Another You, Another Me

By Jeannine Ackerson

Rating: G.

Disclaimer: The X-Files and the characters portrayed therein are property of C.C., FOX & 1013. "Another You, Another Me" is by Brady Seals. They're used without permission and no copyright infringement is intended.

Relationship: Mulder/Scully romance ahead!!! Anti-shippers should bail from this one RIGHT NOW!

Summary: Mulder tries to convince Scully how much he loves her and that they belong together.

Hi everybody! This is just a short little song story, but not the way I usually do it. I did "I'd Be Surprisingly Good" this same way, where the lyrics are dialogue. And this song seemed to lend itself perfectly to this (I think). So now, on with our story . . .

It had been a hard thing trying to tell her that he loved her. But after Mulder had said the words, she still looked at him disbelieving. Not like it was much of a surprise. He'd known that she would take some convincing. He'd given her enough reason to. The list of his liaisons was enough to scare off most women.

Yet his partner, Dana Scully wasn't most women. But she still had her doubts.

Pulling her to him, he held her tightly. Like he'd done when he's saved her from Donnie Pfaster. It was almost as if he wanted to pull her into himself. The truth was that he did. It was the only way he'd found to stop the pain.

He felt her shift in his embrace, her eyes raising and meeting his. And the questions within them shocked him. She hadn't any clue that he'd felt this way. He'd been so good at hiding his feelings all this time, she'd never even guessed that he loved her. So now she could only stare at him, he mouth slightly agape, her lush lips parted.

Again he cursed himself. That doubt and shock was his fault. He could have shown her how he felt long before now. He should have been there for her more. Given back to her as much as she'd given him. But for whatever reasons he hadn't. He'd just taken her for granted year after year.

The only place he had ever been free with his emotions was in his dreams. Where he told her and showed her night after night how he felt about her. That in that place between reality and sleep, where his dreams ruled she was his lover, his soul mate, his guardian angel, his wife, the mother of his children, his life.

And now he had to tell her something, the right words so she would understand how deeply he loved her.

"Is it any wonder I hold you so tight? It's because we're never promised one more day or night," he said, the emotion more than visible in his voice. "Remember?"

Images of all the times they'd both come close to death flashed through her mind. She could remember every one of them. There had been a hole in her heart when she'd thought he'd died. Her soul had

ached each time she had thought he might die, or was hurt. There was a connection between them that surpassed anything she had ever known. And being in his arms like this was the only time she really felt whole nowadays.

"There will never be another you, another me. Another life for us to live to give each other all we give," he began, his heart in his eyes and in his throat. "Time goes by so fast. I want to make each moment last. I want to hold you close to me and show you all our love can be."

He loved her. It was the truth and she knew that. But it was so hard to believe that they could do this . . . His track record was so bad, and she didn't even measure up to the type of women she knew he usually went for. Her head dipped down because she couldn't let him see the pain and self-doubt in her eyes. He could see it if she met his gaze now.

Somehow he knew anyway, and tightened his arms around her, her head coming to rest against his chest.

"I won't let go too easily," he continued, more ardent in his tone. "There will never be another you and me."

Again she let her mind reflect on his words. It was true. There was so much about their relationship that no one could ever touch. It was unmatched by any other person they'd known. It was truly unparalleled. Somehow, that connection bound them together. And she knew in her heart that they could be so good together.

But there were so many things that stood in their way. Too many ways that this kind of relationship could spell disaster for them. Their careers. Their lives.

"I know love can hurt us. And love can make us fly. I know I was born to love you, till the day I die," he pressed, the sound of his voice beginning to get to her. "Believe me."

She met his eyes then. Those simple words meaning so much to her.

*Believe* him. She always had believed in him. Now he wanted her to believe in more than that. He wanted her to believe in him, and them. And it was so hard. She was the skeptic, plain and simple. But with each word she could hear the love in his voice. The desire in his tone.

It was slipping past her defenses and heading straight to her heart. And her heart wasn't rational about this. It just *felt.*

"There will never be another you, another me. Another life for us to live, to give each other all we give. Dana, time goes by so fast, I want to make each moment last," he insisted passionately.

He knew what he wanted. Who he wanted. She just had to believe it too.

How could they do this she wondered mentally. *They* wouldn't let them, would they? Yet, she reminded herself, they had learned that they could survive *anything* if they were together. They'd stayed together against the longest odds. They'd both even come back from death, escaped the hands of evil to come back to each other. They'd already done it all, except admit their feelings for one another. They'd felt them all along, whether or not they'd said the words, they'd felt them.

"I want to hold you close to me and show you all our love can be. I won't let go too easily," he said low and breathy, the words just above her ear. "There will never be another you and me."

Finally she smiled, illuminating the room and his heart and soul with its brilliance. And in her eyes he found her answer. The same one he had desperately wanted to see there.

That she loved him too.


Author's note: Mulder's dialogue is the song word for word (minus the second repeat of the chorus at the end and the one "Dana" in his 'speech'.). J.

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