On The Inside

By Jeannine Ackerson





Rating: PG for language.

Disclaimer: The X-Files and its' characters are property of C.C., FOX

& 1013 Prod., etc. "On The Inside" is by Paul Brandt. All of these things are used without permission.

Relationship: This is an *MSR*. For people who don't believe that there's a romantic level to the relationship, I suggest you read something else.

Summary: At an FBI function, M&S make some waves with their fellow Bureau Agents.

Hi all! I've read a lot of FBI function stories. I've even written a few of them myself, but I haven't done any where they were already together. So this is my attempt. Now, on to the story...

Scully was late.

That in itself wouldn't bother him, but being as he'd spoken to her an hour ago and she was on her way to the banquet, he was starting to get concerned. As it was, the cocktails were just about done and people were beginning to mill around the tables, waiting like vultures to be allowed to sit down and eat.

He was sitting at the table closest to the corner, keeping out of the way. He hated these functions, but in the last year, he and Scully had been *informed* politely that they should start attending on a frequent basis. To keep from finding themselves too removed from the loop as it were. To assure everyone that they were model agents and willing to 'play nice' with others.

And God knew that Fox Mulder wasn't one to fight with his superiors about doing things.

Yeah, right Mulder, he admonished himself. Just like you don't go chasing after UFO's and flukemen.

He stifled a chuckle and looked at his watch again. Worry began to bubble up within his chest. If something had happened. . . The unfinished thought sent a stab of fear through him like a poker. Then just as he was about to reach for his cel phone and call her, she walked in the door.

His breath caught in his chest as he saw her. She was wearing a knee length burgundy cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that hugged her in all the right places. It was one she'd bought a couple of months back for a wedding they'd gone to, but tonight it looked even more spectacular than it had then.

He had a hard time keeping seated as he drank in the sight of her. But he soon noticed that he wasn't the only one who was noticing how good she looked either. Half the male heads turned the moment she walked in, and Mulder just stared as she scanned the room, ignoring the lustful and appreciative glances as she looked for him. Finally when her eyes lit on him, she smiled unconsciously and started for him.

He set down the beer bottle he'd been nursing as she cut through the crowd to his side. Without preamble she pulled out the chair beside him and sat down.

He gave her a light kiss and then unconsciously looked back at the faces of the men who'd taken note of her arrival. He couldn't help but smugly smile inwardly. Take that, he thought to them all. Spooky Mulder might be reviled by the masses, but he had Dana Scully and they didn't. Sometimes the universe was fair.

"Sorry I'm late," she said with a hint of a smile. "I wanted to double check the results on the carbon testing."

"It's ok," he said with his boyish grin. "You have great timing. You missed the boring cocktail part of the evening, but managed to arrive in time for dinner. What more could anyone ask for?"

She glared at him as if he'd insulted her, but otherwise said nothing.

"So give Scully. What did you find?" he asked, sounding seductive even though he was talking business.

"Nothing too special. Just concrete proof that the body in the morgue couldn't have been buried for seventy-five years. If it had been there ten, I'd be surprised," she informed him matter of factly.

He grimaced at her conclusion, realizing that if it were true, the ghost story they'd been led to believe was a lie, and they'd have to go back to square one with the investigation. And that would mean flying back to Tampa in the morning.

With a sigh he nodded his head in acquiescence at the servers began bringing out the first course of the dinner. He really didn't want to go back to Tampa. He'd figured that they could wrap up the whole thing from D.C. The weather had been stifling hot when they'd been down there a few days before, and even though she had said nothing, he knew that the heat had really taken it out of Scully.

Typical Scully, he thought with an inward smile. Stick with me even through the worst heat spell we've ever encountered. But then, that wasn't a surprise. She'd stuck by him through much worse. A long list of events and feelings ran through him as he considered them all, and how much Dana Scully affected his world and life.

Looking over at her as she cut at her chicken, he realized just how lucky he was to have her with him, in his life. Such a shining, beautiful woman, inside and out, who stood by him and with him through everything.

He had to do something to show her. . .

Halfway through dinner, Mulder excused himself for a few moments, heading towards the restroom. Scully watched him with lingering interest until one of the members of the table asked her something, breaking her concentration. Minutes later, Mulder returned, running a hand across her bare shoulders affectionately before sitting down.

The meal finished and the speeches were made. As the last speaker sat, the band traipsed in, sitting down and starting to warm up. They started off with a few slow songs, bordering on jazz. A few couples got up and danced, including the regional director and his wife. The next few songs saw more and more people getting up and filling the small dance floor.

Mulder threw Scully a look, and caught her with her eyes closed, listening to the music. He grinned and then threw his concentration back to the set.


"Hmm?" she asked, her eyes opening and locking on his.

At that he got up and reached for her hands.

"Let's dance."

She shook her head a little, her eyes flitting across the room, taking note of everyone there. People that just didn't understand, who had made their lives a living hell when they'd finally admitted the truth publicly. And dancing with Mulder... as much as she wanted to, she knew it would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

"Come on Scully. Just one dance," he whined, giving her his best puppy dog look.

She sighed. She'd long past learned that she couldn't win against that look. He pulled her up and led her past the tables and to the floor.

Once they were on the dance floor, she naturally melded to his body. That was one thing that had never been surprising. Even with the height difference, the size difference, they were perfectly matched. It had showed in their partnership just like it showed in their relationship.

The selection that had blended into another, and the one dance was over. When she was about to pull away, her fear of pushing things too much rising, he drew her back into his arms just as the strains of the song he'd been waiting for began.

//I was watchin' the crowd as you walked through the door

How easy you captured their eyes

And it wasn't your dress and it wasn't my drink

You lit up the room with your smile

When you sat down beside me I felt like a king

Completely taken by you

And I was sorry for every man in this world

Who doesn't know you like I do//

Scully looked up at Mulder with a smirk. Sometimes the man she loved amazed the hell out of her. And this was no exception. She knew that the words were his, just as surely as she knew him. There had been no doubt that she'd caught the attention of several of the male agents when she came in, and Mulder's too.

He'd always had a problem saying how he felt. She'd gotten used to it. But for tonight, he'd found a way to say what he wanted to tell her.

And this song was his way of letting her know exactly how he felt.

"You asked them to play this song, didn't you?"

He gave her a lopsided grin and shrugged as much as he could while he held her close.

//Oh, I love how you move and the way your hair flows

But there's so much more I want you to know

I love how it feels when I look in your eyes

'Cause you're even more beautiful on the inside//

"So sue me. Besides, its exactly how I feel tonight," he replied as he spun her around in a quick turn. "And its how I feel all the time, really."

"You're a hopeless romantic Fox Mulder," she charged, leaning her head against his chest.

"Yeah, I know. Do you mind?" he tossed back.

"No. Not at all," she said, a hint of a smile curving her lips.

He continued to move her around the dance floor as the next part of his soul was played for her to hear.

//You've stayed by my side through some very hard times

And you're always been faithful and true

You're a picture of grace under pressure

Honey, nobody cares like you do//

"Where did you heard this song?" she asked with growing surprise as the words kept giving her glimpses of the man before her. "I mean it fits tonight perfectly. Us so. . ."

"One of our cases in the Midwest. We were listening to the only station that came through in that stretch of road, and this song played. It wasn't until tonight that I remembered it. A photographic memory comes in handy occasionally," he quipped good-naturedly as he spun her in his arms.

She gave him one of her stunning smiles in reply, letting herself be led by the man who's arms surrounded her. And their hearts talked through their eyes as they moved across the dance floor, the song still playing around them.

//Oh, I love how you move and the way your hair flows

But there's so much more I want you to know

Oh, I love how it feels when I look in your eyes

'Cause you're even more beautiful on the inside//

He looked in her eyes, watching the pools of blue convey so many emotions that he couldn't describe how they made him feel. Actually, he didn't think there were words for it in the English language. But the fact that she was there, with him was all he needed to know. That she loved him, that she understood and stood by him was everything to him. It proved the depth of love she had for him. It was all he could do to show her how much he loved her in return.

And doing this, showing her with the words of a song how he felt was as good as he could get. Using someone else's words to say what he couldn't express.

He looked deep in Scully's bright blue eyes and gave her a little, loving smile as the last chorus began.

//Oh, I love how you move and the way your hair flows

But there's so much more I want you to know

Oh, I love how it feels when I look in your eyes

'Cause you're even more beautiful on the inside

On the inside//

As the song finished, they pulled apart a bit, noticing the stares of their fellow agents for the first time since they'd begun dancing.

"Take her home for God's sake Mulder," Skinner commented lightly as he came up to them, his wife in his arms. "I think we've all seen enough."

"Yes sir!" Mulder said with a tone of mock-military reply to it, as a sly grin suddenly appeared.

Scully glanced at Mulder with surprise and humor crossing her face.

The look was classic Scully, which he could interpret to being 'You're kidding me Mulder'. It was one usually devoid of humor, but tonight it was tinged with fondness. Mostly because she understood why he'd done what he'd done. His having them play the song, taking her out to dance wasn't showing off. It was his demonstrating to her how much he cared, loved her in one of the few ways available to him. And he knew that she loved him.

"What? You heard the boss. Let's go home."

She rewarded him with one of her rare stunning smiles, and he slipped his hand behind her back and escorted them out the door.


Hope you enjoyed. What can I say. . . I think they're both hopeless romantics. (and I guess I am too) ;) J.

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