I'd Be Surprisingly Good

By Jeannine Ackerson


Feb 4,1997

Rating: G.

Spoiler warning: Post pilot episode story.

Disclaimer (and all lawyers please take note): The X-Files and the characters portrayed therein are property of C. Carter, FOX & 1013 Prod. This song, "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You" is by Madonna from the Movie "Evita" and is also used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's note: In the tradition of this music, the lyrics of the song are in Scully's dialogue. They'll be printed in full at the end of the story.

Relationship: This isn't a full out MSR, but it hints at it. So consider it to be an unrealized one, so all warnings apply.

Summary: Scully tries to get a point across to Mulder in the early days of their partnership.

Hi there. I got an e-mail from Jadar saying that she'd had an appeal for the "Evita Files" since she posted "You Must Love Me," and they really wanted this song next. Since she has other commitments, she asked if I would take it on. I don't think I can do another series, but since I was asked so nicely, I've done the requested story.

They had returned after their first case together. Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder. Both assigned to the X-Files division. The skeptic partnered with the believer. Fire and Ice combined. But it had worked. Somehow it had worked. And if anyone had been more surprised than their superiors, it was them

There had been so many surprises. So many secrets revealed in the forests of Oregon. And in the small, dark room in a Bellefleur motel.

But there were still things that Scully felt that she needed to try and get across to Mulder. To make him understand. That the X-Files and the work that she'd been assigned to do was important to her. It was fascinating, now that she'd had this first taste of it.

Yes, it was true that at times she'd been scared or even shocked by what they'd, she'd seen over the course of their investigation. And she'd been captivated by the leaps and bounds Mulder's mind took in the process of investigating. He had lived up to his nickname. But not in the way everyone had said. He was "Spooky" only in his ability to find the smallest thread of a clue and formulate a surprisingly good possible scenario.

She knew he had tried to get rid of her. And she knew that for the sake of her career and her sanity that he should let him run her off. But the truth of it all was that she felt that there was some validity to all this. She wanted to make it work, make the X-Files all that she knew it could be.

And make Mulder and her all they could be too.

There was something that had clicked when they'd met that first day, and she'd offered her hand to him. It was almost as if there was a connection between them that had been there since they'd been born. If she believed in reincarnation, she'd swear that they'd known each other in a former life.

But it all had come down to that night in the motel room, days ago, and his trust in her as he told her about his sister. How he let her into his life, his soul without even thinking about it. And she wanted him to know that she would be there for him like that. For as long as he needed her. As a partner, and a friend. As anything he needed.

Mulder dropped her suitcase at the door, and turned to leave, but she caught his arm. Turning him around, she saw the tiredness in his face and drew him in.

"Come on Mulder, how about some coffee," Scully said, pulling him in and moving him towards the couch, her foot hooking to close the door with a thud. As she got him to sit, she walked back to the kitchen and made the coffee, her mind thinking only of the man in her living room.

Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage and walked back into the living room, sitting beside him on the couch. He had watched her as she approached, and his hazel eyes questioned her actions as she came to his side.

"Mulder, I know that you weren't thrilled about my being assigned as your partner . . ." she began, feeling a little shy about telling him this, yet needing to make herself clear to him.

"Scully, it's not that, it's just that being in the basement, the people who think the work is a joke . . . I had expected another one of them. A spy, sent to keep tabs on me. But, well, I know you don't believe, but at least you're willing to hear me out," Mulder said, sounding tense saying it.

"It seems crazy, but you must believe, there's nothing calculated, nothing planned. Please forgive me if I seem naive. I would never want to force your hand. But please understand I'd be good for you," Scully explained to Mulder, as they sat there. Her intense gaze locked onto his. She hoped he would understand what she meant.

"I don't . . ." He fumbled, confused. He didn't quite believe what she was saying. He was certain he was misunderstanding her.

"I don't always rush in like this, twenty seconds after saying hello," she said almost as an analogy, but insistent, her hand resting on his arm, and the blue of her eyes boring into his soul. "Telling strangers I'm too good to miss. If I'm wrong I hope you'd tell me so. But you really should know I'd be good for you."

"I'd be surprisingly good for you."

As he absorbed her words, he realized that she was speaking about so many levels. That she would be good for him as a partner: in their work and in his life. She was offering to be anything he needed. Giving him her trust, her dedication, her strength and support. All that she could give him now and in the future was in her words.

"Scully, I don't think this is really necessary," he insisted, taking her hand and gripping it tightly. It was all so much. So soon. He didn't think she really knew what she was offering, what she was getting in to. How if she stayed with him, that her career could be ruined. He didn't want her drug through the mud with him. He liked her too much. He was sure that given time, he could love her too much as well.

She took his words as if he was trying to push her away. And she redoubled her efforts to make herself clear. And she wanted to know if he wanted this as well. If he wanted to make their partnership work too. If he wanted a friendship with her, and maybe something more someday too.

"I won't go on if I'm boring you, but do you understand my point of view? Do you like what you hear, what you see and," she trailed off, her eyes and her voice dropping. "Would you be good for me too?"

Mulder knew what she meant. She didn't mean good for her career. She meant good for *her*. Personally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Maybe one day even physically. And he knew the answer was no. But he needed her. More than he thought he could need anyone. In those few days he'd learned what it was like to depend on someone. To trust and confide in someone.

Dana Scully had walked into his life, made herself at home and getting rid of her now would be like ripping off his own arm. And the physical attraction that he felt for her, that he was sure she felt for him would only get worse as time went on. One day it would be too much for them both to ignore.

There had been something in her tone that almost made him think that she was considering what it would be like to be with him even now. He had to admit to himself that he had wondered about that himself. But the consequences of that physical contact could be severe. Maybe . . . But he knew they couldn't.

"We can't . . ." he said, taking a hand and cupping her cheek. Through his eyes he tried to convey how attractive he found her. How much he would like nothing more than to give in to his body's urges.

"I'm not talking of a hurried night, a frantic tumble and a shy goodbye, creeping home before it gets too light. That's not the reason that I caught your eye," she insisted with a low whisper, her hand covering his. She knew what the risks were. And that he felt the way she did. But for now, they would keep it platonic. There would come a time. For now it would be about work. About friendship. So she continued, "which had to imply that I'd be good for you. I'd be surprisingly good for you."

"Yeah, I think so too," Mulder finally admitted.

With that, Scully pulled his hands away and made to get up. His forlorn look as she moved away prompted her to smile.

"Coffee, Mulder. Remember?" she said, and was rewarded with a little grin from him. At that she proceeded to walk back to the kitchen.

Yes, she thought as she poured two cups, this was going to be a very interesting partnership. A strong, lasting and good one.

Maybe even surprisingly good.


Here's Andrew's lyrics:

It seems crazy, but you must believe,

There's nothing calculated, nothing planned

Please forgive me if I seem naive

I would never want to force your hand

But please understand

I'd be good for you

I don't always rush in like this

Twenty seconds after saying hello.

Telling strangers I'm too good to miss

If I'm wrong I hope you'd tell me so

But you really should know

I'd be good for you

I'd be surprisingly good for you

I won't go on if I'm boring you

But do you understand my point of view

Do you like what you hear, what you see and

Would you be good for me too

I'm not talking of a hurried night

A frantic tumble and a shy goodbye

Creeping home before it gets too light

That's not the reason that I caught your eye

Which had to imply

That I'd be good for you

I'd be surprisingly good for you

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