Give my Heart

By Jeannine Ackerson


Oct 17,1996

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: The X-Files and the characters portrayed therein are property of C. Carter, Fox Broadcasting, 1013 Prod., etc. "I Give my Heart" by John Berry is also used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Spoiler warning: One reference to "Irresistible."

Relationship: MSR. Anti-relationshippers warning is hearby in effect. (So if you don't like this kind of stuff, skip this story.)

Summary: Scully is drafted to sing at a fundraiser, leading to romance between our favorite agents.

Hi everybody! A new song story! I just got John Berry's new album "Faces" and found this song quite by accident. And when I heard the melody (which I wish I could reproduce here for all of you who haven't heard this song) and read the words, I just knew it was made for Dana. Hope you all enjoy, and if so, please let me know. And now, on with our story . . .

Dana Scully sat down at her desk with a sigh. She'd left for lunch over an hour ago with her friend Jennifer from Identification. Unfortunately before they could get out of the building, Agent Martha Hayworth caught them. She was the chairperson for the Bureau's annual charity fundraiser. And she had the two agents cornered.

How did I get myself talked into this, Dana wondered to herself silently with a shake of her head as she turned towards her computer.

"Hey Scully, what's the matter?" her partner Fox Mulder asked. He'd noticed the way she'd come in from lunch: late, distracted and just a bit nervous. If he hadn't known better, he'd have sworn she'd just gone a round with Donnie Pfaster.

"I ran into Agent Hayworth on my way out to lunch with Jenn," she explained softly, looking up to see the concerned look in his hazel eyes.

"Uh oh. What did she do, talk you into pouring punch at the benefit tonight?" he said with a smirk. Sometimes being "Spooky" Mulder had its advantages. No one had insisted he volunteer his services at the benefit.

"Well, you know how the money they raise tonight from ticket sales goes to the Law Enforcement Officers Widows and Children's Fund, and that the variety show is the main draw . . ."

"Yeah, so?"

"Hayworth asked me to sing."

"Excuse me?" Mulder spat out. He was shocked. Stunned. First of all that Hayworth would have come hunting for Scully, and then that she would ask her to . . .

"She had a last minute cancellation. Agent Neely in the Fraud division got called out of town today, and they needed someone to fill in. I guess someone told her I was lead solo in my high school choir, and she cornered us. And, well, she sort of talked me into it."

"You know, I was going to skip it, but now . . .," he began, teasing her but feeling quite the opposite. Scully could sing? That he had to see. "How could I miss your performance. Say, maybe you'll be discovered and get a recording contract."

"In your dreams Mulder. All I really want to do is get through it. It's been a long time since . . . well anyway, you don't have to come, really."

"No way Scully. Besides, who's better suited to give you moral support than your partner?"

She heaved a heavy sigh. When Mulder like this, there was no dissuading him. She knew when she was beat.

"Alright. I'll see you tonight then. I'm going to leave early. I've still got to find something to sing."

With that, she picked up her gear, and headed out the door, her partner's eyes following her.

Fox Mulder arrived that evening, and handed over his ticket to a rookie agent who'd been put on door duty. He then walked into the banquet room that they had converted into an auditorium. There were over a hundred red padded chairs facing towards the end of the room, where a podium like stage had been placed. Behind it, a dark red curtain had been hung, and a banner declaring the charity's name ran across it. He swiveled his head, and took note of the buffet tables lining one wall, manned by different members of the Bureau. Wandering over, he found A.D. Walter Skinner serving drinks.

"Evening Sir," Mulder said, greeting his boss with his usual fine line irreverence.

"Agent Mulder. What brings you here? You aren't usually a 'Social Butterfly' as I recall," Skinner commented, not giving Mulder the satisfaction of getting to him.

"Agent Hayworth asked Scully to sing tonight, so I'm here to lend her some moral support."

Without waiting for Skinner to respond, he took his drink and wandered back for the seats. The show was starting soon. He wished he could see her before hand, to wish her luck, but she probably was nervous enough without his coming and bothering her.

I'll wait until after she sings, he though to himself as he took a seat right in front. If she was singing, he wanted to be right in front where she could see him. And he could see her.

Mulder grumbled a bit as the program wore on. Scully was going to be last. For some reason, Hayworth had decided to let her close the show. So he'd had to endure the lengthy comedy sketches and bad talent show refugees before his partner even came on stage. As soon as she did appear, he realized that it probably was a good thing she was last. Cause if he'd had to sit through the rest of the evening after seeing her like *that*, he would have gone crazy.

She walked on after she'd been introduced to a polite smattering of applause, and stepped into the spotlight, standing no more than five feet from Mulder's chair. She was stunning. Dressed in a flowing slate grey sheath dress, which shimmered as she moved, obviously silk. Her red hair now crowned her head, with small curls escaping the sides and near her neckline. She looked simple and elegant. Purely Scully.

Then he heard the band begin, the keyboard the loudest. She closed her eyes and lowered her head, her hands resting on the standing microphone. The melody was so soft, it was enchanting. And as soon as she began, her voice a sweet alto, she opened her eyes and looked at that first row, and he could see those blue eyes lock onto his.

And then he knew. With the first line. That she was singing to him. He realized in that split second that she was trying to tell him something with the words of the song. And so as he listened, his thoughts and memories helped him hear the message.

"Before you even call my name

I will be there by your side"

She had stood by his side all these years, had been there when no one else had. Come to his rescue, traced him across the country. Risked so much for him, without his asking her to. It seemed she knew what he needed better than he did. And somehow that always seemed to be her.

"When you're standing at the river's edge

I will be the bridge you find"

The leaps of faith he wanted to take, she always tempered with logic. She used her science to make his work believable. Kept the X-Files open. Kept them together.

"If you said "Meet me now beyond the stars"

I'd pack my bags, I'd go that far"

How far would she go for him? She had followed him into every danger, without a second thought. In his search for the unexplainable. For his sister. For the truth. And she had gone with him. Even when she didn't believe, she had gone.

"With the strength that only love commands

I give my heart"

She was the strongest person he knew. She had the strength of her beliefs. And his as well. Somehow their common strengths had brought them together. Had brought their hearts and souls together . . .

"Keep it with you if you have to go

It will see you safely home"

He'd left her behind so many times. Off chasing clones and UFO's and visions of his sister. And somehow he'd come back. Against every odd. Even from death itself. He'd come back to her. Come home.

"Wrap it 'round you like your favorite coat

When you're caught out in the storm"

She was his shield. Physically, mentally and spiritually. She'd put herself in front of him, protected him so many times, he'd lost count. Through all the rough times, she was there for him. With her he knew he was safe, warm, and even loved.

"If you loose faith in who you are

I'd bring you back, I'd go that far"

All the times he'd been on the edge, ready to loose it . . . and then she would come and fix everything. She was the only one who could do it. And he still marveled at how she could pull him from his darkest depression with as much effort as breathing. Her faith in him was inspiring, and it had kept him going when he'd wanted to quit.

"With the strength that only love commands

I give my heart"

Give her heart? Could she? To him? He couldn't even begin to hope. To imagine. Yet as he watched her there, up on the stage, emotions flitting across her features, and could see it. He could feel it flowing from her lips. She was saying it as surely as if she'd declared it with the three words he'd longed to say to her.

"When all that's left of me

Are the words in this song

I know this love will carry on"

He knew he loved her forever. That of all the things he believed in that couldn't be proven, she was the one thing that he couldn't doubt. It was as if they were destined to be together. It was a celestial conspiracy. The likes of which he knew he'd never be able to prove. And it had brought them back to each other from even the edge of death.

"With the strength that only love commands

I give my heart"

And as she sang the last verse, he realized what she'd just done. She'd given him her heart. And it wasn't something that was new. With the depth of feeling with which she'd sung, he knew that she'd given it to him a long time ago. He had just never known it.

The applause at the end of her performance was deafening. And although his hands seemed to find themselves repeatedly coming together of their own volition, he wasn't paying attention to his actions. His entire focus was on his partner, the woman who was taking her bows before she slipped off the stage and made her way around the corner of the stage to the back door of the room, leading out onto a carpeted hallway.

Mulder was up out of his chair and right behind her.

"That was beautiful," he said softly, and she quickly spun around to find him standing there in front of her.

He was dressed in one of his immaculate suits, cluttered only by a bright, geometric patterned tie. Of course, she thought, if he had worn something else, it wouldn't be him. Then Scully noticed that they were alone in the hallway, the rest of the audience having exited through the main doors. At that realization, she became very aware at how close he was. Close enough to touch.

"Thank you," she said with a slightly self-conscious smile. He was just a little too close for her equilibrium right now.

"And so are you," he whispered, reaching over to touch her cheek, delicately running his fingers along the smooth skin. Beneath them, her skin darkened to a pale rose.

"I didn't think you . . ." she stammered, embarrassed.

"Just because I haven't said it aloud doesn't mean I don't feel it."


"Dana . . . you know how I feel about you. And I think after that song, . . . I think you should hear it from me."

"Mulder . . ."

"No. I think we've danced around it long enough. I know it never seemed to be the right time. It was either too dangerous to admit, or something had tried to come between us, or we just were too blind to see how much we needed each other. But I never gave up hope of telling you," he said finally, drawing her closer to him.

For a moment silence reigned in the hallway, deserted except for the two FBI agents who now found themselves trapped in each other's gaze. And while they stood there, his hand on her cheek, the other on her waist, and her hands on his chest near his shoulders, they could feel it. What they had always known was there. That thing that they both had been harboring inside their hearts, but hadn't allowed the other or themselves to realize what it truly was.


And they knew that with the words that would admit it came the total commitment. And once those words were said, there was no going back. So they had kept from saying them. Until now. And now . . . they needed to find the words.

"I give my heart, Dana Scully, to you if you want it; if you'll take it. Because it's yours. And it always has been yours," Mulder said tenderly, nervously.

"I want it," Scully admitted breathlessly, her voice threatening to falter. "And you have mine already. You realize that, don't you?"

"I know. You gave it to me tonight, standing up there on that stage. I couldn't let you think that I didn't want it, now could I?" he said semi-humorously, his lopsided grin bringing a smile to her own face.

"Fox," she emotionally started, but left off, waiting to see his reaction. And for her efforts, she received the most stunning smile.

"Yes Dana?"

"I love you. More than anything in this world."

"I love you too. More than anything in the universe."

With that they began to quietly laugh. And in that split second between laughter and love, their lips gravitated towards one another, and they sealed their love with a kiss.


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