The Power Rangers have left Earth to rescue Zordon and fight evil in the galaxy. But when a year becomes two, then three then four, someone realizes that there is a new danger lurking in the universe that now sees Earth undefended by its protectors. New defenders from the old must be chosen to answer the call to defend the planet. Who will answer and what awaits them?

Parts are listed below in order. The series is rated R/Mature (over all) for violence and language.


A GATHERING OF HEROES – A mysterious letter arrives, leading former members of the Power Rangers to a meeting they never thought they’d be called to.

WALKING DOWN MEMORY LANE – Billy has gathered the former rangers to defend Earth once again from a new foe. Which rangers will stay, which will go, and what other surprises are there in store for them?

FINDING A WAY HOME – Old wounds run deep, causing a pair of rangers to deal with their past so they can join the others in selecting the new ranger team.

LUCK OF THE DRAW – Five are chosen, five are not… who will wear the armor again and who or what will they have to face? T/K

DEADLY INTENTIONS – The team learns more about Blood and begin the task of forming the cohesive teams. T/K

IT'S LIKE RIDING A BIKE – The new uniformed rangers learn about their new powers, along with the five member support team. Can the two teams learn enough in time to be ready for Blood’s attack? T/K

LONG TIME COMING – Spending time together, even under stressful conditions… well, its all some people could ask for. T/Kim, R/Aisha

CALM BEFORE THE STORM – Friendships, relationships and team camaraderie begin to solidify the new team dynamics in more than one way. T/Kim, R/Aisha

CLASH OF THE TITANS – Blood’s arrival tests the new Photon Ranger team in ways they have never faced before. T/Kim, R/Aisha. Warning for character death.

FALLEN SOLDIERS – The rangers deal with the loss of one of their own. T/Kim, R/Aisha. Character death.

FALLING BACK – Following Blood’s demands, the team focuses on their interpersonal needs, prepares to say goodbye to one of their own and faces a new threat from home. T/Kim, R/Aisha

FINDING AN OPENING – The Space Rangers are back, but what does their return mean to the Photon Rangers and the upcoming battle with Blood? T/Kim, R/Aisha

MAKING TOUGH DECISIONS – With new allies and new armor, the rangers have to make a decision regarding their plan to stop Blood – and is it the right one? T/Kim, R/Aisha

TAKING IT ON FAITH – A plan is set in motion… but will it be enough? T/Kim, R/Aisha TAKING IT ON FAITH - NC17 VERSION

MAKING A STAND – Time's up! T/Kim, R/Aisha. R.

LAST MAN STANDING – Reinforcements have arrived – now its time for the rangers to end things, once and for all. T/Kim, R/Aisha. R.

NEVER AGAIN – Blood is defeated but there is still an aftermath to deal with. T/Kim, R/Aisha, B/Trini. R.

SAYING GOODBYE – Saying goodbye is the hardest part. T/Kim, R/Aisha, B/Trini. R.


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