Started - 9/14/98

Finished - 6/3/01

Disclaimer: The X-Files and the characters within are property of C.C., FOX and 1013 Prod.

Rating: R for Violence, Language. NC-17 for Sex. *All the good stuff.*

Classifications: S, A, R. UST, MSR.

Warnings: No spoilers. This story is set before US Season Five "The End".

Acknowledgements: At the end of the story.

Summary: Scully dives head-long into danger and intrigue as, with Skinner's help, she goes underground to try and find the Men In Black who kidnapped Mulder, and bring him back.

Hello All! This is the part where I paraphrase General MacArthur and say "I have returned!" I know, I've been gone a LONG time. Sorry about that, but I hope that the old fans are still there, and the new readers will give me a look. Anyhow, here's something new for you (and for me too, to be honest): An action packed, intrigue filled plot with lots of Mulder angst, kick-ass Scully, gung-ho Skinner and even borderline bad guys. Hope you like it, and now, on to the show...

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"Give a guy a gun and he's Superman.
Give him two and he's God."
From "Hard Boiled" by John Woo

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