Brothers in Arms

A Haven fanfic

By Jeannine Trevizo


Chapter 9




“So, you good?” asked Duke as he watched Audrey and Nathan walk out from the treatment area of the ER, his eyes glancing from their faces to the entwined hands which suddenly separated and he fought o suppress a wry grin.


“Fine. So, we’re heading to the station. You want Nathan to drop you off at the boat or the Gull?” Audrey quickly replied her eyes darting to Nathan.


“You’re letting her go to work?” he answered, ignoring Audrey’s question about dropping him off for now and looking at Nathan with a stunned expression.


“I…” Nathan began, looking to defend himself.


“There was no letting me do anything. I’m fine and I need to see Agent Howard.”


With that Audrey started for the door. Nathan started to follow when Duke jumped up from his seat and his hand reached over and stopped him. Turning his head he regarded the serious look in Duke’s eyes and knew that the concern there for Audrey was more than likely mirrored in his own.


“You’re really going to take her there? I would have thought you would have hauled her back to her place, or yours and made her stay put…”


“I wanted to, believe me Duke I had no plans to drag her into any of this right now but you know how she is…”


Duke laughed, the sound like a bark as he couldn’t help imagining the pit bull like behavior of the woman in question. He knew from his own experience that Audrey was a force to be reckoned with when she had her mind set on something. More than once she had somehow bent him to her will and he’d ended up doing something noble or selfless… it was an embarrassing trend. He couldn’t even imagine what it was like for Nathan facing that kind of emotional blackmail at her hands.


“Yeah… well, I’m just glad she’s not my girlfriend,” he remarked with a wink and a light punch to Nathan’s shoulder before he turned to follow Audrey out, leaving Nathan staring at the other man, his mouth gaping.




After having finally agreeing to drop Duke off at his boat and connect back with him later, the trio traveled to the Cape Rouge where Duke temporarily parted ways with Nathan and Audrey as they went on to the police station. When they finally got there the two of them walked in singularly focused on separate things; Audrey on asking Agent Howard more questions and Nathan on protecting Audrey from whatever answers they might get. He already knew so much more about her and the troubles than she did since speaking to Vince and he hadn’t been able to discuss it with her yet. Once they got done here though, he was going to take her home and they would have a talk…


However as they strode through the station neither of them noted the looks they received. All eyes took in Nathan’s more relaxed manner that had been missing a few hours earlier and then there was Audrey; she was dressed in very casual, relaxed clothing and her hair was messed up. Of course no one knew that it was the result of a dinner date turned kidnapping.


“Interrogation room,” Nathan said as he saw her head turn back to him, eyes asking him where they were going without words.


She nodded and turned around again, making a bee line to the shut door. Nathan was right on her heels, ready to stop her lest things get out of hand.


“Agent Howard,” Audrey said as she walked into the interrogation room that Stan had kept the man in since Nathan had flown out of the building a little more than an hour ago.


“Officer Parker. Officer Wuornos,” Howard replied as he stared at Audrey, a look of what seemed to be guilt crossing his face as he regarded her.


Audrey glared at Howard in return, her baser instincts wanting to hit the man for having abducted her and for putting both her and Nathan through hell. Behind her she heard Nathan shut the door and she stalked away from where she could feel him approaching her, no doubt wanting to keep her from doing something foolish, like the last time they’d been in here and she’d nearly gone over the line with Patrick Grolsch when she was certain he was responsible for Stu Pierce’s abduction.


Nathan tried to grab her arm but she moved away, pacing the room slightly. Sighing lightly he pulled out a chair and sat. With Audrey safe he could take his time asking the man in front of him the questions he wanted answers to. He knew that Audrey was less likely to take a slow, methodical approach so it was up to him to try and be the good cop here.


“Okay, how about we start this from the top. You still have yet to tell me who you really are since we know you aren’t FBI Special Agent Howard,” asked Nathan politely.


“I’m surprised you didn’t just ask your father who I am.”


“I can’t…” Nathan responded with a small, nearly undetectable hitch to his voice, “He’s dead.”


A pained look briefly swept across Howard’s face but Nathan caught it before he could school his features. He had to wonder just what kind of relationship the Chief had with this man. He knew that Agent Howard had sent Audrey to Haven, but now it sounded like the Chief was somehow involved…


“Why would I ask the Chief about you?”


“I had a professional relationship with him,” he said vaguely.


“The Chief had you send me here…” Audrey said angrily, pieces of conversations and situations finally making sense to her.


The offer to stay in Haven, join the force followed by the hard line tactics and threat to pull Audrey back to the ‘FBI’… it all screamed collusion now that she knew the Chief and Howard were ‘professionally related’.


“He knew the troubles were back, and that he needed you here.”


“Do you know who I am?” she quickly asked the controlled fury in her voice reminiscent of the last time she and Nathan had been in the interrogation room together even as she leaned over the table, her hands pressed flat on the surface.


“I don’t,” he said simply his eyes cutting to catch hers. “My job was just to keep an eye on you and when you ‘arrived’ back, to give you the time you needed to prepare and then send you to Haven.”


“So you gave me Audrey Parker’s memories?”


“Yes,” he replied and Nathan watched as Audrey heavily took a seat beside him, the enormity of that simple word rocking her to her core. “We thought it best if you were law enforcement…”


“Who’s we?” she asked, her eyes narrowing.


Howard looked around the room, and finally sighed. Everything had gone… differently than planned. Perhaps the truth would fix it. Or maybe make it better.


“The Chief and… some of the town elders…”


“Who? The Teagues, the Aldermans, Mayor Brody? What about Reverend Driscoll… did he know?” Nathan suddenly questioned, wondering how many people he knew that had been involved in drawing Audrey to Haven.


“Does it really matter? The fact is that Audrey is here now where she needed to be, in the circumstances that are the best suited to… resolve matters in Haven.”


Nathan glanced to Audrey, watching the emotions crossing her face. She didn’t like how easily she’d been manipulated, how people had been playing with her life for as long as she could tell. But they still had a job to do and knowing who they were dealing with might be helpful later on.


“Okay… you don’t want to tell us who you were working for, fine. How about you finally tell us who you are?” she asked simply, hoping that maybe they’d finally get a straight answer out of him.


“Robert Baker,” the man they both knew as Agent Howard finally said.


Audrey glanced to Nathan and they silently acknowledged the new information that would have them searching databases to find out exactly who Robert Baker was, but for now there were other questions to be asked.


“Okay Mr. Baker. I know you posed as Agent Howard and pretended to be Audrey’s boss. Do you want to tell me why you’re here now, and why you kidnapped her?” questioned Nathan, returning them back to Baker’s motives for abducting Audrey.


Baker sighed and ran a hand over his bald head before he answered.


“It wasn’t what I was asked to do… but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.”


“So, what? It wasn’t your fault? Someone made you do it?” Nathan asked, unconvinced when he noted Audrey straighten and push out of her chair, the anger radiating off her in waves.


“What about Dave Teagues? Why did he want me ‘removed’?” asked Audrey and Nathan looked at her uncomprehendingly.


“What?” said Nathan so quietly that neither Audrey nor Baker had heard him.


Robert looked at her sadly. He’d done what he could and she still had been in danger. Yet Nathan had done what he was supposed to… protect and find her.


“He thinks the decisions that people have been making, regarding Haven, regarding the troubles and you are wrong. He wanted to start over…”


“By wiping my memory or killing me,” she commented, knowing that she was right, since she had heard their conversation.


Nathan turned his eyes from where he’d been watching Audrey to pin a blazing stare at Baker. This guy had been planning on wiping her memory? And Dave Teagues had been in on it? Before he knew it the question was tumbling from his lips…


“Dave asked you to kill Audrey?”


Baker didn’t answer his question and so Nathan looked back to Audrey and she nodded in response. She hadn’t until now fully processed that she’d heard Dave’s voice plotting her death but now that her former boss had confirmed that Dave had been involved, she had finally accepted what she’d heard… that Dave Teagues had wanted her dead.


“I knew the first wasn’t an option and told Dave as much,” Baker acknowledged, answering Audrey’s question instead, “As to killing you… I couldn’t do that, even if Dave thinks it will allow everything to reset. I took you knowing if I let Teagues control the situation it could be much worse. And I figured I could set the situation to allow you to survive…”


Nathan stared at the man, his mind whirling. Baker had taken Audrey, not killed or memory wiped her like Dave had wanted done, but he’d ‘set the situation’…


A sudden revelation hit him like a bolt from a thunderstorm.


“You staged the apartment to send me after Duke,” Nathan stated astonished, causing Audrey to look at Nathan, her face confused.


“Yes. I planted the whistle I found at Duke Crocker’s boat at Audrey’s.”


“Why?” he asked quickly, still not sure the reasoning.


“I had hoped your shared affection for Audrey would band you together; to let you gain answers regarding the troubles and your roles in the fight facing you. That by working together you would be prepared for the battle that Dave and the others that think like him want to win at all costs.”


“So you set Nathan and Duke at one another hoping they’d join forces?” asked Audrey, trying to catch up on what she’d missed over the last 24 hours.


“Yes. Of course Dave thought it was about setting them against one another; that it might have kept them both isolated and confused. If it had ended with one or the other injured or killed, the main goal they had was to divide them permanently to keep them from locating you. But obviously Dave and his allies miscalculated how convincing Mr. Crocker could be or how devoted Officer Wuornos is…”


Nathan looked away from Baker and caught Audrey’s wide eyes as he realized she was getting the gist of some of what she’d missed and slid a hand across the table to brush his fingers against hers. She immediately pressed her hand over his, curling her fingers over his hand and Baker raised an eyebrow at the gesture.


“No,” he said quietly, “they all seem to have underestimated you quite badly.”




Dave drove up to the house Robert was holding Audrey at and he slammed on the brakes hard. The front door was wide open. As he looked closer he could see tire tracks leading up to the yard and the door hanging on its hinges oddly. He could only speculate one thing…Nathan and Duke must have found Audrey.


He swore lightly under his breath and then glanced around; wanting to be sure that no one had seen his car here. This place wouldn’t be safe for him to meet with Lance. He’d have to find somewhere else to go.


Putting his foot hard on the gas he backed up and then pulled off into the street, trying to think of his next move and how to make sure that he could stay ahead of Nathan, Audrey and Duke until he could convince his allies as to their next course of action.


- End Chapter 9 -