In a future world where the rangers are outlawed, clones of some original rangers are created in hopes of changing the path of a world ruled by tyranny. But can rangers who have no powers and no memories save themselves, let alone the Earth?

Parts are listed below in order.


HISTORY LESSONS – The ranger clones are alive, as the world continues to fail. PG-13

DO I KNOW YOU? – The rangers learn more about themselves and the world they've been 'resurrected' into. PG-13, T/K friendship.

HIDE AND SEEK/LOST AND FOUND – The rangers are now on the run, without their contacts to the Center and without their powers. PG-13, T/K.

ON THE DOWN LOW – The rangers have met their next Center contact, and he’s provided them with a shocking admission. PG-13, T/K.

ONCE AND FUTURE RANGERS – With the promise of regaining their powers, the team has to find the Command Center. And hope that they are up to the tasks before them. PG-13, T/K.

THROWING THE GAUNTLET – Having regained their powers, the team has to come out of hiding to save the planet. But can they do that without the Global Government killing them before they can do so? R, T/K.

FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT – A new wave of violence assaults the new team, but new and old allies come to their aid as an old enemy realizes his error. Hard PG13, T/K.

ACCEPTING THE TRUTH – The team waits for others around them to make their moves and sudden realizations abound. PG13, T/K.

TAKING OUT THE TRASH – The showdown has arrived: Lord Zedd is rapidly approaching Earth, and it’s now up to the new/old rangers to stop him and in doing so, rip away his stranglehold over the Global Government. But where their predecessors (themselves) have failed in the past, can they succeed? PG13, T/K.

SHINING A LIGHT – With Zedd gone, the rangers have accomplished their part of the task to save Earth... now The Center steps in. PG13, T/K.

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