Karoke Night at the

Starlight Lounge

By Jeannine Ackerson


Feb 22, 1997


Rating: NC-17 for (safe sex) sexual situations.

Disclaimer: The X-Files as well as the characters portrayed therein belong to C. Carter, FOX & 1013 Prod., and most importantly they don't belong to me.

Disclaimer 2: Song parts used in this story: "No One Else On Earth" by Wynonna, "I Don't Think I Will" by James Bonamey, & "Living in a Moment" by Ty Herndon. None of these songs belong to me either.

Relationship: Major Mulder/Scully romance including the wild thing between our beloved hero and heroine. Non-relationshippers should read this at their own risk.

Summary: Mulder and Scully end up having a drink, listen to some Karoke and do a little more than that . . .

Hi All! This story is pretty much song lyrics and dialogue mixed up into a long scene of seduction. (Oh God, that sounded *so* bad.) I didn't intend for this to happen. This was PG first, then R, and now . . . Agh! I swore I wouldn't write another NC-17 story, but I wasn't going to fight my muse on this one, lest it go on strike. And now, on to the story. . .

"I'm bored," Fox Mulder complained as he leaned on the adjoining room door frame, his arms crossed against his chest.

"So? Let's just go to bed Mulder," Dana Scully replied tiredly, stretching her stiff limbs as she leaned backward on her motel room bed.

"Alright Scully, but I'm on top," he said mischievously, advancing on her position by the bed. His trademark leer graced his face as he reached for the already loosened tie at his collar, and tugged at it.

"Mulder! I didn't mean it like that! I meant sleep," she said defensively, sitting up quickly.

"Now I'm disappointed," he pouted, stopping in mid-stride. "But I'm not really tired Scully, I'm *bored*."

"How can you say that? Seriously, you probably get about five hours of sleep a night, don't you?"

"Four," he corrected, smiling at her frown of frustration with him.

Then she sighed. The long, exasperated sigh that told him he was winning.

"Come on Scully, let's do something tonight. The notes from the investigation can wait until we get on the plane tomorrow afternoon."

"Like what Mulder? It's what," she trailed off as she checked her watch, paling a bit when she saw the time, "Eleven at night. And we aren't exactly in a metropolitan area, you know."

"What? It's Cincinnati! That's a metropolitan city."

"It is ten miles to Cincinnati, and I'm not getting in the car again until we have to leave for the airport. If you can think of something to do in the hotel, then fine . . ."

"Well, you had suggested bed," he teased, coming to stand at her knees, leaning over her, their eyes meeting.

Scully knew he liked the joking and innuendo. It was common enough practice for him to toss a double entendre at her when the situation and he felt like it. Except that this time it didn't feel like joking anymore. It was feeling downright hot in the air conditioned room, and she felt confined by the heat his words caused.

A little turn about should be fair play, she thought silently.

"Yeah, I did, but I don't think you'd respect me in the morning," she shot back, her voice unsteady even if her tone was light.

Mulder raised his eyebrows at her remark and he backed up ever so slightly. No matter how tired she was, she *never* gave back as suggestive as she'd just done now. Sure, she would joke, and say things that could be construed as innuendoes, but never had her voice held the smallest hint that she was even interested in what she'd suggested. But he would have sworn that by the tremor in her voice that tonight she'd been half-heartedly interested.

I'm getting punchy, Mulder thought to himself, and ran a hand down across his face.

"Maybe there's something downstairs in the hotel's main floor," she said suddenly, bringing his attention back to her.

For the first time he really looked at his partner sitting on the bed. Instantly he noticed that her suit jacket had been discarded, and that the powder blue blouse hung loosely on her, lying low and showing more of her cleavage than earlier in the day. Then with surprise he saw that her navy skirt was showing off more leg than he usually got to see. It's hiked up a bit, and bare of any nylon fabric he noted with shock. And some lust as well. Quickly he squashed the urge to reveal more of that leg, and tried to remind himself that she was his partner.

In an effort to get his mind off of her and her legs, he closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair.

Scully sat there and watched him. He was a little rumpled and worn looking, but it only made him more attractive. For just a moment she let her mind indulge itself in one of her secret pleasures, and she looked him over.

Starting at his feet, she first drug her gaze up his long, lean legs, then jumped past his groin. Can't think about that Dana, she reprimanded herself and moved on. Then she let her eyes stare at the delicate fingers and strong hands, then travel up his broad chest, to his long neck, firm jaw and full lips. When she reached the hazel eyes that now were staring at her, she quickly stopped and looked away.

"How about we just go down and take a look? Slip on your shoes, and let's go," he suggested, backing up from the bed so she could get up.

With an inspired thought, he stretched out his hand to offer her some help off of the bed. He was a little surprised when she paused for a second, then accepted the offer, putting her hand in his. Swiftly he gripped it tightly, and tugged her upwards.

The next minute they were out the door and into the elevator. When it arrived at the ground floor they exited, Mulder escorting Scully out with a chivalrous hand. Glancing around, they both took note of the closed dining room and the front desk. Mulder was the one who spotted *it* first.

At the far end of the hotel lobby there was a bar and lounge. He looked at the sign above the door, which read "The Starlight Lounge."

With a little push, he headed her towards the door. As they came closer, he could see the cardboard sign just inside, decorated with music notes and a picture of a singer. In bold red letters it proclaimed his worst fears.

"Oh, we're in luck Scully. It's Karoke night," he deadpaned with his usual underlying humor.

"Great," she said with barely restrained sarcasm. "But I know from past experience that I have to be *really* drunk to sing Karoke."

"Really??" He knew there was a good story hiding behind her little comment, and wanted nothing more than to drag it from her.

She glared at him and he shut up, instead heading them towards a couple of seats at the bar.

"What would you like?"

"I don't know . . . it's been a long time since I had a drink. Maybe some white wine. And I guess you'll be wanting a screwdriver?" she replied with a bit of ice in her tone at the last.

"No. No more Vodka and orange juice for me, thank you very much. The strangest, unwelcome women wind up in my hotel room when I do that," he commented seriously, the sorrowful undertone in his words evident. "I think I'll have a Scotch."

As the bartender got them their drinks, the reference to the dark time in their working relationship subdued them, and they took in their surroundings. Somewhere on the other side of the bar was the actual lounge where the makeshift stage was set up. A bunch of people were milling around, looking through the choices and preparing to get up and sing. It struck them both silly as they sat there.

They could hear a woman singing in a crackling tenor. Scully wondered how the woman had kept her voice singing the way she was. But then she heard the words and wondered how she could sing a song like *that*? When it sounded like something Scully had thought a million times herself.

"I been a rock and I've got my fences

I never let them down

When it comes to love, I keep my senses

I don't get kicked around

But I shivered once, you broke into my soul

The damage is done now

I'm outta control

How did you get to me

No one else on Earth could ever hurt me

Break my heart the way you do

No one else on Earth was ever worth it

No one could love me like

No one could love me like you."

Her mind attempted to wander away from the thoughts the song was stirring up inside of her. The fact that the person who those emotions were inspired by was sitting beside her made it all the more important for her to keep up the facade she'd been wearing for the last two years. Somewhere along the way she knew that she'd fallen in love with him. But the "hands-off" policy for partners had kept her in line. That and Mulder had never made a move to cross over that invisible line.

Well, more than just an innuendo that he never followed through with she amended mentally. Like he'd done tonight. There had been a split second in the motel room when she almost had told him that she wanted the top, and would have gotten up to help him pull off his tie. And all his other clothes.

Focusing on the bartender who had just put down their drinks, Scully took a swallow and turned her attention to Mulder, who sat beside her at the bar. It was so hard pretending. She just wished that she could stop.

Over with the Karoke crew, another selection started up, this time some twenty something guy was trying to impress the girl he was with by singing. Mulder jostled Scully's elbow and poked a thumb in the guy's direction with an evil grin.

"I bet he's trying to make sure she goes back to his room with him," Mulder mused, then took a sip of his drink. He watched Scully's eyes go from the man at the stage and then come back to settle on him again. He took another gulp of his drink, using the glass to cut off her stare. Because it was a little too intense for him. As it was, he was becoming a bit uncomfortable sitting there with Scully listening to these romantic love songs. All it was doing was making him want her all the more.

A high pitched squelch from the microphone yanked Mulder's thoughts to the music as the young man began the second verse of his song. Mulder felt the blood drain from his face. The words the kid was singing hit too close to home for his comfort.

"If we never get rich on what money can buy

It don't matter to me, I'll tell you why

I've got it all when I'm holding you this way

I live to love you, I'd die to keep you

Safe inside these arms that need you

I'll be loving you with the very last breath I take

And when they carve my stone

All they need to write on it

Is once lived a man who got all he ever wanted

Tell me something, who could ask for more

Than to be living in a moment you would die for"

Trying to hide his obvious discomfort with the lyrics, and his feelings, he launched into his humor for cover. As usual.

"God Scully, you'd think they'd have something else in their Karoke machine besides country. I feel like we're in Texas or something," he joked, making a face at her as he reached for his glass again.

"No, it's probably just where we are, you know, the edge of the mid west and all," she offered with her normal logic.

He had to give her that one. Just like he had to give her a lot of credit for everything. Like her being with him still, after all the shit he'd put her through. If he loved her for just one thing, it was for putting up with him when he would have expected her to leave.

But she kept surprising him. Like tonight. She'd made that little remark about respecting her, and he'd felt the room spin. If she only knew what she did to him, she'd be shocked. And if he told her how much he'd wanted her just then, now, all the time she would be even more astonished.

He just couldn't believe his luck that someone as wonderful as Dana Scully had wandered into his life. God, he loved her so much. The only problem with the love he felt for her was that she was his partner. The one person he wasn't allowed to touch. At least not the way he wanted to.

It was almost as if fate was conspiring for them. Scully put down her drink and reached for a pretzel out of the bowl in front of them just as Mulder did. Their fingers grazed each other and heat sparked more heat. Then their eyes met and caught. Long minutes went by as they sat there, hand on hand and eyes to eyes.

They'd been so caught up in each other, they didn't notice the next song until the man had already started.

"Hold it right there, don't say a word

I hear a voice, I've never heard

Calling my name, saying this is the 'one'

Oh my goodness, what have you done

I could turn around and walk away

Saying this is too good to be real

But oh, no, I don't think I will

Because I absolutely, positively know without a doubt

You're becoming someone I just could not live without

I was so afraid I'd spend my whole life

Not knowing how this feels

But oh no, I don't think I will."

With difficulty, Mulder again found his voice.

"Ok Scully," he asked, trying to keep the tone light and bring himself down from his emotional high. "Give . . . how drunk were you when you sang Karoke?"

With a sigh born of resignation and denied desire, she readied herself to answer.

"I was on spring break in college with a few of my friends. They persuaded me to go bar hopping with them. By the fifth bar, with a drink at each, singing in front of a whole bunch of strangers wasn't sounding too bad anymore. Suffice it to say, we ended up making fools of ourselves, and paid the price with killer hangovers the next morning."

"What did you sing?" he questioned, his voice warm and pleading, and his puppy dog face in place.

"Uh uh Mulder. I think I'll keep that little piece of information to myself," she commented.

The warmth that had just been at their hands seemed to be spreading. And a tingle followed it. As she started to pull her hand away, Mulder tightened his grip on it. Then he regarded her seriously, the playfulness gone.

"Is your tolerance for liquor still the same?" he asked, his voice dark and alluring.

"Yes . . . why?" she replied, her voice a near whisper.

"Because that would mean that one drink wouldn't be enough to get you drunk," he remarked, nodding at their half filled glasses.

"So?" she queried, wanting to see exactly where he was going with this.

"That means that if I asked you to go back to my room with me, and you said yes, I wouldn't be taking advantage of my partner in an inebriated state."

"Is that your plan?" she replied with a little surprise. Pleasant surprise.

"Yeah. So Agent Scully . . ."

"Yes Agent Mulder?"

"Well, what do you say? I mean you, me and a hotel room for the night . . . definitely sounds like a dangerous combination to me

Scully," he whispered, so low only she could hear, and only when she leaned in closer.

"Ah, but as I said earlier, 'Would you respect me in the morning?'" she asked, wanting to make sure that he was as honest about his intentions as she was in hers.

"I couldn't respect you more tomorrow than I already do now."

She smiled a little at that, and she stood up, looking for him to follow. He threw a ten on the bar for their drinks and got up as well. Snagging his hand, she headed out of the lounge, pulling him along in her wake.

The crackle of sexual tension was nearly overwhelming as they stood waiting for the elevator. When it finally arrived and they got in, the door shutting behind them. Then she let her hands move from holding his hand to circle his waist. He responded by wrapping his around her back.

"I love you," she breathed into his chest, feeling the weight of the secret lift at the admission.

"I love you too," he responded, his mouth just resting on her hair. It felt so good to say it finally.

Then their heads drew back and their lips met in a soft, wet exploration of repressed feelings. Gradually, as the kiss intensified, the rush of heat that had been pleasant became a raging fire. By the time they reached their floor, it was all they could do to pull away and weave their way back to their rooms.

Mulder pinned her up against the wall between the doors to their rooms. He kissed her again hungrily, and ran his hands up and down her body. She responded, pushing herself into his body, letting her own hands roam as she kissed him back with equal ardor.

Only when a very pressing presence made itself known to her did some form of rational thought return to her. She let a hand run down and verify her suspicions and got a slight gasp as a reward.

"Which room?" she asked seductively, her eyes dark with want.

"Mine," he breathed ardently as leaned over and kissed her neck, then explained. "I've got a box of condoms in my suitcase."

"Expecting action Agent Mulder?" she questioned on a gasp as he kissed her ear, then sucked and tugged at the earlobe with his teeth.

"I bought them after I realized that we *were* going to happen. But its a good thing its tonight, 'cause I think they expire next week."

"I think we can use them up in a week," she murmured as he pushed her along the wall and to his door. Fishing in his pocket, he pulled the key loose and shoved it into the lock. She turned the handle and they were in. Slamming and locking the door behind them, Mulder again returned his attention to the stunning woman who loved him standing in his bedroom. The one that he was going to make love to.

"You sure about this?" Mulder asked as he advanced on her, his last logical and chivalrous act before they went too far. "Are you sure? You realize that there's no leaving and forgetting about this in the morning. I can't have you for *just* one night. This is just our *first* night together."

"I'm sure. And I couldn't be content with one night either. This is a beginning Mulder. It's our beginning," she replied, and when he nodded, she made to meet him at the side of the bed.

Again their bodies melded into one another, the heat now reaching consuming levels as their mouths met again. His hands were all over her, finally settling on her waist, toying with the zipper at the back of her skirt. With a tug and a pull, he had the zipper down, and she shimmied her hips against him, letting the garment fall to the floor. He smiled into the kiss as he readjusted his hands against her body, feeling both the silky panties and the soft flesh he'd revealed.

Then he felt her hands move between them, and then there was a snap and a metallic sound as her fingers nimbly undid his pants, a mirror of his actions moments before. With a gentle shove, she helped them past his hips, and they sank to the floor. He felt them catch around his shoes and was about to try and toe them off when her hands came and landed on his ass, the heat of them burning through the cotton boxers. At that feeling, he was loathe to move, but she was still half dressed. And so was he.

Mulder kissed Scully fiercely, as if to assure her of his desire for her before he broke away. His chest was instantly cold from the loss of her heat. Then it began to get colder as her hands came up quickly to pull off his tie, and then work at popping the buttons of his shirt, exposing his chest to the room's cool air. When she'd finished, baring his chest to her vision, he let her push it off his arms and down to the floor.

Once her hands were free, he snatched two handfuls of the gauzy material of her blouse and swept it up and over her head in one swift move. Dropping the garment to the floor, he then trailed the palms of his hands down her raised arms, over her shoulders and then across her breasts. The little plastic clasp at the front of her bra popped loose easily with a twist of his fingers. With a nudge of those same fingers, the cloth binding slid down her arms and fell to the floor alongside her blouse.

Mulder stood there, his need apparent beneath his boxers and simply stared at her. She was even more gorgeous than she'd been in his fantasies. At the sight of her, he felt his body respond even more, the adrenaline racing through him. Reaching again to her waist, his fingers caught in the waistband of her panties, and he bent down, pulling the fabric with him.

Scully lifted first one foot, then the other to allow him to take them off her. Before he came back up to her, he untied his shoes and pulled them, and his socks and pants off. Returning to face her, he soon found her hands at his waistband, the fingers sliding underneath and caressing skin she'd longed to feel. Knowing what she wanted, he pushed his thumbs under the elastic and shoved them down, then kicked them away.

They embraced again, now with nothing between them. The fire that they'd fought for years was finally on the verge of being out of control. Their lips met again in a passionate kiss, lasting minutes and nearly making both of them light-headed. Easing away they used their silent communication, gazing into each other's eyes and realized the long wait was over. Slowly they backed up from one other, each going about their unsaid respective jobs.

Walking away for a split second, Mulder went to his suitcase and retrieved a few foil packets from the box within. When he turned back to Scully, he found her sitting up on the bed, the covers pulled back and her hand patting the space beside her in invitation. He joined her without a moment's hesitation.

Within one another's embrace again, the fire that had begun to cool with their separation fanned and flared again. Their hands roamed, feeling the skin that they'd been denied access to for years. Their lips joined in a dance, their very breath shared along with their hearts and souls. Soon that was not enough, and Mulder moved his mouth to her neck, then her jaw . . . anywhere he could reach.

Then the hot wetness of his mouth trailed down her chest, pausing and playing with her breasts, the nipples. His tongue and teeth lapped and bit at the rosy peaks with precision. His mouth possessed her, and she could do nothing but writhe with the experience, moaning his name. The sensations sent her hands into his hair, her body moving against his, her hips rubbing against his erection.

Scared of having it end too soon with her stimulation to his groin, he moved away from her, his mouth and tongue blazing a path along all her flesh. When he finally stopped at her center, he let his lips graze hers, tasting her for the first time. But it was almost as if he'd known the flavor before now. It was like a part of him that he'd never known was missing, and now he knew that piece was Dana.

Scully's body writhed more under his onslaught. Mulder could tell she was loosing control, and he was as well. He pulled away as he felt her hands cradle his head, and pull on it.

"Mulder, please," she beckoned, her voice a honeyed plea. He let her draw him up her body. He stopped just for a moment, long enough to sheath himself with the latex condom he'd tossed on the bed. Once properly "dressed" for the occasion, he slid sensuously up her body until her knees pinned his hips at the junction of her own. He eased farther up, she could feel him just there, at the edge of her. And she let her eyes close for a second in anticipation of the next moment.

"Scully," he breathed raggedly as he entered her, and they both moaned and groaned with the feeling.

Scully's hand clasped to his shoulders, Mulder's hands running under her back, bringing her flush to him as they moved together. He started slowly enough, wanting to savor the intense feeling of being within her, but his own passion and her body moving in counterpoint to his own sent that thought out the window. Along with any other conscious thought.

Their pace couldn't be controlled any longer. Thrusting faster, his strokes were infinitely more arousing, putting Scully on the edge. It would only take a little more she realized. She was sure that Mulder was right there at the edge with her. And she was right. A few more hard, deep strokes and they both were lost.

"Oh God! Oh Mulder . . . " she cried as the force of the climax hit her with its full intensity.

"God! Scully!" he nearly shouted as he came, the intensity causing him to give a few more forceful thrusts before they both lay still, the exhaustion and singing of their bodies brooking no question in the matter.

Finally, slowly he pulled from her, both of them wincing at the feeling, and he discarded the used condom. Hauling the covers up with him he laid back on the mattress, settling into it. Moments later she was back in his arms, and he felt warm and safe with her there. And loved as well.

As they lay there, spent and happy, Scully leaned up to kiss his neck and then whispered something into his skin.

"What was that?" he murmured sleepily, the smile on his face still showing the joy in his heart.

"'Crazy'," she replied, her own happy smile clearly visible in her voice, as well as a chuckle.

"Who us?" he asked shocked, moving to look at her. And the smile there seemed so smug he was shocked.

"Yes us . . . but I meant the song, by Patsy Cline. Remember, you asked . . ."

"Seems fitting somehow," he replied with a lopsided grin.

"Yeah. It does," she offered in return, her own smile blindingly tender.

"I love you Mulder."

"And I love you Scully. But we need to get some sleep."

She nodded her head, which was again cuddled against his chest and closed her eyes. He wasn't far behind her, as his lids dropped shut seconds later.

And with that they drew the other in closer and settled into sleep. The dawn would be there soon, and with it the start of a *new* partnership.


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