Can I Trust You With My Heart

By Jeannine Ackerson



 Rating: NC-17 for sexual acts.

Disclaimer: The X-Files belong to C. Carter, FOX & 1013 Prod.

Relationship: MSR!! Sex and some mild bondage between consenting adults who really need/deserve it. <eg> If you can't believe in M&S *and* S&M, skip this.

Summary: Mulder questions exactly how much he trusts Scully before revealing a secret to her about himself.

Hi all! I keep saying I won't do these anymore, but something always happens to make a liar out of me. <g> This one's got a decidedly dark side to it and is as far from the last NC-17 piece I did as it is from the nice, little piece of fluff this story was originally supposed to be. You are hearby warned: This IS NC-17. So, <deep breath> here we go . . .

"But reality and romance

Are sometimes far apart

So what I really need to know is

Can I trust you with my heart?"

Travis Tritt - Can I Trust You With My Heart

 Trust wasn't an easy thing for Fox Mulder to give. There weren't many people he called friend, let alone trusted to any degree.

The Lone Gunmen were people he trusted, but only so far. He had to admit that he believed in his boss A.D. Skinner to a point, but no further. His informants were all shadowy figures, their information given only because they had an ulterior motive.

Over all, there was no one that he trusted totally. Except for Dana Scully. He trusted her with his life and with his friendship.

But did he dare trust her with his heart?

That was the $64,000 question he realized with some sighing and despair.

He knew he loved her, wanted her, desired her more than anything else in this world or any other. She inspired him, drove him, challenged and defended him. But did she love him?

Certainly, they cared for one another. As friends, they shared things with each other, things that they might not admit to anyone else. Being partners, their lives depended on their ability to work as a team, to know the other person's mind as well as their own. But he didn't. He didn't know if she loved him. If he could trust his heart to say the words that were in it. To make himself vulnerable.

That vulnerability was what had stayed his hand and tongue more times than he could count. He'd had gotten his heart and soul stomped on too many times, and he couldn't bear to think of what he could lose if he admitted his feelings, only to have her not return them.

He looked around the shadowy darkness of his bachelor's apartment and imagined what it would be like if Scully stayed here on occasion. If they had that kind of relationship. There would be light and life and . . .

Without realizing it, he'd gotten up from his place on the couch and had wandered to the door of his under used bedroom. He ran a hand slowly, absentmindedly along the door, feeling the rough wood.

If she loved him, would want to be with him, he'd actually use what was on the other side of this door, he thought optimistically. Sleep with her on it. Make love to her on it . . .

But he'd have to get the courage to see her, to tell her before that fantasy could come true.

For a long minute, his mind spun with possibilities. How he could show up at her door, flash her his famous leer and she'd let him in.

He'd have to have some pretense he realized. A case. Yeah, that'd work he thought. He'd come in with a folder and say he needed her input before tomorrow morning. She'd take the file and turn away from him as she read it, and he'd get to watch her without her realizing it. He would come up behind her, brushing her hair to one side and whisper the words into her ear.

It was an endearing fantasy. One he wished he had the guts to carry out. But it all came down to that one last problem. Could he trust her enough to admit to her that he loved her? Give her custodianship and power over his fragile heart?

Yet the truth was she already had it. Except she didn't realize it because he'd never told her so.

Suddenly the telephone rang, splitting the silence in the room with its piercing blast.

"Mulder," he replied, returning his mind to "business".

"Mulder, it's me," announced the voice of the person he'd just been thinking about. "I've got some questions on the requisition forms from our last case. They're due tomorrow, so I was hoping . . ."

She left the rest of the statement unsaid. Not like it mattered. It was the invitation he was looking for. Not exactly the scenario he had just been imagining, but it still could work out the same. It gave him an opening.

"I'll be right over," he said in a rush and hung up to head quickly for the door. Scully was waiting.

Several broken speeding laws and minutes later, Mulder stood outside her door. Gathering his strength, he exhaled a long breath, preparing himself to finally say *something* to her. Reaching up, he brought his fist down, rapping hard on the white painted wood. Seconds later it eased backwards, revealing the sight his heart always longed to see.

"Hi," Scully said as she opened the door to him.

"Hi there Scully," he said in what he hoped was a neutral tone as he walked in, then shut the door behind him.

Mulder heard the bottom lock catch behind him. A wicked part of his mind noted that if things went well, they wouldn't have to worry about any interruptions. But her all-business attitude at the door derailed that tantalizing thought.

"So, what are the questions you had on the requisition forms?"

"Here, let me show you," she said, leading him over to the kitchen table.

She was talking to him, showing him copies of the requests for a car on their last assignment. Looking closely at the document, Mulder noticed the discrepancies in regards to time. They'd only had the vehicle for two days, but the dates on the form were wrong. A minor mistake that had thrown her accounting off. He pointed out the mistake, and she sighed exasperatedly. All this trouble for a wrong date.

With the proximity of his partner, Mulder's attention began to falter. He backed up and she turned to face him. He stared at her, his eyes moving away from where her hands held the reports. His eyes grazed across her collarbone, then his gaze slid down over her chest, past her hands and legs to rest on the floor. He couldn't believe the immensity of his reactions tonight. The decision he'd come to earlier, to finally admit his feelings for her had made his emotions too open. And although he trusted her, he couldn't find enough courage or breath to say the words.

"Mulder?" Scully questioned, anxiety lacing her voice.

Her voice sparked fire along his skin, and he knew that if he looked at her, she'd know.

Scully was becoming increasingly concerned and dropped the files to the table. She could tell Mulder was distracted, but not in his usual way. He couldn't seem to meet her eyes with his own, and it seemed like there was something on his mind. Something that was weighty enough to keep that usually brilliant mind unhinged.

"Mulder?!?" she asked again, this time a bit more forcefully.

"Hmm?" he replied, involuntarily bringing his eyes up to meet hers.

"What's . . ." she began to ask until she saw his eyes.

As soon as his shifting hazel eyes locked with hers, she knew. It struck her with the force of a lighting bolt. The thing distracting him was *her*. He was thinking of her. And from the look in his eyes, she knew it wasn't very partnerly thoughts either. The thought of him standing there in front of her reveling in impure thoughts about her had her nearly breathing hard.

For the first time since she'd fallen in love with Fox Mulder, she felt like they might actually have a shot at taking their relationship to that next level. She had wished for that many times, but she had convinced herself that there would eventually be a right time for them. Now it looked like it was finally here. It's truth time, she thought to herself.

"Is there something you're not telling me Mulder?" she asked softly, the crackle of emotions and repressed desire filling the room.

"Scully, I . . ." he begin, then faltered, his eyes dropping quickly to the floor again. Oh God, he thought, did she see?

Her heart thudded painfully in her chest. He was so nervous, he couldn't even look at her. She paused to consider her next move. Before she said the words herself, went and stepped over that line on her own, she needed to make sure that he wanted this as much as she did. That he was ready for this. That he trusted her to take care of him, to never hurt him. To *love* him.

"Do you trust me Mulder?" she asked, her breath a near whisper as she walked to stand directly in front of him, gazing at him.

"You know I do Scully," he responded, barely getting the words out.

How the hell did she expect him to form rational thoughts with her looking at him like *that* he wondered. He felt like his body was ready to implode at the gaze she was pinning him with.

A bright smile crossed her face, lightening her countenance. Looking at her, he saw in her everything he'd ever hoped to find. Acceptance, loyalty and trust. And cementing all of it, he saw something that nearly dropped him to his knees before her. He saw *love* in her eyes, her face. And it was all directed at him.

"With your life?" she asked simply.

"Of course," he returned, curious as to where this was leading.

"With your integrity?" she questioned softly, as she took his hands in her own.

"Certainly," he responded, a catch audible in his voice. One that didn't go unnoticed.

The room was getting a bit warm, and Mulder was beginning to feel the heat. Somehow she had known what he'd wanted to say to her. She'd known how he felt, all along. But why hadn't she said anything before?

Energized with the certainty that she was right in her observations, Scully reached up and pulled at the knot of the tie on his shirt. The fingers pried the knot loose, then she slipped it free, letting it dangle in her hands.

"With your heart?" she whispered in a seductive tone Mulder had only dreamed about.

His heart leapt into his throat at her words, her actions. Now he understood. She'd been waiting for *him*. Letting him take the time to decide that he could trust her with his heart. To let him choose when he was ready to take the chance to pursue this. She hadn't pushed him into something, instead she'd waited until he was emotionally ready to commit to this path. To commit to *them*.

Now that they were *both* ready and wanted to explore this side of their relationship, she was taking the lead. Showing him how much she cared for him. And he loved her all the more for it.

"Implicitly Scully," he said haltingly. Then he felt the need to jump off that cliff of no return. To verbally acknowledge his feelings, lay his emotions on the table, so to speak. "I love you."

The smile she gave him was blinding, and he nearly had to close his eyes. But instead he focused on her crystal blue eyes. Except they weren't crystal anymore. The passion he saw there had darkened them to a deep sea green.

"I know."

They were two simple words, but they rocked him more powerfully than he'd ever imagined words could. But he suddenly realized that he was exposed, while she was still cloaked in her mystery. The *enigmatic* Dr. Scully. The tension that flooded his body was due to more than just his increasing arousal. It had to do with his easily broken heart.

Again, as if she could see his fear, sensed his concerns about his vulnerability, she answered his unspoken request, giving voice to the words he needed to hear.

"I love you too Mulder," she breathed in a low, sincere tone.

Again his mind whirled. She'd said the words. She *loved* him. Wanted *him*. And he felt the hum of his body like never before. All he could think of was being with her . . .

"Do you *trust* me?" she asked again, bringing him back to reality. This time however, she held the tie from his collar out before him, as if for his inspection.

Right then and there, he knew what she was asking. She wanted irrefutable proof of his trust. To demonstrate to him her own trustworthiness. The idea of giving himself over to her totally thrilled and aroused him. There was no fear. Only desire and anticipation.


Scully walked around behind him and carefully reached up to loop the tie around his head, covering his eyes, then tied it in place.

With him totally at her mercy, Mulder felt a shiver of expectation run through him. He could hear her shoes scuff the rug as she walked around to stand before him. With gentle hands she took his again and with a tug she bade him follow her.

One wrong step, and this whole thing will be for nothing, she reminded herself as she carefully navigated herself and her blindfolded lover towards her bedroom. Within her chest, she could feel her heart beating a mile a minute. And her body was tingling like she was covered with static electricity.

"Don't move," she said once they reached her bedroom, leaning his legs back up against the bed.

He nodded, rather than replying. Then he felt her hands lightly brush the fabric of his shirt and he knew exactly what she intended to do. Carefully she popped each button loose from the shirt until it hung on him. Tugging up, she pulled the tails from his pants and then shoved the garment off him and onto the floor.

Next was his T-shirt. She meticulously lifted it over his head without disturbing the makeshift blindfold, a feat in itself with her shorter than he was Mulder realized dimly.

With his chest bared to her, she unconsciously drew in a deep breath. With his sight taken, Mulder's hearing had improved to compensate, and he caught the sound. Attempting to feel her against him, he reached out for her, only to get his hands playfully slapped away.

"Ah, not quite yet. And I think that I will have to make sure you keep your hands to yourself Mulder," she said in an enticing voice that he'd never thought he'd hear coming from Dana Scully's lips.

At that, he felt her hands on his bare skin. He smiled at the feeling, her warm fingers spread out against his upper chest. Then she shoved him hard, sending him backwards onto the softness of her bed. He heard her move, some shuffling and clanking, and then silence.

"Scully?" he called, curious and a little anxious as to where she'd disappeared to.

Then he felt the warm fingers glide around his wrist. Scully gently drew his arm up, and pressed it down on the bed. Then she leaned over him and repeated the maneuver with the other one. Once his hands were side by side, she let a finger glide along the edge of his wrist and he sucked in a little breath.

Then there were two snaps and the quick sound of metal grinding along metal and then cold weight around his wrists.

Oh my God, Mulder though suddenly. She's handcuffed me to the bed!

"That should keep you still," she murmured as she walked back to where his feet sat dangling off the bed.

It was easy enough to divest him of the shoes and socks. She had to lean over him to undo the belt and zipper, but it wasn't too much of a problem. With a tug on either side of the waistband, she got the fabric moving, and with an unconscious move upwards on Mulder's part, she stripped him of his pants and boxers in one swift move.

Scully tossed the clothes to the side as she gazed at the aroused, naked figure she loved laying in her bed. She knew that he loved her. And by this one act, allowing her to take control of their first encounter, restrain him, he was showing her how much he trusted her. She was totally awed at the depths of his trust. She would prove to him that his trust in her was well founded. She would not let him down. At least not until they were exhausted and sated, she told herself wickedly.

Feeling more than simply excited at the idea, she slipped off her own work clothes, down to her underwear. Carefully reaching behind her, she undid the clasp to her bra and pulled it off, leaving on the camisole that she'd been wearing. Now properly attired, she climbed onto the bed.

"Scully," he said quietly, hoping to draw her in. He'd heard her tossing aside her clothes, and he wanted to bring her soft, bare skin closer to him.

"Yes Mulder? What do you want?" she replied in a sexy, sultry voice.

"All of you," he murmured, feeling her shift as she leaned over him, kneeling between his outstretched legs.

"You can have that," she replied, watching him shift around her, "in time."

"Now," he insisted, his voice rough with desire.

"I want to enjoy myself a bit first."

He could hear the sly smile in her voice, and knew that his demands would gain him nothing. So he decided to switch tactics.

"Then rest yourself here," he offered, moving his upper body off the bed, up towards her voice, "on top."

"I'll end up with my lips at your throat if I do that. I might not be able to keep them to myself," she admitted, her hands lightly dancing along his skin.

"You don't have to," he remarked seriously, his tone almost pleading. The feel of her hands on him was making him want her more than he thought possible.

"I'd have to go slowly. Run my lips along your throat, against your strong jaw . . ." she said deliberately, placing the visual image of her doing it into his mind, driving him crazy.

"Stop teasing me!"

"Why? Haven't you teased me longer? Almost four years of it Mulder."

That statement hit him hard. He realized that she was right. He had taunted her, teased her. There had been dozens of innuendoes and touches that he'd never followed up on. She had every right to this little time to indulge herself after the four years of foreplay he'd engaged in.

But he wanted her to know the truth behind those comments and touches. Needed her to know.

"I've wanted you ever since you first looked at me and believed. That look, it was different, wanting . . ." he tried to explain, but he felt like he was failing miserably at it.

"I may not have believed in your ideas, but I always believed in you," she replied seriously, and the words shook him to his soul. His throat worked convulsively, but he felt like he'd walked a hundred miles in the Sahara.

"I'm thirsty," he stated softly, and he felt her lean down and kiss his jaw, his neck, then retreat.

"Then I guess you'll need something to drink."

"You're on the right track."

"What would you like? Iced tea?" she asked, smiling at this verbal sparring match. After so many years of cerebral sex, she thought, how could they finally have the physical aspect of it without the mental part they'd grown so addicted to?

"No," he said simply, breathing hard at the effort to keep his tone level.

"Root beer?"


"Something . . . sweeter perhaps?" she offered finally, waiting to see if he'd say exactly *what* he wanted. To entice him, she leaned over him again, letting her breath brush against his lips.

"Mmmm . . . your instincts serve you well," he said on a half sigh, half moan at the radiating heat of her mouth so close to his own. God, he wanted to drink of those luscious lips more than anything . . .

"After all this time, the scientific method *does* work reasonably well . . ." she trailed off, leaning back again and running her hands along his chest, feeling the fine texture of his skin and the light scattering of hair along it. She could feel the muscles beneath the skin ripple with tension. With frustration.


"Yes Mulder?"

"I'm still thirsty," he said urgently.

"So, do you think if I say, kiss you like I've always wanted to, hard and deep and passionately, you won't be thirsty anymore?"

"Probably not, but we can see," he replied shakily.

"Alright then, I guess we'll see," she whispered, coming closer to his lips with her own. "Never let it be said Mulder, that I would deny you anything you asked for."

And then he finally felt her lips on his. She started off by lightly brushing her lips against his, but that soon was not enough for either of them. They opened their mouths to one another, slanting their lips and kissing hard and deeply. Mulder shot his tongue out, only to find Scully's halfway. They dueled and kissed for long minutes that seemed like forever. Finally she pulled back, even though he tried to follow her, to keep their lips locked together.

"You taste good," Mulder said shakily after gulping a deep breath.

"And you've been eating sunflower seeds again, haven't you?" she asked with a grin as she licked her lips.

The smacking sound of her lips and tongue nearly broke his control. Shifting to try and get a glimpse of her, he moved his head, dislodging his tie slightly.

"Hey, no fair! You've still got clothes on," he cried as he finally got a peek of her above him.

"What, these?" she asked, looking down at the black silk camisole and matching panties. Around her throat he could see a silver handcuff key hung on a long ribbon, like a necklace. That little detail he filed away in his brain for later use, and moved on to the subject of getting her out of her remaining clothes.

"Yeah, those. Look at me," he said, noting her doing as he suggested, watching him beneath her, "nothing!"

"So, would you rather I lose these?" she asked, indicating a hand to her clothes.

The seductive tone of her words tightened every muscle in his body. He ached to have her, make love to her. To finally reach that place he'd dreamed of for so long.

"I want you around me. *All* of me," he said in a low, husky voice as he tested his bindings, arching in the bed up towards her.

"But then I don't get a chance to explore . . ." she said softly, almost shyly. But they both knew better.

She ran her hands up Mulder's legs, the soft fingers teasing the flesh and his mind was about ready to explode at the feeling.

"You don't want me to stop just yet, do you?" she asked plaintively as she brushed her fingers along the *very* sensitive skin of his erection. The sigh that caught in his throat made her decision for her.

"If you stop Scully, I'll shoot you!" he said on a lopsided grin, then let loose another sigh. "Do that again, it feels *so* good."

Ignoring his last words for a moment, she commented on his first remark, reveling in her position.

"Shoot me? How would you do that Mulder? I seem to remember that you're in a bit of a confining position right this minute."

"I'll still shoot you. Trust me."

"Oh, I do Mulder . . ." she admitted as she brushed her fingers along that place again. But just a little slower this time.

"Oohhh . . ."

"Like that? Want more?" she asked, gazing at his head thrown back, neck arched in ecstasy. God, she loved this man, she thought with a deep pang in her soul.

She let her fingers go in further, stopping and staying where Mulder wanted them so badly to be.

"Do I have to warn you again . . . aaahhh," he cried out as she put just enough pressure and heat to his erection, and he arched, his back coming almost completely off the bed.

"You were saying?"

"No, . . . I was . . . n't . . . Mmmmm."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said on a smile, enthralled at his response to her. "I thought . . ."

Then she quickly brought her hot, wet mouth back to drink at his lips, matching the heat lower in her own body. Mulder plunged eagerly into her kiss, wanting so badly to put his hands on the back of her head and press her even closer to him, but the cuffs kept him from doing so. He was quickly beginning to tire of the restraining qualities of the metal shackles, as he ached to hold her in his arms.

As if she had read his mind, Scully pressed his head into the pillow with the force of another passionate kiss. With the heat, the pressure, the wetness, all he could think of was becoming completely one with her. Prying her lips from his, she gave his open, glistening lips a smile of appreciation, then returned her attention to where her hand was. She latched her hand around his hard shaft, giving it a little pressure and a slight up and down motion and Mulder's eyes went cross and up into his head, his eyes shutting and his body shuttering.

"I can see all those years of watching those videos that weren't yours has certainly given you a certain *appreciation* for this particular skill," she nearly giggled, eyes gleaming at the sight of him.

"Videos ?" he stammered out, trying to focus, to think with her hand stroking him. It was a hard task.

"The ones in the bottom drawer of your desk at the office. The ones that aren't yours."

"Oh, *those*," he humorously said on a sigh, understanding her even as the passion racing through his limbs threatened to release. "Instructional."

"Case related," she responded with a smile.

"I hope you're still down where you were a minute ago," he murmured, then gasped as wet tongue carefully swiped at his Adam's apple.

"Not quite . . ." she told him, an evil tone to her voice as she moved along him.

"I want to be inside you Scully. Now!" Mulder growled with desire, feeling Scully's mouth along his chest. Then her tongue worked its way down to his stomach.

"Scully!!" he cried desperately, twisting his head in an attempt to get the blindfold off. He wanted to see her tasting his skin, touching his flesh. Needed to. It was becoming too much to not see her, touch her . . .

Seeing his struggle, she reached up to pull away the blindfold so he could see her there, looking down at him with her passion filled eyes.

"There you are . . . " Mulder murmured seductively, gazing on her with the appreciation of a man seeing his first sunset.

Scully sat back up, letting him get a good look. She could feel his eyes travel over her with the intensity of a caress. The immensity of his gaze emboldened her, and she gave him a wicked smile. Then she slipped a finger beneath one strap on the camisole and pulled it down, ever so slowly.

"Here I am . . ." she whispered with every ounce of passion she had for the man beneath her.

"Scully. *Dana* . . . " he said simply, emotionally. It was all he could get the breath to say as he watched her remove the other strap.


"Take all of it off," he said in a husky tone, pushing his lower body into her knees, letting her feel him.

"Wouldn't *you* rather do this?" she asked slyly as she ran a finger along her skin, towards the key hanging between her breasts, offering him his freedom. The chance to touch her. His eyes blazed at the thought.

"Yes," he growled low in his throat, pulling at his restraints. "Let me loose. Now! Please!"

With a smooth motion, she took hold of the key, pulling it up and off, the ribbon messing her auburn hair, making it wild. Then she leaned over, her chest flush against his as the key found it's way into the lock, and then with a twist the cuff fell loose.

At last free, Mulder pounced on his chance. He snagged the key from her hand, took Scully in his arms, cradling her head in his hands, and turned her down to where he used to be, lying flat on the bed.

"The other cuff Mulder?" she asked, startled by his speed as he now rested above her, his body pressed against hers.

"The cuffs are history my dear Dana," he said with a sly grin as he quickly unlatched the second cuff, letting them settle into his open hand, the key falling to the side on the bed.

"Oh," she said, arching an eyebrow at him and smiling a little smile of amusement.

But her humor was short lived as he swiftly took her hands and gently pulled them up to the bed frame. Then with a sudden pair of clicks, he slid the cuffs onto her silky slender wrists and locked them tight.

"Mulder . . . " she said with a low growl, pulling against *her* own cuffs.

"Not now Scully," he said devilishly, moving his hungry gaze down her body. "I'm a little busy."

"Sounds familiar," she threw back jokingly. "I seem to remember you hanging up your cellular on me with that phrase."

Mulder smiled a little at the reference but rather than answer her, he instead began to size her up. Her neck was his first target and he quickly found a place behind her ear, making her body arch towards him.

"Oh God!" she cried, the nerve endings all along her body feeling like they'd been injected with liquid fire at the touch of his mouth to her skin.

He moved around to the crevice of her neck and stayed there, darting his tongue in little circles. Then he pushed up the silk camisole, exposing her breasts. He brushed his fingers over the nipples, testing her reaction to him, reveling in the ability to touch her like *this*.

She writhed on the bed, and he leaned down and let his lips latch onto one of the tight peaks, lapping it with his tongue as he suckled at her. He could hear her moan as he worked her, and let one hand roam to her other breast, kneading and pinching its hardened peak. After a while he pulled his lips from her, only to replace them on her other breast, laving on it the same attentions he'd paid to the first.

"You're a truly wicked man Fox Mulder," she said on a drawn out groan. She was so afire with the feelings he was stirring up within her that she wasn't even aware that her body was gently moving ever so slightly up and down and side to side with her wanting.

"Mulder . . ." she called, a bit of desperation in her voice as he left her breast. Then he started to move down her body.

He began his trek towards the place he wanted to have, to be, to taste all night. The skin along her stomach was so soft, he thought as he ran his mouth and hands on it, still making his way down her body. Beneath him, she continued to shift and move, her hands occasionally tugging on her bindings.

"Mulder . . . "she said with a bit more force behind it.

"What?" he asked, forcibly dragging his gaze from her pale skin.

"Too many clothes," she whispered in a low tone.

He grinned madly and paused just below her stomach, just above his destiny to see what she would say or do. Her passion filled eyes and her red, swollen lips urged him on.

Mulder moved down farther, and with a light finger caressed the silk of her black panties. A shuddery breath rattled in her chest and escaped through her parted lips. He moved his head down to her, running his nose across her self, back and forth, from side to side, ever so slightly. He delicately inhaled her sweet scent as he did. A low moan escaped Scully as her hips shifted restlessly in his hands. She was moving to meet his rhythm now, unable to think of anything except the feel of this man on her. Mulder, totally intoxicated with her scent began to press harder against her, his hands coming to assist his ministrations.

"Mulder. Fox . . . " she called quietly, almost a whimper.

The sound of his given name on her lips, the emotion he could hear behind it sent him over the edge. He griped her panties almost involuntarily with his hands, raised up with a sudden jerky move and tore them off of her body, to the shock of both of them.

Their eyes were drawn together, and Scully became caught in the dark, nearly black color of his eyes. The raw passion she saw there sent her heart into her throat. She couldn't say a word, and neither could he. The moment was suspended as if they'd were finally getting back some of those minutes they'd lost over the years.

Barely able to take his eye lock off of her, Mulder watched as her hands wrestled with the cuffs, the binding metal keeping her hands from touching his body. With a flare of passion, he finally tore his gaze from her and reached down with his mouth to find the moistness he had nearly been driven crazy for. Scully's head fell backward and her back lifted from the bed as his mouth and tongue found her. As he continued his exploration, he held her moving hips as securely as he could manage, but it was like holding a wild animal in his hands.

"Mulder please . . . !" she gasped. All she could concentrate on was the feeling of him on her, her desire to have him buried inside of her.

"Mulder?" he questioned, pulling his mouth away from her. There was a tone to his voice that told her that she was asking for the wrong man.

"*Fox,*" she intoned in a throaty breath, gasping at the need racing through her.

"Yes?" he confirmed for her, languidly running his hands on the soft silkiness of her skin as he waited to see what she desired. To see if it was what he desired as well. The final consummation of their passions. Of their love for one another.

"Please . . . I *need* you," she said, wetting her parched lips with a sensual swipe of her tongue. She lay there, restlessly, anticipating his next move, wanting it like she'd never wanted anything in her life. Wanting *him*.

Mulder couldn't wait another moment. Her sexy, velvety voice was pure torture. He *had* to have her. *Now*. Pulling up from her, he raised her hips in his hands and found her ever so easily, guiding himself into her.

"Oh God! Scully, *Dana* . . . " Mulder managed, his breath stolen by the feeling of her around him. He was so hard and she was so soft, so hot. He wasn't sure how long he could last enveloped by her wet, tight heat.

"Mulder," Scully said on a drawn out groan. The feeling was bliss . . . unlike anything she'd ever felt.

With a low moan, he then buried himself all the way inside her and held her there. Her reaction was immediate.

"Oh My God! *Fox*!"

Then as slowly as he could, he began to move as they both wanted him to, in and out in a steady rhythm. She could feel him so deep inside her, each stroke bringing him in farther. The feeling of being together like this was more intense than either of them had ever imagined it would be. As his thrusts began to speed up, Mulder realized that he could not stop the beast inside of him, as its rhythm had taken over and he was helpless to slow down. He clutched her hips as though he were handcuffed to them. Scully had fallen into his rhythm as well, her body raising to meet his, her cuffed hands twisting against the bed slats with the force of their movements. He felt a building, a surging of his body and realized he was at the brink, and he could feel her body begin to tense around him. She could feel the controlled violence of his movements as he sped up further, the tension within him that was ready to release, matching her own.

There was nothing left in the world but *this*, *them*. The feeling that engulfed them both in its intensity. He could not hold back anymore. It had been too long. *Way* too long.

The force of her orgasm hit her like a lightning strike, the nerves of her entire body feeling like they were on fire and a cry ripped from her lips at the feeling.


Suddenly he felt her, felt the muscles of her inner body spasm around him just as he thought he couldn't hold back any longer. Once he felt them start, he gave himself over to his own climax. He came with a force he hadn't ever felt, and would never have imagined possible.


The reverberating echoes of the orgasm shuddered through them like ripples in the water, slowly coming to a halt. Sprawled across her heavily breathing body, Mulder fought to keep his eyes open long enough to find the key, reach up and unlock the cuffs around Scully's wrists. After a couple of tries, he got them undone, and heard them fall with a metal clink to the floor.

Then her hands were around him, holding him to her. And it was like being engulfed in every wonderful thing in the world. He pulled her tightly into his embrace, burying his face in her hair.

"God, I love you Scully," he murmured, feeling the tiredness beginning to creep into his body.

"I love you too Mulder," she whispered back, running a limp hand along his back.

She felt him move a little, then the bedspread was over their naked bodies. She smiled a little at the sweet gesture, knowing that he was as exhausted as she was. That gesture, his words and the fulfilled feeling of her body touched her heart and soul.

"And I trust you," he reminded her softly as his breathing began to even out and his eyes threatened to close, sleep calling him, "with my heart."

She smiled, and pulled him tighter before her eyes slipped shut, following him into slumber.


Well, I won't say that I won't write another one of these again, cause I always seem to break my promises when I do. Hope it was a fun romp for you too. J.

Writing Acknowledgments: Beldar for story structure assistance and Deb for the once over. Thanks!

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