The Dion Files

Because You Loved Me

By Jeannine Ackerson



Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: The X-Files and the characters portrayed therein are property of C. Carter, Fox Broadcasting, 1013 Prod., etc. Celine Dion's song, "Because You Loved Me" and characters from NBC's "Profiler" are also used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Spoiler Warning: I'm in denial. There's no reference to anything that happened after the first episode of the fourth season. (If I don't acknowledge it, it didn't happen!)

Relationship: Mulder/Scully romance. Non-Relationshippers should run and hide right now! <g>

Summary: Mulder and Scully relate their lives to a song on a momentous occasion.

Hi all! Allright, this is my last part to the Dion Files. Since I've done the break up, first time, angst and the figuring it out stories in this series, this time its something that really wraps them all up! Hope you all enjoy, and if you did, please let me know. Now, to the story . .

Dana Scully stood at the door, nervous beyond anything she'd ever felt in her life.

She knew Mulder was on the other side, and that one fact consoled her. But it scared her to death at the same time. The words she was about to say to him were going to change her life. And his. Hell, it would change everything. And she hoped, no prayed that she was doing the right thing in taking this leap of faith.

She knew that no matter what, Mulder would be there for her. They'd been through too much for their friendship, their partnership to ever end badly. Yet what she did here would change things between them forever.

As she stared at the door, waiting for her breathing to come back to normal, she thought of what had led her to make this decision. Her mind helpfully filled in the blanks and brought it all back to her.

The truth was it had taken a lot of things to bring her, bring them to this point. Over six years of things. They were all things that she knew had to happen for her to even be standing here, ready to face the unknown. And they had finally happened. In almost rapid succession.

It had all started when they had finally found Samantha.

They had met purely by accident. Literally. Her car had smashed into Mulder's. By the time they had seen each other face to face and passed back and forth driver's licenses, it was clear as crystal to Mulder that he'd finally found his sister.

She'd been there all along. In fact, she had even worked for the FBI at one point, her last name Waters. As they leaned more about her, they found that she was so much like Mulder it was scary. His gift for analysis of criminal behavior was obviously a family trait, because she made her living doing the same thing. Profiling.

Both Mulder and Scully had to admit that they'd been thrown by her blond hair, but after being informed that she'd begun dying it in her twenties, it made a lot of sense. She had been hidden in plain sight.

And then there was Sam's daughter . . . Mulder was an uncle, and it thrilled him to realize that Sam's life had been full, more normal than his own in fact.

Finding her had begun a change in him. He became freer, more relaxed and softer even. The drive was still there, but it wasn't the obsessive search like before. As he reacquainted himself with his sister, his relationship with Scully began to change more as well. She no longer had to play the role of sister to him. That simple change increased the bond with one another to unparalleled levels.

The next event to change their world had been when the truth had come to light.

It had been ironic really how it all began. There had been no warning. Both Mulder and Scully had gotten a phone call to turn on their televisions. Sitting there on the screen, calm and collected was Cancerman, talking to the reporter with 20/20, announcing that he'd been responsible for JFK and Martin Luther King's murders. That he'd helped cover up the government's UFO knowledge and research. That he had the proof, and that he was turning it over to the "proper" authorities. The people.

After that bombshell, it had been like a house of cards folding in on itself. Within three months, the remnants of the shadow organizations had been swept away, leaving nothing behind but the bad memories and vindication for Mulder and every single proponent of the government conspiracy theory.

In the clean up process, Scully and Mulder had found the answers they'd searched for: the reasons for Scully's abduction and the circumstances of the branched DNA. Everything came out in the wash. Her questions about her health were answered. She wasn't like the other women abductees from Allentown. She wasn't dying of cancer. That knowledge afforded them a great amount of relief for both of them.

Riding the waves of exposure, it wasn't long before the Lone Gunmen were drawn up from their underground status and ended up going public and becoming mainstream. The celebrity status afforded them through the rumors of their feats turned them into a hot property, as the magazine went high visibility and started turning a real profit.

In the wake of the fall of the Consortium, the Bureau closed them down.

With the truth out, the conspiracies and UFO cover-ups were no more. The unexplained was now becoming viewed as plausible. As the other sections began to keep what had once been laughed off as X-Files material, Mulder and Scully's caseload began to dwindle. With little coming their way in the way of cases, the Bureau decided to split them up again, to better use their skills and experience.

But instead Mulder and Scully had done the unexpected. They'd resigned.

With expressions of stone and determination of steel, they'd burst into Assistant Director Skinner's office, dropped their resignations, weapons and badges on his desk and then turned and left. They'd never looked back. Or regretted it.

Both of them took on consulting work, their reputations preceding them and fueling the demand. Mulder began by working on profiles for Sam's agency. Then within months he was assisting half a dozen federal organizations, and more than twenty local law enforcement departments with his skills. Scully took on consults for the FBI as well, assisting the Medical Examiners in bizarre cases, her work becoming well known in the law enforcement fields as well. It had gotten to the point that they were not only respectable, but in high demand for their talents.

They'd had to make a lot of decisions within a very short period of time. Some of them, like quitting the Bureau had been difficult. It had taken them days of discussing their options before they had unanimously decided to leave. Yet some decisions had been exceedingly easy.

Like expanding their relationship.

Mulder had simply asked her out one night, less than a year ago. Just like they'd done a million times before. It seemed like the most natural thing to do, to be out together for a nice evening. But things quickly progressed beyond that. By the time they had set up the agenda for the evening they had done everything but called it what it was: a date.

As they left the movie theater, they were holding hands. They ended up admitting their feelings for each other over dinner and they were engaged by the time dessert was served.

So, six years after they'd first met, they'd finally reached the place they had both fantasized about since they'd realized how much they loved the other. Freed of all the obstacles and rules they were finally able to show each other the love they felt: to the world and to each other.

Scully shook herself from her memory, and nodded to Skinner, who took her arm carefully in his. Then he pushed the door in front of them open, revealing the interior of the church, the guests and Mulder standing at the end of the aisle, waiting for her.

As she walked down the aisle, her long white dress trailing behind her, her eyes locked onto his. She had asked him if he wanted a Jewish ceremony, but he'd said no, being that he was much more lapsed in his religion than she was. Besides, he felt that Maggie Scully would rather it be in the Catholic church. As would Captain Scully, if he'd still been alive.

Finally Skinner handed Dana's hand over to Fox. Mulder broke the contact between their eyes and souls so he could flash a brilliant grin to Skinner in thanks for everything he had done in the last five years for them. He was a smart enough man to realize that they wouldn't be where they were if Skinner hadn't intervened for them on occasion.

Then he returned his attention to Scully as they turned together to face the priest. They stood there, at the front of the church, listening with divided attention.

They were actually doing fine until they got to the vows. The priest had to ask him twice to recite his vows. The truth was that he'd had one main fear since they'd decided on the wedding date.

Mulder had been scared to death that he'd forget the words.

Scully had reprimanded him for his silliness, reminding him that he had a photographic memory. He had only replied by saying that he had a habit of loosing his train of thought when he looked into her eyes. That had brought a smile and a blush to her cheeks, and she promised him that he'd be fine.

With the slightest shake of his head, he brought his mind back to the situation at hand and then flawlessly recited the prepared words. With each set of lines; in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, for richer or for poorer, he felt more and more certain that they were destined to be together. She then repeated the same phrases, a smile on her face to match the one he was wearing.

He took the ring from the bible being offered him, and slowly slipped it on her finger. He couldn't believe the ring they'd found. It was perfect. A small, circular diamond embedded in a band of gold and silver metals. Just like them. Total opposites that made a strong whole together. She then reached for the matching ring, and put it on his finger. Now no one could mistake what they'd known in one form or another for over five years. That they were part of one another. Bonded to each other: heart, mind, body and soul. And now that had been confirmed by the church itself.

Then, before the priest announced them man and wife, the music they had chosen began. Up in the church's choir loft a soprano voice began the lilting melody.

When they had heard it for the first time, they had just known that it was "their" song. Memories of their lives when they were partners in name only had come back to them then. The years when they had worked together, supporting and defending one another. Their search for the truth, the answers to their questions. The pain and the joy. All the time when they hadn't known that they loved each other and the years when they knew but had done nothing about it. It was all there, in the song.

Now, listening to it here, standing before the company assembled they remembered again why they'd chosen this piece. As they looked deeply into each other eyes, their separate and shared memories filled their heads as the words of the song filled their ears.

"For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I'll be forever thankful baby

You're the one who helped me up

Never let me fall

You're the one who saw me through

Through it all"

"You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith cause you believed

I'm everything I am because you loved me"

"You gave me wings and made me fly

You touched my hand, I could touch the sky

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me, and I stood tall

I had your love, I had it all

I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Baby I don't know that much, but I know this much is true

I was blessed because I was loved by you"

"You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith cause you believed

I'm everything I am because you loved me"

"You were always there for me

You were tender when you carried me

Light in the dark, shinning your love into my life

You've been my inspiration

Through the lies, you were the truth

My world is a better place because of you"

"You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith cause you believed

I'm everything I am because you loved me"

As the last note of music disappeared, Fox and Dana gave each other a little smile. The song was about how they'd gotten this far. It described a partnership and a deep, unknown love that had gotten them through the trials and difficulties of their lives since they'd met.

But now they were going to go farther than that. They were taking that last step. The one that they'd been destined to take since she walked in the door so many years ago.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," the priest announced.

Even without the priest's permission they would have done it. They quickly shared a look that spoke volumes. Then they glided into each other's embrace, their lips finding their way to each other, and they shared a soul-combining kiss to the applause of the congregation.


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