. It was one of the few projects that I swore to myself that I would finish. No matter what, and I'm glad to say that it's finally done.

At this point, I need to acknowledge the main contributor, motivator and support - my husband Gil. When this story idea started, it was during a time when I was immersed in several things: running an X-Files Mailing List (XFCreative), writing fanfic, planning a wedding and living the day to day life of someone in a relationship. And while I ended up putting the writing and administration duties on hold, I always knew that if I ever wanted to pick up either of them again, I'd always have his support. I turned to him for technical advice on weaponry and foreign history, and he helped write several story sections as well as helped me develop the plot line. So, for everything, I thank him from the bottom of my heart (which is his anyhow).

Also my thanks to the beta readers for looking this over - you know who you are.

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