In the late summer of 1996, I had a dream that was extremely vivid and compelling. It revolved around Agent Dana Scully and her partner at the X-Files Fox Mulder. It was both a friendship and love story as well as having aspects of investigating an X-File as well as being one too. In the end, the idea was just too compelling for me to ignore, so the first Visions story, originally planned to be a single story was written.

The idea of Scully gaining psychic powers and then losing them isn't new to fanfic, yet I believe the idea of her connecting with the "essence" of Samantha Mulder is. The subsequent chapters of the story go on to tell of a relationship building from friendship to love to something more than that perhaps.

So for all the fans of the series, new and old, I hope you enjoy this compiled, reformatted version.

Jeannine "Writing Machine" Ackerson


Visions: Summaries per part

Visions I - Visions

Written September 2, 1996

Summary: The death of a family member puts into action a chain of events leading up to danger and romance.

Visions II - Seductive Visions

Written September 6, 1996

Summary: Scully and Mulder act on their newly realized relationship.

*This part is rated NC-17*

Visions III - Enduring Visions

Written November 2, 1996

Summary: Mulder and Scully begin to define their new-found relationship after their return to D.C. while fearing reprisal if discovered.

Visions IV - Proposed Visions

Written December 10, 1996

Summary: As their lives become more "involved", Mulder and Scully start making some decisions that will effect their future.

Visions V - Dangerous Visions

Written December 30, 1996

Summary: Mulder and Scully attempt to find the people responsible for bombing Mulder's apartment as they learn just how dangerous their new relationship is.

Visions VI - Heartfelt Visions

Written January 21, 1997

Summary: Mulder and Scully's professional and personal lives continue to develop as some of their dreams begin to be realized.

Visions VII - Radical Visions

Written March 19, 1997

Summary: When Mulder and Scully's engagement becomes "common" knowledge, their professional and personal lives undergo some radical changes.

Visions VIII - Justifying Visions

Written April 28, 1997

Summary: While Mulder and Harris investigate a case, Scully and Skinner prepare to hang Colton out to dry, and get Scully back to the X-Files.

Visions IX - Renewing Visions

Written March 1, 1998

Summary: Returned to partner status, Mulder and Scully begin the hard task of rebuilding their partnership on all fronts.

Visions X - Finalizing Visions

Written July 11, 1998

Summary: Mulder and Scully face their most difficult obstacle: separation and death. Or do they?


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